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Sometimes it's hard to find words to express how you feel. It is especially important to talk about your feelings on New Year's Eve. That is why we have collected for you the best New Year's greetings for your girlfriend. Perhaps you are already with her, or perhaps you just like her, or maybe you want to make your girl friend laugh? On this page there are congratulations for every taste: tender and warm, funny and funny. Choose and get ready for the holiday!

Gentle New Year greetings to your girlfriend

A blizzard is blowing, a blizzard is rampaging!
Dear, we have each other,
With the power of love in any bad weather I will warm you, dear, Happy New Year!

Let the upcoming New Year
Be the beginning of our life!
Destiny's happy turn We will show the right path with you!

The New Year will open the doors,
We sincerely believe in a miracle!

Live beautifully and like in a fairy tale!
Happy New Year, my angel!
Will be in sunny colors, Peace, dear, yours and mine!

I hasten to say my dear!
I have a festive speech for you!
Happy New Year And I wish you a warm meeting!

I, honey,alas, I can’t do everything!
Get a star from the sky, for example!
But I’ll save our happiness, Love the magical atmosphere!

I wish, dear, in the New Year!
You, as you are, stay!
Let happiness sing for you, To wake up with a smile!

Beloved, let the New Year
He alth, happiness and luck
Transfer to a personal account! No hesitation, no doubt!

I love you, congratulations!
Happy New Year, dear, I wish you
Happiness, peace, light and kindness! May fate be generous!

For love, for joy, affection!
For warmth, comfort, for a fairy tale!
Honey, I love you so much! Our feelings, dear, I will save !

Let my love protect,
Sunshine, in all your affairs!
Our feelings only inflame, Passion lives burning in our hearts!

Congratulations to the girl you like

Happy New Year!
Let happiness and love!
Don't let you pass! You deserve everything, know!

Glad we met!
I wish you Happy New Year!
Let it be in large volumes! Joy will come!

I wish you a Happy New Year
Successfully arrange everything!
Without interference and without adversity This "everything" then double!

The word "everything" includes,
Happiness, peace, love!
Let this "everything" protect, You again and again!

Remember, there is one like this
Who will always help you!
And support anyone at a moment! You know him, it seems…

In the coming year I'll wish you
I wish you a sweeter life,
Loyal, devoted people,Bright, dynamicdays!

Romantic evenings,
Interesting holidays,
At work inspiration, Only happiness preference!

Women's happiness will come
Let it come to you on New Year's Eve
So that you are always happy! If anything, I'll be there…

I wish you a Happy New Year
Let the happiness of a woman bloom,
He alth cheerfully ignites,Hope inspires sweetly!

Let the money in the wallet crowd,
Love and peace rush to meet,
Career rise, and suddenly fall? Landing soft, no doubt!

I wish I find my love,
Someone you may not know,
Or maybe on the path of life He met, but you don't notice?

Cool New Year 2023 greetings

I wish you a Happy New Year,
You have a festive flight,
Lose all sorrows, Only take happiness with you!

Find your prince,
Get a lot of money,
To make career growth Extremely simple for you!

Happy New Year,
I wish you from the bottom of my heart
Congratulations to the polygon, Suitors battalion,

Interesting situations,
Super stock stores,
Happiness, peace through the roof, Celebrate the New Year in Paris,

After, breakfast in Amsterdam
Do some commercials!
May all your desires Life will not leave without attention!

The New Year is coming!
I wish you take off
In my personal life, at work, In a fateful turn!

Let luck step on the gas,
Happiness will issue a decree:
May success be with you everywhere Wherever it turns out, it will be!

Manyfabulous moments,
Become the wife of the president,
Find Genie with a lamp And make a wish!

I wish you a New Year!
Swim in love and happiness,
To make it easy from all adversity, Could you quickly refuse!

Always let the morning be cheerful,
May the days be successful,
And act extremely wisely, So that dreams are sweet!

Let the prince's horse not limp,
Yes, let the prince himself do not give up,
Success is one step ahead of you,And happiness just protects you!

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