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Do you want to congratulate all your friends and not spend a lot of time on it? Send them a New Year's sms or whatsapp message. It's not long, but it's nice :) It will be useful to remind you that there is a version of whatsapp for PC. Sending New Year greetings is even more convenient with it. And in order to have something to send, we have already prepared for you short and funny SMS in verse.

Choose what you like best:

  • SMS-congratulations on the Year of the Tiger;
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  • beautiful but short congratulations;

SMS congratulations for the Year of the Tiger

This year, let Tigrasha,
Provide a sale!
From he alth, happiness, money, Light stairs!

To the whole career growth,
Money gave a big increase!
The New Year will be then, Without worries and without labor!

Happy New Year!
Let life be sweeter than honey!
Our striped baron, From miracles attraction,

He'll make a splash,
He'll bring a bunch of miracles!
Let it be with the Tiger this year,You're always lucky!

The tiger will quietly creep up,
You will have to reel in the fishing rods,
All hardships and sorrows.pedals!

To be only near,
Miracles by a large detachment!
There will be this New Year, In the best sense, even that one!

Let the Tiger give us,
Moments of good hurricane
For good beginnings, Stale confessions!

For funny speeches,
Stunning nights!
To not languish behind the stove,
Live, walk and have fun!
In the upcoming New YearWait for the Tiger, and act, here!

Let the Tiger Platoon break in
In the coming New Year.
This brave family Will be the height of sorcery!

In those sharp teeth
Let violent fear get stuck.
In tenacious claws and grasping Let imperfections subside!

Ox Tigrune is giving up his fast
In the coming New Year.
I wish, of course,
So that happiness is inevitable,
I will certainly visit,
So that joy will not be forgottenAlso drop by for a visit And stay at home to live!
In the New Year, under the spotlight
The Tiger will enter the arena. Happy New Year!
Joy will pour into a glass
And arrange a magnificent ball!

The Tiger congratulates us,
Having brought us his stock,
He had to save it, To hand it over in the New Year!

Happiness to us 120 tons,
From the wonders of the attraction.
Laughter, confidence, fun,
Joy crazy potion.
Tiger so much for usHappy to stock up!

With its paws,
Wags its tail.
And here the Tiger is at the door,
To protect people.stock
Exciting ideas
And good, bright days!
The arrows keep going forward,
The meeting with the Tiger is waiting soon!
It will not be difficult for us Melt a piece of ice

In the heart of everyone in the world,
For the kindness of the planet
Get more powerAnd love set free.

Funny SMS for New Year 2023

Happy New Year congratulations,
Let the happiness of the song sing,
Dissolves all hardships,Surprise never gets tired!

Congratulations on the upcoming!
Let it be long-playing Happiness, joy, compliments! And wonderful moments!
The New Year is coming!
Let him wink at you!
Happiness let the right shakes,Joy gently hugs!

Humor does not give out of boredom
Give up in sorrow!
May this New Year Forgive everything and understand everything!

New Year's mayhem
To make you happy!
To be the highest brand New Year's gifts!

There will be every moment with enthusiasm,
Good luck is under supervision!
Upcoming New Year May it come to you with soul!

I wish you a New Year,
Antidote for sadness!
Take it steadily, Strong dosage!

Wish you happiness
Everywhere, always, in everything Of course day after day!

I wish with mischief
So that everything is a bunch!
In the upcoming New Year May success come to you!

To make it interesting,
To make joy come!
Let the mood play, Deliver inspiration!

Happy New Year
Always move forward!
Interestingcreative, Live and relax actively!

Wake up every morning,
Charge with positive!
Always get up from that foot, And go and win!

Let the holiday be merry!
Let luck come!
So that a lot of salaries They came to you like a parade!

So that he alth does not limp,
There was laughter, so as not a little!
Let happiness be the basis, Kilometer-long paths of victories!

Out of sight, out of mind
Negative Hormone!
So that this New Year Entry is free everywhere!

So that luck smiles,
So that joy is not shy!
Let him take note,
Happiness this New Year!
To a life albumBecame a magical, sweet dream!

Adversity in the coming year
Let them turn sour like compote!
All sorrows will collapse with a crash, Quietly, they will go rotten somewhere!

Love and happiness flourish,
Decorate the coming year!
So that they are this size Gulliver became envious!

At the command of the pike,
At your request,
Decree of the golden fish,Hottabycha, what with a beard!

I wish you a Happy New Year,
I am a chic platoon of magic!
Like 33 heroes, Any day of the calendar!

No matter what, your whim
Would turn into a surprise!
Let many miracles await, Your world does not modestly decorate!

I wish you a New Year!
Luck and vice versa!
Both this and that, a little bit of everything, To appreciate the fate of the road!

To be a little disappointed
To enjoy success!
A littlea little sadness, very little. To get seasick with happiness!

You understood the meaning of the wishes, Appreciate everything without hesitation!

Short poems for New Year's SMS

Happy New Year!
Sincerely wish you all:
What brings joy Inspires success!

For happiness to embrace,
Wishing good morning!
Every day without exception Cheer up!

I wish you a New Year:
Let everything bloom around!
Joy, happiness and finances,
Chances for success, luck! And he alth dimensions Let them not be in short supply!
Happy New Year!
Let everything be fine! Let life be sweeter than honey, Always fresh in the soul!
I wish you seriously
Wipe your nose of sadness!

Happiness capital,
To become huge.
Let them be a present,
Generous interest.
In general, congratulations! Good I wish you all!

If among these SMS congratulations, you did not find suitable ones, look at the verses for the Year of the Tiger, maybe you will like some of them. Happy holiday!

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