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New Year is the most beloved and anticipated holiday. They love it for the smell of spruce, light frost, the magic of New Year's Eve. Each of us prepares in advance for the New Year. We buy gifts, toys for the Christmas tree and, of course, food for the New Year's table.

It's better to make a list of products in advance so that you don't run around looking for something missing before New Year's Eve. First you need to determine what dishes you want to cook and make a menu in accordance with them. For convenience, you can use this ready-made table.

Next, determine how many people will be at the festive table. Based on this, you need to calculate the number of products. For traditional New Year's dishes, the list will be something like this.

Let's vote on the list who will buy what, it will be more interesting :)

List of Traditional Foods for New Year

    • Meat, fish for hot dishes;
    • Red caviar or red fish for sandwiches;
    • Canned fish for salads;
    • Vegetables for salads and on the table: carrots, potatoes, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic;
    • Fruits: tangerines, bananas, apples andetc.
    • Green peas, canned corn, olives;
    • Cheese for salads and slicing;
    • Ham, smoked sausage, boiled pork and other types for cold cuts;
    • Mayonnaise, sour cream for dressing dishes;
    • Eggs (chicken or quail);
    • Greens: parsley, green onion, lettuce, cilantro and more;
    • S alted or pickled cucumbers for salad;
    • Herring for salad "under a fur coat";
    • Butter;
    • Bread for sandwiches, pita bread for rolls;
    • Candy, sweets, nuts;
    • Champagne and other spirits;
    • Juices, water, soft drinks;
    • S alt, pepper, sugar, spices;
    • Tea, coffee;
    • Vegetable oil (sunflower, olive);

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    Candles, fireworks, paper napkins, hangover cures are not food, but are usually always present at the New Year's holiday.

    You can buy canned food, nuts, caviar, alcohol in advance. It is better to buy vegetables and fruits and herbs no earlier than 2-3 days in advance. It is better to buy meat and fish no earlier than the day before the holidays. You can buy and freeze it in advance, but then the quality of the dish may suffer. Buy cheese and sour cream one or two days before the holiday. Bread must be fresh. Having made a preliminary list of products for the New Year, you can safely start cooking and preparing for the celebration.

    Write in the comments: what did we forget to add to this list?

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