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The winter holiday of Christmas is designed to remind people that there is light and goodness in the world. The Son of God came into this world to bring love, sympathy and blessing. The tradition of exchanging Christmas cards with warm sincere wishes has taken root since time immemorial. Now postcards have become mostly virtual, we download them for free on the Web, send them by e-mail or via WhatsApp.

Let's revive the beautiful custom of giving beautiful cards with congratulations coming from the bottom of our hearts! Postcards for Christmas 2023 will be sincere, festive, filled with hope for the best and faith in miracles.

Christmas symbols on modern postcards

Traditionally, Christmas cards depict:

  • spruce decorated with lights, cones, toys;
  • angels in snow-white clothes with wings, cherubs;
  • the figure of Jesus himself, dressed in a white chiton, with a gesture of blessing;
  • snowflakes, snowmen;
  • snowy landscapes, expanses;
  • houses covered in snow with lit windows;
  • Christmas nativity scene - a scene with the Holy Family and the Baby in the manger;
  • lit Christmas candles, lights;
  • gold-domed churches;
  • coniferous wreaths, compositions, bouquets with shiny balls, bells, sweets;
  • flashlights;
  • animals and birds rejoicing at Christmas.

Christmas greeting cards

It will be better if you complete the picture with warm and sincere words. In this section, we have combined beautiful pictures and heartfelt words of congratulations.

  1. Dear friend! A miracle will happen on this main night of the year. The life to come will be illuminated with the light of hope and true faith, filled with love and happiness! Merry Christmas!
  2. On the holiday of Christmas, I wish your family sincere laughter, fun, meeting with the dearest people. May peace and prosperity reign in the family! Love and joy live in the soul!
  3. Congratulations on the wonderful holiday of the Nativity of Christ! On this extraordinary day, I wish to receive gifts from family and life. Warmth and harmony to you and your family.
  4. Christmas is the day when we can all be children, believe in miracles. I wish that all dreams come true, the year was fruitful and joyful!

  1. Christmas is approaching silently across the white snow. Candles are lit, nature froze in anticipation of miracles. On this fabulous night, let the star of hope light up and lead to a dream!
  2. Small snowflakes swirl around the Christmas tree. Christmas Eve - time to believe inwonderful grace sent down to us from above. A good heart will not fail in mercy. Love and joy!
  3. Blessed holiday! May souls be filled with hope, hearts with love and faith. In the house there will be warmth and happy laughter. Merry Christmas!
  4. Let the light of the Christmas star guide you on the righteous path! Days will be filled with joy, faith, love! My postcard is a holiday greeting and a reminder of friendship and devotion.

You can make a Christmas card yourself, decorate it with holiday symbols and be sure to sign it by hand. Merry Christmas!

All postcards are in good quality, to download them for free, you just need to click on the selected picture and save it to your computer. May the spirit of Christmas never leave you, and God bless you and your loved ones!

“Blank” Christmas cards

We have a lot of beautiful congratulations on our website:

  • Christmas SMS;
  • short congratulations in verse;
  • congratulations on the goodhumor;
  • Orthodox congratulations.

You can not use a ready-made postcard, but create your own unique greeting by selecting a verse and attaching it to our blank postcard.

Animated Christmas cards

Attention! They may take longer to load than regular ones. Please wait a few seconds.


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