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New Year is a family holiday, from which you want to expect magical moments and a festive mood. But, sometimes there is not enough imagination how to decorate a house, how to arrange a festive table. And what is so interesting to come up with to make the New Year mood magical? We came up with 20 ideas to create a magical New Year's mood.

1. Prepare handmade postcards. Perhaps it will be an ordinary photograph, decorated with colored paper, or pasted over with stickers. Or it will be created in an electronic form of a presentation or sent by e-mail. Or video - congratulations.

2. Create unique gift wrapping. It is worth using the most unusual materials: napkins, old newspapers, wrapping paper. Standard options are also possible, the main thing is to show imagination.

3. You can play the game "secret gift". We need to exchange gifts secretly. To do this, you need to prepare a box with pieces of paper on which names are written, and draw out the name of a person who then needs to come up with and give a gift.

4. New Year's table setting. If you're celebrating as a couple, you don't need to set a lavish table and prepare a lot of dishes, just limit yourself to a few of your favorite dishes and a couple of snacks.

5. The uniqueness of the decoration of the Christmas tree. Choose a specific style of Christmas beauty decoration. Perhaps it will be the style of "Cinderella" or "Star Wars", or perhaps something more interesting that you will come up with yourself.

6. Theater from family members. Choose a New Year's scenario and find a role for each family member. It's also worth filming it.

7. Stock up on delicious food! On New Year's holidays, you don't really want to cook and go to the store, and such a supply can come in handy. Here is a list of products for the New Year.

8. Hide surprises throughout the apartment so that family and friends have an interesting opportunity to look for them. This idea will intrigue everyone.

9. Think of a common gift for the whole family. One big gift for the whole family. For example, it will be a boat on which you can go on a common voyage, or a tourist tent, or bicycles for each family member.

10. Choose movies for family viewing. Find several different films suitable for the whole family to watch. It is necessary to take into account the tastes of each family member so that everyone has something to see. Also, prepare croutons, sparkling water and delicious snacks while watching.

11. Buy fireworks and salutes. Without them, any New Year's holiday will seem “lenten”.

12. Have a conversation on the topic: "The best moments of the outgoing year." You can do this in writing, or just tell each other.

13. New toy. Every year it is worth buying a new toy for the Christmas tree.Such a toy must be purchased based on some event that occurred in a given year. For example, a toy in the shape of a medal will remind children of small victories in sports competitions.

14. Start decorating your apartment on the first day of December! So waiting for the New Year will be more interesting. And the mood will be pre-New Year's Eve. After the holiday, you should not immediately remove all the decorations, let the New Year mood stay in your apartment or house a little more.

15. New Year's chants and buzzers. With the onset of the New Year, with the chiming of the chimes, it is worth using them.

16. Assemble a garland with photos of the outgoing year. Hang it on the wall or any other prominent place, guests or you yourself will write wishes on them.

17. Inventing a unique family tradition. It is worth agreeing with everyone at home what you will do every New Year's Eve. For example, blow out candles, sing a hymn together to the chimes, make a snowman.

18. Say goodbye to the passing year. For example, collect all the things that brought bad luck and throw them away, or burn them.

19. Promise yourself something like quitting bad habits and do it no matter what.

20. Help children from orphanages. Give gifts or just organize New Year's Eve performances, the kids will love it!

All these ways, of course, will help to spend the New Year perfectly, but the most important thing will still be a warm family atmosphere, love, surrounded by loved ones and hope for the best in the new coming year.

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