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New Year's corporate parties, New Year's Eve in offices or just friendly gatherings with colleagues will begin very soon. To make the holiday even more fun, we have prepared for you Happy New Year greetings for colleagues. They can be read at the table, sent by corporate mail, or simply written on a New Year's card. Give colleagues small joys, and the next working year will be more interesting!

Choose who to congratulate:

  • all at once;
  • colleagues at the corporate;
  • girl colleague;
  • male colleague;
  • staff with a sense of humor.

General congratulations to the entire team

Many mountains turned with you,
The New Year brought us together,
Tested trust over the years, Worthy above all praise!

I wish you this year
My friends, career take-off!
Let's give a kick in the ass easily All those who are happy to rush us!

I wish you many victories,
Let problems fly into the ditch,
As many as possible, on the hook, A profitable flow of customers!

Tirelessly and hands
We worked for a whole year,
And a sonorous knock of a miracle is heard …Ooh! It's New Year!

New ideas, let him
Bring it with him,
We will give sadness a piston And honor awaits happiness!

Let the best customers
Fall from the sky to us,
Good times, We will hit the jackpot!

Happy New Year, colleagues!
Let them raid us
Company of happiness and luck, Happy New Year!

Not on the table right now…
Here's what we'll do on New Year's Eve:
All problems down the toilet We won't hesitate to flush!

Eternal downtime in traffic jams,
Crisis, Internet failures!
Let the money overtake us,We will catch luck by the tail!

New Year greetings for corporate party

Clocking New Year's Eve!
A new front of work awaits!
Not now… Later, later…When we're more sober!

Your colleagues, regards
Sending congratulations to:
Wasteful customers, Monetary applause!

If there is a sudden hitch,
To help you a miracle machine,
Let money scare youThe crisis will not scare you!

In the New Year, everyone, as a friendly platoon
We will escape into the future!
I want to wish you a Happy New Year You, my dear colleagues!

Let's take good moments with us,
Customers that will bring us profit,
The highest percentages from transactions, And a profitable route for business!

Happy New Year, team!
A new positive is waiting for us,
A new look at things, A new money parade.

Stunning ideas,
Winning lotteries,
Ocean clientele,Great plan for us!

Keep it up! Our coursego ahead!
But first, the new year!
With what, I congratulate you all! That I just don’t want to…

Happy New Year greetings to a colleague girl or woman

Happy New Year!
You are always on top
I sincerely wish you Follow your dreams!

Let work with understanding
Will not leave without attention,
Time will allow To devote to personal life!

And let the award be stable
Be very powerful, strong!
Let any weekend, Be kind, funny!

Happy New Year!
Let under this firmament
Only happiness awaits you In the upcoming New Year!

Criticism and all the hardships
Don't take it personally,
The longing of spiritual bad weather It's easy to let go of the heart!

After the holidays, salary
Let it be bright and rich.
Creative approach to work Doesn't get on your nerves!

Happy New Year
Soul colleague!
And I really respect For everyday life.

You're calm as a boa constrictor
Past the problems like in a tank
Your flair and kind disposition Always raise the bar!

I “send” you
The warmth of happy days,
And I wish you happiness, And loyal friends!

Happy New Year 2023 greetings to a male colleague

Happy New Year!
I wish you strong nerves,
So that resourcefulness and strength,Fulfill your goal!

Wish with respect
At work promotion,
Let the award open The door with your feet and congratulations!

I wish you a friend,
Many fabulous friends!
Andsoul mate, Daily workout with her!

Happy New Year, buddy!
Happy New Year
I'm not money, but money To make life take off!

If necessary, insure,
Experience with us is always yours,
You lay claim to heights, And falling is nonsense!

Let, my friend, all your goals
Not in word, but in deed,
Coincide with opportunities, Your capital is multiplied!

We have been working for several years
We seem to have no worries with you.
Of course, there were disagreements…We know how to brighten them up correctly!

Let you, my friend, be happy in the New Year
A lot of victories, merit await!
Of course, the equivalent of money All those moments are sweetened!

I will also wish a friend
A good and faithful friend!
So that everything at home is sweet, And a delicious exercise awaits!

Especially cool and funny congratulations in verse

I wish this year
Parties noisy platoon!
Quality clientele, Happiness with a stable recipe!

Let the crisis have cartridges
There will be only idle ones!
And let the laws of businessMountains give gold!

I congratulate you on the New Year!
I wish you flying weather,
Let your machine work Flies forward, past obstacles!

In the wallets of banknotes tonnage,
Let them take courage!
Let the pain of retirement go away,Let the crisis twist your leg!

Let everything be like butter,
Let a miracle bring happiness!
Let a peaceful sky overhead Will be everywhere on the planet native!

The New Year is coming,
The future is coming soon!
All unnecessary moments We will leave to competitors!

I, colleagues, wish you
A flock of money clients!
May a happy plane Take us away in the New Year!

And in a good mood
We invite friends to the New Year Laughter, good luck and luck!

To have more fun on vacation,
I wish the company to take on the costs!
Let delicious coffee on working days Warm us up on our common ship!

May this New Year
Miracle of miracles happen!
May Jin and goldfish Do everything for you with a smile!

Heated airplane carpet,
To keep the flight warm!
Walking boots, To get around traffic jams!

Apples for no problem
Replace your foundation!
An invisible hat too It will help you in almost everything!

Money, piles of valuables
Bring no crime!
You, colleagues, many miracles Happiness is not real weight!

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