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Happy New Year greetings for a brother from a sister can be funny and cool or tender and touching - depends on how you usually communicate. It is not necessary to write a poem, a few kind words are enough. If your brother is in the army, please him and send a beautiful postcard with congratulations in verse. This will surely remind him of home, family, loved ones - about everything that a person in the army lacks so much.

The main thing is that a cute or funny message in paper or electronic form will remind you that you do not forget it and give a piece of your warmth on this bright holiday!


  • Cool New Year's poems;
  • Congratulations to Brother in the army;
  • Beautiful congratulations to little brother;
  • Poems for the New Year for a brother and his wife;
  • Congratulations to my brother and his family.

Cool New Year greetings

Happy upcoming bratella,
Let the Volkswagen caravel,
In this wonderful New Year,
Definitely waiting for you!
In the hole , jokingly, out of boredom,
In the New Year, overtake a pike,
Catch it firmly,
All dreams come true!
But at your will
Will be in the coming year Happy take-off for you!

Brother, I love you today,
On this New Year's holiday,
Very, very congratulations!
I say I love you!
Wish you get lost,
Ride on luck!
Happy to spend the night,
Start from scratch!
And wake up, find,What I wanted to find for a long time!
So that you with this find,
Walk with a confident gait!

New Year's greetings to my brother in the army

Good and brave brother,
You always worried:
It was so important for you,
And you protected me.
Well, I didn’t understand,
I was stupid then,
I ran away from guardianship,
And I was sometimes so angry.
I miss you so you know,
You serve, and, alas, already
You are not protecting me,
So sad in my soul.
I love you from the bottom of my heart ,
Happy New Year!
To my cool pepper, I wish you luck!

Happy New Year,
I am you, my good brother,
I sincerely wish you,
To be happy blat.
I can't understand you
I can only try.
Serve, my dear - don't rest,
And definitely don't have fun.
Therefore, I wish you
Successfully complete the service,
Send love and joy,
So that you can save yourself!

The year is like an eternity, but it,
Alas, has not ended yet!
From the warm words of the attraction, The upcoming year rushed

My sincere wishes
Which I heartily send!
Good luck, peacein trials,
I only pray for this!
Brother, dear, congratulations,
May you not be with us this year. Piece I send light,Love, care, warmth!

Service - service, New Year,
Brother, you and I will come,
Distance between us,
This is our property.
Because that call,
Gave a time out, a break.
Was needed which,
To interrupt all our disputes.
And now I miss you,
I miss you so much!
Accept a present from your sister, New Year's compliment!

Touching New Year's poems to brother from sister

Happy coming brother,
Let there be too much success,
Too - in the sense of "a lot",
Let happiness help!
I will not wish for a bunch,
Girls are different and beautiful.
But in time, love is a push,
To give for perspective!
For a relationship perspective,
With love, with honesty at the core!
Fortune many achievements, Presented with half a word!

I sincerely wish brother,
Minimum cost for you,
So that this New Year,
There will be a free round dance!
Let the financial visit,
So pleasantly surprise!
From a huge salary,
So that there is no mercy!
So that friends do not fail,
Weekends to invigorate!
And he alth, to be very, Inspired that there is urine!

Happy New Year wishes to brother and his wife

Dear brother with his wife,
Let the blizzards not bother.
Vanity of insults, adversity,
In the upcoming New Year!
Let the world around inspire!
Let the love of the dream let it in!
Let it inspire too,
Forever drive away sadness!
Happy New Year, dear ones,
Opportunities and wishes,
They scurry in one breath!
Creating comfort, comfort for you.
Brightly illuminating your life.
And in order not to worry,The taste of life sincerely taste!

Brother and his soul mate,
Happy New Year!
And may happiness be with you dust particles,
With love, tremulously blow away!
Luck takes care of the soul,
And joy every moment,
Sends you laughter, fun,And sadness will close in the dungeon!

Beloved brother and his wife
Happy New Year!
Let mutual understanding be a friend,
Family, you, in any bad weather!
Let happiness follow on your heels,
Follow you everywhere, wherever you are!
I wish to give free rein to your dreams,
And so that your feelings live forever!

Congratulations for brother and his family from sister

Brother to you and your family,
Happy New Year in brief,
I sincerely congratulate you,
I want to add to everything!
I wish , like a sister,
So that happiness sings loudly,
Armed to the teeth,
Inspired you to success!Bomb the snowdrifts for you!
May also this New Year,
Santa Claus will bring you!

So that happiness warms you,
So that grief turns gray,
To this New Year,
The turn has come for miracles!
To untie your hands,
Magic crazy tricks,
Your feelings andgood luck,
Festive mood!
Verbal surprise from sister,
May it be your motto!
For brother and family in the coming year , So that life, dear ones, becomes sweeter!

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