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Apple Chief Designer Jonathan Ive has creatively designed a Christmas tree to be installed in the lobby of London's Claridge Hotel. An image of a Christmas tree has already been published on the Apple company's website.

The management of the guest house turned to a famous designer with a request to decorate the main hall of the hotel in a festive Christmas style. Jonathan Ive created an individual design for the hotel, in which he was able to combine modern technology and natural elements. On the walls of the room, with the help of projectors, images of birches, green Scottish pines, which are covered with snow-white snow, are broadcast. Also, the hologram of snow is broadcast on the flooring of the hall.

Thanks to such a creative approach of Jonathan Ive, visitors to the Claridge Hotel, having crossed the threshold of the guest house, will find themselves in a real Christmas fairy tale, in which there will be everything: a snow-covered forest, a blue reflection of the starry sky on a frosty winter night, and of course an elegant Christmas tree in the middle of Hall.

Claridges administration said that they are very pleased with the work of the Apple designerand invite everyone to visit the installation. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to become hotel guests.

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