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For a believer, there is no brighter and more joyful holiday than Christmas! On this wonderful day, I want to share a piece of goodness with all my relatives, friends and loved ones. Orthodox congratulations on Christmas will help with this. We have prepared for you kind, sincere, beautiful poems. Share the good news with everyone, and may God bless you!

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And here are the Orthodox congratulations themselves:

From the sixth to the seventh in the night
Doubts will be driven away!
And the feast of Christmas! With love, with faith at the core!

In the circle of loved ones!
Our age-old traditions,
Such a bright birth! Let's celebrate with a touch!

Such a miracle, magic!
With the birth of love, kindness!
And this power cannot be measured. But just live, love and believe!

Behind the great post!
Its path is not so easy!
The Feast of the Nativity of Christ, Completion of the foundation!

May God's Blessing!
Protection from anxiety.
From evil, from pain and doubts, From sinful thoughts, judgments.

And let Christmas meetings!
Provide good and happiness.
Peace, good luck, mood, Love, for a miracle of inspiration!

From the sixth to the seventh of January!
Goodness and happiness are in the air!
On a special day of the calendar Love sincerely blesses us!

Congratulations from me!
I wish you a spiritual rebirth.
Keeping everything bright in my soul! I send good deeds.

I wish you to make them!
And let people make them,
To send to you, Fate will be for inspiration!

Christmas blessing,
This is a bright birth!
And for everyone who kept the fast! The true holiday has come!

Because I felt it
I had the spirit, the strength,
To endure, not to be tempted, And there was nothing not to be tempted.

I wish not to turn,
After all, for the strong, this path.
Your flight of bright thoughts. It will save your soul.

Let the Nativity of Christ
Keep sadness out of the heart.
And unnecessary doubts,
Behind the spiritual fence
Waiting quietly, do not interfere,Let them fade with power.
For goodness and faith, strength.
To reward you.

May the Savior's Birthday!
For evil deeds will be a tamer!
May mercy, goodness! Will always be only in its true form.

Deeds of light motives,
Will not be the result of delusions!
May the world be filled with goodness! Love, light, and Christmas warmth.

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