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On the night of January 18-19, Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the main sacred holidays - the Baptism of the Lord.


  1. Traditions of the celebration of Epiphany 2023
  2. Epiphany Night Customs
  3. How to attract prosperity?
  4. When to go for holy water?
  5. Bathing in the hole correctly
  6. Interesting signs

Baptism in 2023: traditions of the ancestors

Holy Theophany begins with Epiphany Christmas Eve. All day on January 18, Orthodox Christians observe a strict fast. The traditions of Baptism forbid eating before the first star. Later, the whole family gathers for a lenten dinner, the main dish of which is sochivo. It is made from wheat grain mixed with nuts and honey. Another name for it is kutya, made from rice and raisins, you can also add poppy seeds, honey, almonds or walnuts.


Baptism is the spiritualization of human strength, supported by prayers and fasting. From Christmas to Epiphany is a short journey and a lot of time is devoted to Christmas divination and festivities. It is important at this time to retire with your thoughts, think about God and pray.

Christians according to the customs of Baptism on this day go to church tomass and for the great consecration of water. The very first baths begin at night, thanks to which the soul is renewed and the body becomes he althy and strong for the whole year. What else do they do at the Baptism of the Lord? Visiting guests on Epiphany Christmas Eve has become traditional. It is customary to visit the nearest and dearest, give gifts to each other and spend time together. A joint celebration will bring peace and comfort, as well as universal grace.

Customs that have come down to us

All believers know and observe customs that have accumulated over hundreds of years. In Theophany, one cannot swear, swear, and wish evil to other people. There are other prohibitions on this day:

    • Don't be greedy. In the temple, while standing in line, observe silence and calmness, do not push, otherwise you can attract trouble;
    • On this great holiday it is forbidden to guess;
    • Alcohol must not be abused, it is better if it is a glass of Cahors.

    Epiphany customs are practically no different from Christmas or Easter. On this day, it is forbidden to work physically. Cleaning the house should be done in advance. Those who did not have time are allowed to clean up before lunch, so that there is time to go to church. On this great holiday, you should not do laundry and do it in the next two days. In Baptism, you need to completely surrender to spiritual enrichment, pray and cleanse yourself of negativity.

    Rituals of Epiphany

    Divination at Epiphany is not welcome, but this day has a special energy power. If you make a certaina ritual to attract finance, love or he alth, then it will definitely come true.

    Attract money

    This holiday combines not only spiritual, but also pagan traditions. You can ask the higher powers for financial prosperity. The ritual is performed with holy water brought from the church. Holding it in their hands, they go around all the premises of the dwelling, saying:

    “Holy water brought prosperity to the house. Let the losses all go away and life will go on in abundance. Failures will leave us and luck will come.”

    Leave it on at night and wash it in the morning.

    Getting he althy

    Christian holidays are best suited for certain rituals. Holy water, according to the customs of Baptism, has a miraculous power that can heal any ailment. On Epiphany night, you need to lie in a bath filled with water with a small amount of consecrated. You can put a cross on the bottom and lie down in it for about 15 minutes, imagining yourself completely he althy. Such a rite will help to gain he alth for the whole year, you must definitely believe.

    Looking for love

    The tradition of Baptism involves not only swimming in the hole. On this night, all single girls can do a special ceremony that will attract love. Exit to the 4-road intersection and say:

    "My betrothed mummer, come to me for dinner."

    After that, you can go home without looking back.

    Holy water from the church

    Since ancient times, water consecrated from 18 to 19 Januaryconsidered curative. Church - has unique properties, although some argue that in Epiphany all water resources become unusual.

    Epiphany water is able to heal the sick and it can be stored throughout the year. The clergy of the church claim that only water consecrated in the church becomes truly healing, and if it is added to ordinary water, then all of it will become holy. Scientific researchers confirm that on January 19, under the influence of a special field, all the water reserves of the Earth change their structure. Although this is possible after reading the prayer and immersing the cross.

    Scientists have proven that the composition of water can change depending on the energy field, thoughts and spoken words. Miraculous properties are acquired by her through sincere prayer.

    How to swim in the hole?

    Bathing is an ancient tradition. It gives a person spiritual and physical strength, and also relieves all diseases for a whole year. Today, dipping into the hole has a slightly different meaning. Previously, this rite was used to cleanse the soul from sins, but now this rite has become a source of he alth and spiritual saturation.

    There are no special rules for performing this custom at Baptism. As a rule, they plunge three times with their heads. At the same time, the body experiences great stress, the body temperature rises, swelling decreases and pain decreases.

    According to tradition, bathing is carried out in places specially equipped for this purpose, accompanied by rescuers and ambulances. Beforeyou can do a little exercise with an ice hole so that the body gets used to the low temperature. You can plunge with your head, but if you feel a spasm, then you should not do it again. And immediately after the end of the procedure, you need to wipe yourself with a warm towel, put on dry clothes and drink hot tea.

    Signs we use

    Over the years, people have accumulated traditions and customs that helped them in life and passed them on from generation to generation. Many signs are relevant today, here are some of them:

    • If the sky is starry on the night of January 19, then the year will be generous with berries, and spring and summer will be hot;
    • The new moon on the holiday promises a frosty winter, a slushy spring and a cold summer;
    • If it snows on a holiday, then there will be good wheat harvests in autumn;
    • The full moon portends floods this year;
    • The most common omen is swimming in the hole;
    • If you hear a dog barking on this holiday, then the year will be prosperous.

    Not all Orthodox believe in signs, but the traditions of Baptism, left over from our ancestors, are still honored. Many customs are true and actually performed on Epiphany night.

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