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To return after a vacation, not to receive a small salary, you need to know some of the nuances. Many people like to extend their holidays in January by adding a vacation to them. After all, this way the rest becomes even longer and more interesting! However, behind all these advantages lies a catch that is usually invisible to the average worker. Employers do not want to warn their subordinates that the first post-holiday salary can be miserable. And we are talking about salary, not vacation pay! It is necessary to understand the current situation in order not to be left without a penny after a long vacation.

Subtlety with salary

So why do those who take a vacation right after the holidays lose in wages? Everything is very simple. Workers, in the accounting department, calculating your wages, make the following calculations. They divide your salary by the number of working days in a month.

For example, your monthly salary is 10,000 rubles. There are 22 working days in December and only 17 in January due to public holidays. It turns out that one day of work in December will cost 454 rubles, and in January - 588 rubles. This means that the January day will be much more expensive and you will lose more money if you take a vacation this month.


In December you took 10 days and you have to pay 5448 rubles. (22 working days minus 10 vacation days=12 days; these 12 days are multiplied by 454 rubles, and we get 5448 rubles).

And if you take 10 days in January, then your salary will be about 4116 rubles. (seventeen working days minus 10 vacation days=7 days; we multiply them by 588 rubles=4116 rubles)

When is the best time to rest?

In material terms, it is most profitable to go on vacation in a month where the most working days are provided. At the same time, your vacation can smoothly flow into the holidays. However, keep in mind that in many companies before the New Year holidays, a real emergency is happening, and that workers may not be allowed to go on a long-awaited vacation. To avoid this, coordinate your vacation with the management and write it down in the vacation schedule in advance. Such a document is usually drawn up in December and approved for the whole next year. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully and plan your vacation for the year.

By the way

Extend your holiday by two more days! To do this, take it from Monday so that you can rest on the coming Saturday.

What about holiday pay?

Vacation money is calculated differently from wages, so it doesn't matter what month you take your vacation.

About the number of vacation days

The largest amount can be obtained if you take the maximum number of days of rest - 28.

What about the days you were away from work?

All days off, sick days, vacations,that were given to you last year are the billing period by which they determine the amount of vacation pay this year, thereby reducing their total amount.

Your salary for last year

All additional payments, bonuses that take place officially - increases the amount of vacation pay. It becomes clear that the more you work and earn, the more vacation pay you get.

By law

  • Standard vacation is exactly 28 days a year. If desired, it can be divided into several small parts, but one of which must be exactly 14 days.
  • If your planned vacation is not listed in a special document - the vacation schedule, then try to negotiate with the management to provide you with an unplanned vacation.
  • Cancel an already registered vacation, only the management can cancel the schedule, and only after your approval, if required by the production need. However, the vacation must be rescheduled to a more convenient time for you.
  • The very first vacation can be taken after six months of work in the organization. And in order to take a rest earlier, you need to agree with the manager.
  • You must receive your vacation pay three days before your scheduled vacation.

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