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On New Year's Eve according to the old calendar, you have a unique opportunity not just to look into your future, but even change it a little. For example, if you didn't have enough money this year, or maybe you still haven't met your destiny, you can try to fix the situation.

The Old New Year is a magical time for the fulfillment of cherished desires, for significant changes in life, and for desires to be effective, old conspiracies will help you. Of course, magic happens only under certain conditions, which are quite feasible. First, you must firmly believe in miracles, and second, never use them to commit an evil deed.

In this article:

  • how conspiracies work for the old New Year;
  • magic words for money and we alth;
  • love spells;
  • beauty slander;
  • conspiracies for happiness and good luck.

How and why do New Year's conspiracies work?

Too many circumstances led to the fact that on the night of the 13th to the 14th you can not only find out your fate, but also speak it for happiness, luck and love. First,when the inhabitants of the earth lived according to the Julian calendar, the celebration took place from December 31st to January 1st. But let's be consistent.

Even in pagan Russia, our ancestors dedicated this day to the god of the Sun. In winter, they needed much more solar support, they asked for warmth, for a good future harvest. It was from here that the custom of sowing began, as people generously showered each other with grain, asking for even more in return. Yes, that's right, the law "Giving, you get" was not invented by the developers of positive psychology and far in the 21st century. With the advent of Christianity, people continued to turn to the sun, but without a name.

But this day had other patrons - Basil the Great and St. Melania, who protected from troubles and helped with the new harvest. And with the advent of the Gregorian calendar in our country, the date of the celebration has also changed. Now in Russia and the former countries of the USSR they celebrate two New Years, one of them is really new, but the other is called old. The proximity of Christmas and Epiphany added magic to this event, and now on the night of the old New Year you can make wishes, guess and speak your destiny.

How to attract money and we alth into the house?

There are many conspiracies and rituals for the old New Year in order to attract money. We will present the most effective and efficient to your attention.

Words of purification for the appearance of money

You will need a green candle and a red piece of fabric. In the evening it will be necessary to wash the whole apartment, especially the corners. dismantle cabinets,get rid of unnecessary trash, because money loves space and airflow.

At midnight, you should go around the whole apartment, illuminating, "burning" in a figurative sense, every corner and wall. Be careful with gas and nylon curtains, do not bring a candle very close to them, remember that they are flammable. When cleaning an apartment, you should say:

“Flame of heaven, flame of God, cleanse my house of all evil: from resentment, from fierce hatred, from black envy, from bad desires. May the soul of my house be as pure as the corners, as well as the walls of the house. Let him be ready to accept the innumerable riches that are already rushing into my possessions. My words are light, my words are strong!”.

The procedure must be repeated three times, then wrap the cinder in a red segment and put it in the closet until the next Old New Year.

Ritual with coins

You will need:

  • cast iron pot,
  • holy water,
  • green candle,
  • yellow coins,
  • beans,
  • red bag (or purse).

Pour holy water into the cauldron, wash yourself with it. Put gold coins and beans in it, you can throw a couple of gold earrings, rings with stones and try to completely fill the surface of the water with wax, in a chaotic manner. In the process of pouring, you need to read the plot:

“As our old year goes away, so it will take away everything with itself, money problems will take everything away from us! As our New Year comes, so money with we alth will enter my house! And to be sure, I am that we alth under seven sealsI will lock it up so that it grows, grows and brings happiness to the house of the servant of God (name)! Amen.”

Blow out the fuse and leave for three days, then put all the coins, gold and beans in the purse, put it deep and far away from prying eyes.

Conspiracy to fire

You will need:

  • cast iron boiler,
  • broom,
  • gold coins,
  • paper,
  • matches,
  • twigs,
  • red cloth
  • full concentration.

Scatter coins around the room, then sweep them up and collect them in a red bag with the words:

"I'll save every coin, put it in my pocket"!

Fire in a pot with paper and a few small fires, literally for a minute. Place a lit candle in front of you. The following spell should be cast over the fire:

“As the sun burns in the sky, so does my hearth burn, here on earth in my house! As living and non-living things reach for the sun, so riches would reach into my house! As every living sun in the sky loves, so would we alth here on earth love me! Three times I will bow to the fire, three times I will pray to the fire! My words are strong, Amen!”.

Simple money spells

For those who have no time to carry out complex manipulations, we have selected the simplest ones that can be carried out on the go.

On beans

In order to have money in your wallet, you will need to put a few beans in your wallet with the words:

“I, the servant of God (name), collect grains, one toI am enclosing another, so that the money is taken, never withdrawn! Amen.”

For gold

To make the house full of we alth, you need to take a beautiful transparent bowl (vase), put all the gold that is in the house into it (in the modern world you can put many, many beautiful stones, they are easy to find in the store for needlework). On Satron New Year's Eve, at exactly 12 o'clock, say:

“A cup full of goodness, brought me gold to my house! How good shines in the cup, adds we alth to me! My need will go away, looking at such beauty, prosperity will come in its place in full force! ”

And don't forget - the main thing is to believe in miracles.

Love spells

Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. Everyone needs love, big and small. The second goal for some people is marriage, especially for girls. Marriage for many representatives of the weaker sex is the roots of their existence here on earth, but the top will be children. That is why they so often turn to magical conspiracies, the strong words of which help in matters of love.

Magic rituals for love on a wreath

You will need:

  • wreath of wild flowers (today it can be purchased even in winter or ordered in a flower shop),
  • red thread,
  • holy water,
  • paper,
  • pencil.

If you have already decided on your beloved and do not know how to bring the moment of your mutual happiness closer, then in the process of this spell, say: servant of God (name). For those whojust wants to meet his soul mate, the plot is carried out without a name.

Put the wreath on the table, put a lighted red candle in the center. While looking at him, say the following:

"A wreath for a maiden is like a marriage ring! Round like the sun, beautiful like life, desirable like love! As soon as a young wreath is put on her head, so the heavenly forces will take her by the arms, they will bring her to the side of her beloved, and on the other side they have long been waiting for her to marry! Let my words be strong, let my words be tenacious for love.”

After the girl should put a wreath on her head and say it again and a third time also with a candle in the center. The wreath must be kept until meeting with your loved one, then, after waiting for spring, throw it into running water (river or stream).

For marriage

Get the following:

  • gold or red candle,
  • two wedding rings (can be homemade from foil, can be decorative),
  • holy water,
  • red thread,
  • a piece of paper,
  • coal,
  • pen, red ink.

The candle needs to be lit. Tie two rings with red thread and put in front of you in a saucer with church water. In a note in ink, write and read the following words:

“Betrothed, named, come to me on a white horse, call with you, give me a wedding ring! What is written with a pen cannot be broken with an ax, burned with a flame, or blackened with coal! My words are strong, my words are eternal!”.

Then roll the note into a tube and, tying it with a red thread, put it next to the lighted candle.Concentrate on the wedding rings by saying:

“Come narrowed, take away in marriage”, exactly seven times seven.

After burn the note and eat some ashes with holy water. All that is left, remove from prying eyes.

To strengthen relationships

To have strong relationships in the family, on the old New Year, buy a new, solid broom, tie a lot of satin red ribbons on it in a circle, saying spells for each:

“Our family is strong and inseparable like a broom! Our family, like a broom, cannot be broken, not torn apart, we are a single whole, a twig to a twig, a stick to a stick taken in one ring, knitted with a single elm! The thread is red, like fire surrounds our family, it doesn’t let anyone bad into it, our love protects! Amen.”

The spell must be cast just after midnight.

Simple conspiracies in the old New Year for love

If there is no time to perform complex magical actions, you can do with very simple manipulations.

On the photo

If you don't have a photo of your beloved man, you can take a clipping of a beautiful magazine and put it under your pillow on New Year's Eve and say:

“My betrothed mummer, come to me, take me in marriage! In the girls, the servant of God (name), I sat up, I was waiting for you! Saint Basil, help me meet my beloved this year, take a walk at my wedding! Amen.”

On track

At midnight from the 13th to the 14th, in front of the front door or in front of the entrance, say:

"Powersheavenly, consecrate the path to my house for the betrothed, he got lost, winding, will not find me! May your stars illuminate his path, and he will come to my doorstep this year! I believe in your help! Amen!”.

Beauty slanders

Beauty is important for every girl or woman. For the sake of beauty, they are ready for a lot. These ancient New Year's charms can help you multiply your beauty.

Hex with flowers

For this ritual, take church water and a beautiful flower. With a lit candle at exactly midnight from January 13 to January 14, wash yourself with holy water with the words:

“Sacred water, pure water, give unearthly, radiant beauty! As a flower blooms in my hand, so would my beauty, the servants of God (name) would bloom day by day, would never fade! So be it, Amen.”

The flower must not be dried, it must be thrown away in the cold. If there is no frost outside, put it in the freezer. It can be thrown away after seven days.

Hex on the mirror

Buy a nice little mirror especially for this occasion. Bring home holy water and seven golden candles. Place them in a semicircle and light them, put seven bowls of consecrated water in front of them, into which you will lower the mirror in turn, while saying:

“Seven waters wash my reflection, seven waters cleanse it, the reflection will become a hundred times more beautiful than before! As I look into my reflection, so will its beauty pass to me. I'll look a hundred times, go over a hundred times, look two hundred times, go over two hundred times! My words are strong and light, with seven lightsprotected. Amen.”

Easy spell on beauty

Every time, washing her face in the morning, the girl should repeat:

“How clean and bright the water is, so my face would be clean and bright, noticeable in everything! Water, water, grant me its beauty, may it cleanse my face from all evil! Amen!”.

Conspiracies for happiness and good luck

In order for happiness and good luck to settle in the house, our ancestors read various conspiracies on the old New Year. We have chosen for you the most simple, but effective magical rituals.

Hex on a stone that brings good luck

They have been preparing for this slander since the summer: they look for the smoothest and most beautiful stone in the river, and 9 clover leaves in the meadow, dry them.

You should purchase 9 golden candles and holy water. At midnight from the 13th to the 14th of January, candles must be placed and lit around. Place two bowls on the table, fill one with consecrated water, the other with ordinary water. Put the stone in the normal one and say:

"Let the dead water wash the stone, so that all my spiritual wounds heal, all the bad things are gone from the house."

Place the stone in the consecrated one and say:

“The stone, let the living water wash, so that good luck and happiness enter the house forever and ever, settle, do not rush to leave. My words are like a stone, solid and indestructible! Amen.”

Place iron utensils and burn dry clover with paper, saying:

“Burn a four-leaf clover to fulfill my cherished desires. Bring me a four leaf clover to the houseasked! Amen!”.

Good luck with chicken bones

You will need a cast-iron cauldron, dried chicken bones from a common, festive dinner, green candles. Before magical manipulations, you should collect chicken bones, dry them in the oven.

At midnight of the old New Year on the street, use paper to set fire to chicken bones with the words:

"As the fire consumes the ashes, so would luck take over my house entirely!".

After that, you need to go to the crossroads, better not rolled into asph alt and scatter the ashes (or what is left) in the wind with words that must be repeated exactly 9 times:

"Ashes to the wind, luck to me!"

On spruce branches

To make you lucky all year long, you can also arrange spruce legs with red satin bows, which will need to be consecrated in the church. While the process of consecration is taking place, say this speech to yourself:

“As the spruce aroma triumphs in the walls of the temple, interrupts other aromas, so luck would triumph in my house, I wouldn’t let any troubles into the house! Amen.”

Conspiracies for the old New Year come true, the most important thing in any magical process is your huge, endless, childish faith that all your wishes will come true.

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