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New Year's corporate party is a time when the whole team gets together, you can relax a little and forget a little about too strict decency and dress code. The hosts of corporate parties will certainly need cool New Year's skits, which will attract participants “from the audience”. If it turned out that there is no host at the corporate party, the colleagues themselves, with the help of these scenes, can play a fun performance and entertain themselves and their comrades.

Scene No. 1 "How the snowmen played Santa Claus"

A snowman appears on the wall, on the other side the same one walks with his back to him. They crash into each other.

1 S.k. - Greetings snow brother!

2 S.k. - And I greet you, where can you keep?

1 S.k. I wanted to ask Santa Claus for something, but I can’t get there!

2 S.k. And we can come up with Santa Claus ourselves, here I am, for example, why am I not frost?

1 S.k. - Why are you, and I'm not me?

2 S.k. - So you have to make wishes!

1 S.k. - Well, yes … (the second one gets into a pose) - well … oh, no! Grandpa should sit like this!(shows and looks) - No, I don't like you, let the hall help! So, who organizes the coolest Grandfather?

Multiple participants are selected.

Snow. - So, our Grandfather has the biggest … (looks with an unambiguous look at the abdomen) - Yes, you didn’t think that, the biggest belly! Well, who has the best? Men should stick out their bellies and measure them. The dispute is settled with applause. We should leave two or three people.

1 S-k- And our grandpa also wears a robe, shoes and a bonnet! (takes out a terry old robe, slippers and a baby's cap). Putting on, putting on.

2 Sn. (look meticulously) - When was the last time you saw Frost?

1 S-k - I haven't seen him yet, I just heard about him!

1 S. - It's understandable… And now we still need deer! Grandfather always comes on reindeer, always! So, who's the best deer here? We announce a casting for the best deer! Active men are selected.

The music sounds: “I will take you to the tundra”, to which men must portray the best deer.

2 Sn. - So these are found, it remains to find the sled. Probably for the sleigh we will take those deer that did not pass the casting. (He puts the “sled” on all fours, puts the “deer” forward, puts the grandfather on the “sleigh”. Then there will be a small relay race from one destination to another. The heroes must run around the obstacle and return). - And now let's go, whose team will go forward to the right place and return back, those heroes will be the only representatives of the New Year's characters!

1 Sn-ik - Well, now to such cool grandfatherson deer, need someone?

2 Sn. - Who? Do such cool peppers need someone?

1 Sn-ic. - Of course! Snow Maiden! Or rather, two Snow Maidens!

2 Sn. - O! Let's do a casting! We are unlikely to put everyone like this and start choosing.

1 Sn. - No no no! They need to be tested! What kind of women do you like?

2 Sn. - I… uh. In-o-from such (something shows). A. no, like this (shows again). No, no, I really like these!

1 Sn. - Oh, you will not understand, let me choose! I love funny and moving.

Dance Medley game

All interested girls and women are invited for them in turn (or cut into one track) a variety of compositions are included, to which they must dance. For example: "Kamarinskaya", "Gypsy", "Rap", "Techno", "W altz", "Lambada", "Tango", "Quadrille", "Rock and Roll". Heroes choose a girl for themselves. Which is the most active in the game.

1 Snow. - Well, that's all, Santa Clauses were found, Snow Maidens to them too. You can also celebrate the holiday!

2 Snow.- It's a great idea you came up with, and we'll pick up presents for ourselves!

1 Snow. (looking into the hall) - Something tells me that they won't let us out of here alive.

2 Snow. - Let's shoot! He takes out firecrackers and salutes.

1 Snow. - Look, everything is in its place… eh, you will have to give…

gifts are being given. gifts can be comic and for each you can organize an eyeliner according to the nature of the recipient, for example:

  • "To the most sneaky" -mousetrap.
  • "The most hungry" - a spoon.
  • "To the most freezing" - tea or a check of cognac.
  • "To the youngest" - a rattle. Empty.
  • "Tote-drinker" - a bottle of yogurt.
  • "Uzvenniku" - festal.
  • "The most beautiful"=the mask of Baba Yaga.
  • "To the unsure of himself" - a mirror.
  • "To the most chatty" - cork or gag.

New Year's scene No. 2 "Seeing the Outgoing Year"

Snow Maiden enters the stage and pulls the Old New Year.

Sn-ka - look what else you have to do here, you see how many people, and everything is completely not to your liking! It's time for you to leave. Leave!

St. N. God - Me? And I don't think so! Where will I go? Into non-existence? To eternity? Look at me: Age is in the juice itself, one might say - in color! I can, on the contrary, everything is just beginning! Find more such heroes in the hall!

Snow. - I'll find it! Men, let's prove to this old… (whatever you want to call it, depending on the company) that he already has the wrong strength.

The game "Let's measure sausages"

Several men come out and they are given balls-sausages, which are very hard to inflate. The whole joke is that they inflate them to the best of their ability, someone has a very small sausage, someone has a larger one, and someone has a very large one. The hero also participates.

Sn-a - Well, grandpa? Your sausage is very small. No strength for anything already!

St. N.G. - Happiness is not in the size of sausages, but in their quantity! (pretends to chew on the balloon, diverting the subject)

Sn-ka - So don't leavedo you want?

S.N.G. No, I'm not going anywhere! I'm staying here! And if you want me to leave, create the best conditions for me to do so!

Sn-ka - What conditions will we create for you?

S.N.G. - Well, for example… I want a chic sun lounger!

Sn-ka - So, we need the audience's help! Who is waiting for the new year? (answer) We don't hear! That's it, it means we must urgently expel the Old One, who is ready! Need to be a sun lounger for a bit!

A man comes out, better a girl, sits on the floor or a chair, the old year on his knees.

Sn-ka - Well. Are you satisfied?

St. N.G. - No, of course, how can you be satisfied? Want some more champagne? So where's my champagne!

Snow Maiden summons several girls and chooses a girl who looks like a bottle of champagne by general vote. "Put" it into the hand of the Old Year.

St. year - So, what else do I need … Oh! I want a gift! I want to be like in my youth…

Snow.- Yeah, you recognize, then, your old age!

St. year (sharply looked at her) - No, of course, I just put it that way! I want the poem to be told to me. Would make me happy!

Snow. - Well, that it is necessary to fulfill all the wishes of this old hooligan! Who's ready?

Puts a stool on which people recite poems.

St. Year - Excellent, excellent! Exactly what I wanted! As the doctor ordered … (grabs his heart, drops a "bottle of champagne"). - Oh, save! Help!

Snguroch. - Oh, what to do, what to do? Is there a doctor in the room? Who knows how to save? Well, maybe the one whodoes artificial respiration? No Yes? Eh, you will have to die, grandfather, there are no people here!

St. year - If it is a man, then I'd rather lie down here, and if a woman …. (dreaming).

Sn. - You are deaf, there is no one, even if you pay! Are you willing to pay?

St. year - Well, I can only cognac!

Called girls, they must leave on the face of Art. there are as many kisses in the year as there are shots of cognac.

Old Year - (looking in the mirror) What am I going to tell my girlfriend now?

Sn-chka - do you also have a girlfriend?

St. g. - And then!

Sn. Come on, we'll fix everything! Is there a make-up artist in the room? And the one with a firm hand and who can sketch the whole thing?

Two volunteers are called in to powder and paint over the hero's make-up.

Snegur. - Wow, that's what you are, "reindeer"!

S.Year - You yourself… And what? (looks for a mirror) Oh, the mirror is gone…

Snegur. - And we will draw you now.

Portrait Game

The same or other two heroes are called and blindfolded draw a grandfather. The game can be adjusted to your own taste: you can have one portrait, you can have two, or even organize drawing in teams. Everyone in turn will draw some part of the face and body.

St. year - So, I understand, you're kidding me, so yes? Everyone pissed off! I'm leaving, I'm not interested already here!

Snow.- Finally! Now you can celebrate! (Chimes strike and firecrackers explode.)

Scene 3 "Adult Tale of the Turnip"

The grandmother (leader) comes out, as if visiting a fairy tale.

Grandma -

Hello guests gentlemen, how long did you all come here?
Well, is it in the world, is it bad there? What kind of a miracle is there now?
There is a computer, I heard, laptops, cell phones are not enough!
How can people surprise me? A fairy tale to tell? Only I need help, it will be okay!

Continues - To begin with, I will invite different heroes, Here, for example, I remember the story of two Ivanovs, the game there was like this … how is it … the king of the east changed it into a singing bird … (The hall should guess “the sea is worried once"). Let's play.

The game "The sea worries once". The figures should all be outlandish, intricate, but most importantly, they will need to be revived in the end. So to speak, to justify what was shown.

Bab-ka - There are many fairy tales in the world, so I can't count them,

Here, for example, "Turnip" - ours, there is no tastier and more beautiful!

(Summons two male members)

Bab-a says: Grandfather planted … . One is planting, the other is planting. The turnip has grown tremendously with greatness! He althy while he althy! And he began to pull such a miracle … Tya-yanet will pull … (to the participant) Pull, let's not hesitate (shows how to pull, by the ear or by the ears), but he cannot pull it out. What to do? Grandpa called his grandmother, call me! (participant calls) - Well, who calls like that, why do you need your grandmother, such a frail! That's how, that's how to call (shows a pack of cons). - Understood? (comments) Look, the grandmother, how delighted she was, came running, she almost forgot about the turnip, but grandfather is not a fool: the grandmother is a cap, and the turnipto pull! They pull, they pull, they don’t succeed, they lived to old age, you see, they don’t have the same heroic strength! They called their granddaughter … well, whoever calls that, you offer your granddaughter this! (gives a wallet with money). Look, look, go, go! (depicts) Look at the youth, what has become! And again, they fail. What an unfriendly team! The granddaughter began to call Zhuchka, her girlfriend was like that. Bug came running. Well, you can lure the Beetle with anything, if only she could find adventures on the fifth point, and she is of little interest in the details!

Continues the story - And again, silence, but smooth surface, firmly dug into the root of its turnip! Looks like the root is not small, since it sits like that. She called Zhuchka Murka, that other gang of a watering can, I’ll tell you, they’ll breed a rigmarole here, who is the most beautiful of them, ugh! No point! And, finally, they called the mouse in chorus! (To all participants) We call, we call, in chorus! A mouse came running (calling from the audience, always in a short skirt) - Mouse, and where are you going to pull your turnips al on … you don’t risk pulling in such transparent clothes. If you pull it out again, it will catch on to you with a root … (hitting his lips) - Oh, I have become completely talkative, we are working. My children are working!

Granny tells further - So, all the heroes are in place, pull-pull, nothing happens! Then they started digging, digging, digging, digging (they pretend to dig around a turnip, they move in any dance, for example, you can turn on a w altz or tango). Did they dig up the turnip? But no, they didn’t dig it out, maybe put the mouse forward, huh? Her miniskirt, whoever you like will make you leave your homeland! Come on Mouse, work, work! Dance something for himsuch! Beautiful music turns on, "Mouse" dances for "Turnip" and at the end takes her away from her familiar place.

Oh, I'm glad as friends!
My fairy tale is over!
Congratulations on the holiday, May different wishes come true!

Three New Year's skits have come to an end, we hope you can use them at your corporate event. And other cool fairy tales for adults are waiting for you here.

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