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Dressing in fashion is not enough, finding your own style and adjusting it in accordance with current trends is already good. But, to paraphrase a famous classic, everything should be perfect in a woman: clothes, hairstyle, makeup and, of course, manicure. Fashion in the field of nail art does not stand still. Every season there are new items that take into account the peculiarities of the time of year. Today about what will be the winter manicure, relevant at the turn of 2022-2023. Let's discuss colors, trends, shapes and other features of your well-groomed nails.

In this article:

  • Bright winter or trendy manicure colors;
  • Intense green;
  • Spectacular red;
  • Bright blue;
  • Delicate blue;
  • Flawless White;
  • Chic gilding;
  • Brutal black;
  • Mysterious purple;
  • Nail shape for trendy manicure;
  • Short square;
  • Elongated rectangle;
  • Correct oval;
  • Pointed shape.

Bright winter or trendy manicure colors

The monotonously gray end of autumn, by no means the colorful beginning of winter, evoke sadness and melancholy. Remember that the Christmas holidays are ahead and change yourattitude to life with a spectacular winter manicure.

Intense green

One of the main trends for winter 2022-2023 is saturated shades, and deep green is among them. The color of the nails does not have to be in harmony with the clothes. Therefore, you can combine such a winter manicure with any outfit, especially since it is from the New Year's palette.


Spectacular Red

The second favorite of the New Year range is red. A lot of tones of this color will allow you to choose your own option for a bright brunette, and a calm brown-haired woman, and a gentle blonde. Apply a solid color or decorate it with winter patterns - a trendy manicure is ready.


Bright blue

Remember the classic combination of shades - cold with cold, warm with warm. By analogy, blue color for winter manicure is the perfect solution. Simulate a touch of brilliant frost, frosty patterns on glass. Come up with a New Year's nail design yourself or trust your master.


Delicate blue

The arrival of winter and the expectation of the New Year is a great occasion to decorate your nails with graceful snowflakes, forest landscapes, funny snowmen. Blue color is the background for such paintings,prompted by nature itself, and also a good mood. Here we have collected many ideas for New Year's manicure.


Pure White

On a white base, like on a blank sheet, you can depict anything you like. An exquisite winter manicure is a three-dimensional effect of freshly fallen snow, patterns, sparkles in part or in full. Create a special design on one or all fingers, depending on the situation.


Chic gilding

Another fashion trend in both clothing and nail art is metallic. This year, a silver tone is suitable for a winter manicure - it is pleasing to both the outgoing Blue Water Tiger and the incoming symbol of the year, the Rabbit. Choose from white background designs, full coverage, heirloom-style patterns.


Brutal black

In the cold season, winter 2022-2023 is no exception, all dark shades are relevant - burgundy, chocolate, gray, graphite. If you don't know which one to choose - play in contrast with white snow and make a black winter manicure with a spectacular decor.



Jewellery fashion is not so changeable, but still it exists. Now the trend is gemstones of lilac, lilac, purple shades. Turn your nails into treasures with purple nail polish, finishing with contrasting piping, sparkles, rhinestones.


Nail shape for trendy manicure

Cut or build up - take your time with the action. In the winter of 2022-2023, there will be a niche for both practical admirers of short nails and lovers of predatory claws.

Short square

The shape is optimal for the work environment and active everyday life. If you want to be in the center of events and have time for everything - choose a length that just covers the ball of your finger. Nail art experts position it as the most relevant.


Elongated rectangle

It is a mistake to think that this form is a thing of the past. This applies only to excessively long lengths and sharp, straight edges. In a modern interpretation, the nail plate looks significantly shortened with slightly rounded outer corners.


Correct oval

Actual and beautiful trend, but not for everyone. The natural shape of the nail should be at least remotelymatch, and better - as close as possible to the ideal oval. Another requirement is long fingers and a well-shaped hand.


Pointed shape

Many consider sharp, long nails almost an atavism. But from time to time there are very interesting design ideas for nail art just for this form. If this is your style, or if you want to show off originality, choose a winter manicure on long claws.


Don't reinvent the wheel. Listen to yourself, look at the nuances and be stylish.

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