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New Year is a magical holiday in every sense. It is on this day that the most cherished desires come true, dreams come true, and it is on this holiday that people have the opportunity to look into the future and even change it a little.

The Old New Year is not just one holiday in January, but a New Year's holiday, but according to the old, Julian calendar. This day, of course, retained its magical abilities, which is why it is treated as the day when heaven allows dreams to become reality. And they help them carry out special rituals for the Old New Year, which will be useful to you not only in 2023, but throughout your life.

How does it work and why on the old New Year?

In the old days, the Slavs called the night from December 31 to January 1 (today January 13 to 14) a “generous”, “rich” holiday and dedicated to Basil the Great. It was customary to lay generous tables, give gifts and ask for your desires. In the pagan faith, people used to carol and tell fortunes on winter days, especially for young people and children. Christian Russia was not able to completely get rid of pagan traditions, despite the fact that the holiday is dedicated to the saint,dedicated his life to the Christian faith, so many of them remained. Fortune-telling, of course, remained in the first place, because the future has always attracted and will attract people of every generation.

  • Firstly, earlier, as mentioned above, the numbers are associated with the Julian calendar.
  • Secondly, today the New Year has a slightly different meaning: fun, joy, fireworks and gifts.
  • Thirdly, the week after Christmas is exactly the week when young people do not offend the great holiday with their fortune-telling.

On Old New Year's days, they performed and continue to conduct rituals for marriage, money, happiness, we alth, good luck and much more.

Rituals for money and we alth

There are many slanders to raise money. We will introduce you to the inherently effective, but quite feasible at home.

Money and broom

The broom has always had a special relationship in the house, it symbolized we alth, comfort, and good luck, happiness and peace in the house. Before the Old New Year, you should purchase a new broom, it is desirable that it has as many grains as possible, then it will definitely bring we alth to the house. In the church you will need to take holy water. Before proceeding with the ritual, it will be necessary to clean the apartment, get rid of all old things. Believe me, money does not come where there are old, unnecessary things, dirt and a lot of dust. Only purity attracts we alth. Also get rid of unnecessary things, trash and uselessly taking up space in the apartment, items.

Sweep a clean apartment with a new broom, let it be symbolic sweeping, but still go through all the corners. It is necessary to sweep clockwise, then sprinkle the walls of holy water in exactly the same direction. In the process of such “cleaning”, the following words should be repeated:

"Like dust sticks to a broom, so money sticks to the house of God's servant (name), heavenly forces be with me, may they come."

Repeat the ritual three times, you need to start on the Old New Year at midnight - from the 13th to the 14th.

Spruce wreath conspiracy

You will need: fir branches, red ribbon and church candles. On the evening of January 13, you need to go to the bathhouse and take a steam bath with spruce branches. Water, in which a broom made of branches is steamed, you need to wash the floors in your house. At midnight, use a scarlet ribbon to tie a wreath of branches, put a candlestick with a candle in the center and say the following words:

“Saint Basil in heaven, a servant of God (name) here on earth, asks for your mercy for protection. How many needles are on the branches, so much happiness would You give me, as the aroma develops from good branches, so would we alth develop in my house. May there be peace and strength in my words.”

Leave the wreath for the whole year, defining some place for it, so that it does not crumble.

Rituals for love

Love is the most beautiful feeling on the planet, without which a person cannot live. Unfortunately, our rhythm of life does not give us as much free time as we would like. In modern conditions of existence, people often do not have the opportunity to walkon dates, to get acquainted, meet, find your soul mate, etc. And even if you met, how to keep this soul mate, how to maintain family ties for many, many years? Strong ancient rituals will help you, they are easy to perform and do not carry anything bad, because if happiness is yours, then, of course, it should be with you, and will be.

Conspiracy to marry

When a girl, as they said in the old days, "stayed up in the girls", it's time for her to urgently help herself out, and not just guess at her betrothed-mummer. This marriage ceremony should be carried out only on your own. Effective words and actions will not go unnoticed by the universe. You will need to go to church in January with a bride’s bouquet in your hands for any of the weddings taking place there, defend the wedding, repeating the words of the priest, but with your own name, instead of the name of your spouse, simply say “betrothed” or “groom”.

Then you need to walk the path of the bride and groom, mentally imagining your real path with the couple. Buy two silver rings, candles, an icon of Basil the Great, a red thread and holy water in the church.

At midnight, put the icon in front of you, light a candle in a saucer with a saint, put water rings tied with red thread and say these words:

“Holy Basil, the Great, come to my aid, servant of God (name). Present to me my betrothed, who will put on a ring for me, lead me to the altar and give a holy oath for me. Will be attached to me with a red thread and will never go anywhere! My words are strong for all eternity, like a strong thread that now links two destinies,two rings and two hearts! I am waiting for you, servant of God, my betrothed.”

Wash with water from under the rings. Put everything in a box and put it away for many years, even when the betrothed appears, which will happen soon, the box must be stored. The next day you need to go to church, light a candle to St. Basil the Great and thank you for your betrothed.

Rite to meet the second half

You need to make two dolls out of fabric, one should look like a boy, the other like a girl, take a kilogram of any cereal with you. In the afternoon of January 13, go to church, bless the pupae and cereals in front of the icons.

In the church, collect holy water, buy two wooden rings, buy church ropes. At home, thread the pupae into rings and tie them together with ropes. It is best to walk from the church to the house, slowly scattering the grain behind you, as if you are making a path for someone. If, due to weather or geographical conditions, the walk does not work out, after all, it is January in the yard and it is strictly forbidden to risk he alth, then the grain should be poured in a trickle to the stop, a little on the bus (or in the car), and from the stop to the house. At the same time, you need to mentally say to yourself:

"My betrothed, I leave for you the way to me, find me, but quickly!".

At midnight, tie the dolls together with a string, put them in a bag with the remaining grain and fill it with wax. Then you need to wash yourself with holy water and say:

“Saint Basil the Great, help me find love in this world, as everyone shouldliving being on earth! Help me meet my betrothed, and help him find the way to me! My words will be strong! Amen!”.

Attributes of the Old New Year's conspiracy to be stored away.

To strengthen family relationships

You will need two branches, one must be "female" and the other must be "male", for example, a birch branch and an oak branch. The choice of branches will depend on the place of residence of the one who uses this ritual for family love. You will also need a church candle and a rope, a red ribbon. At midnight, tie the branches with a church rope as tightly as possible with the words:

“Two branches of different things, let them become one and never part, as the servant of God and the servant of God (names) will be one and never part. And so that no one ever separates them, I put protection and the seal of fire. ”

Drag the branches from above with a red ribbon, hold a little over the fire, purely symbolically, then fill the rope with wax with the words:

"The seal behind the seven castles, behind the seven mountains, behind the seven waters, behind the seven fires, no one can be reached, no one can be broken, my words are strong!"

After the ritual, put away in some place of a personal nature for many years.

Simoron rituals for wishes on the Old New Year

Simoron is a teaching to see the world differently than an adult sees, to see the environment in bright and pure colors. Simoron's technique is due to a rich imagination, the ability to mentally draw and visualize pictures of the future with absolutefaith in a bright miracle, as well as in yourself. There are many ways and rituals for the fulfillment of desires in the technique and all of them are effective, we will choose a couple of the most active ones.

Wish appear!

On the night of the Old New Year - from January 13 to 14 - you should definitely stay alone. Find yourself a comfortable place, preferably on the floor, provide a flow of fresh air, you can turn on pleasant light music. Having taken a comfortable position, focus on your dream, see it, examine it from different angles, touch it, smell it, etc. Then formulate in one word or one-syllable phrase and, adding the verb "appear", say everything out loud.

Of course, the first time nothing will appear in the conditions of the night, but the dream will certainly come true, especially with the frequent repetition of this ritual. To begin with, this can be trained on small lost things that people so often cannot find.

Rite with a mirror

Mirror is a magical object that our ancestors feared. The mirror reflects the world you created, reflects you. To make your wishes come true, you need a new, beautiful mirror or mirror. Tune in to positive, turn on good music, clean and ventilate the room.

Take a comfortable position, formulate a desire and, looking at yourself in the mirror, say it exactly 33 times, slowly, confidently, with faith in your soul and thoughts. Since the Old New Year holiday in Russia was dedicated to Basil the Great, ask this saint to be the patron of your request.

Conspiracies for happiness and good luck

Effective rituals for happiness and good luck in simple home conditions will help you easily and simply fulfill your most cherished dream, attract fortune and be a favorite in heaven.

Hex for good luck

You will need a metal bucket or pot, snow to collect from the church yard, and chicken bones that will be left after the gala dinner. At midnight, use a large amount of paper to burn chicken bones in a bucket. Bury the ashes in the ground, maybe in a flower pot and say:

"Ashes to the ground, happiness to me"

Then pour water from the melted snow and say:

“Water to ashes, luck to me. Just as ash and water found their place in the world, so luck would have found its place in my house.”

If you did the manipulations not on the street, but at home in a flower pot, then the flower will have to be taken to the church square and left there.

Old New Year ritual for happiness

In order for happiness to reign in the house on the old New Year's Eve, you need to place cotton, self-sewn bags with dry grain in all corners with the words:

“My grain, grown by me in the house, will bring as much happiness as the grain in my bins. Let happiness settle in my house and never leave!”.

The whole year the grain should lie in the corners, dry cotton bag. If suddenly the bags “bloom”, it means that the grains were wet, we urgently need to change everything and, changing, say the same words.

The rituals for the old New Year are very strong, as they passunder the auspices of the saints. After each action, you will need to go to church and ask for heaven's forgiveness with the words:

“God forgive me! I don’t wish harm to anyone, I only ask for myself!”.

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