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For a long time the main holiday was the New Year, and only relatively recently the feast of the Nativity of Christ returned to our lives. If the New Year is an exclusively worldly holiday, then Christmas is a spiritual holiday. This is felt even by those who do not believe in God and do not go to church. This holiday is a quiet family holiday, warmed by the light of candles in the windows. At the same time, the main thing is not Christmas gifts, but attention. So a beautiful vintage postcard in which your family will find Merry Christmas greetings in prose will fully meet the spirit of the holiday. However, no one forbids preparing small nice gifts for loved ones.

In this article:

  • General congratulations;
  • Congratulations to parents;
  • Congratulations for your beloved;
  • Congratulations for your beloved;
  • Emotional words for children;
  • Congratulations for a friend;
  • Congratulations for a friend;
  • Congratulations to colleagues.

General congratulations

Several options for congratulations that will suit any situation:

  • I congratulate you on the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ. May prosperity and comfort reign in your home, peace and tranquility in your family. Let the angelthe keeper will always be there, and you will be happy and he althy.
  • On Christmas I want to wish you happiness and joy, he alth and good luck. May God keep you and your family. Let things go uphill, children grow up strong, smart and cheerful, and with your soulmate you will live in peace and harmony.
  • On this bright holiday I wish you peace and goodness! May fairy tales and miracles fill your house, may joy and children's laughter reign in your house, friends will be nearby, and all misfortunes will bypass. Happiness and prosperity!

Congratulations to parents

For Mom:

  • Beloved Mommy! I congratulate you on the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ. I wish you peace of mind, he alth and joy. At this wonderful time, let relatives, friends, children and grandchildren gather at your table. May your home be filled with laughter and joy. May the guardian angel protect you.
  • Dear Mom, Merry Christmas to you! With all my heart I congratulate you on this bright holiday! May faith and hope always be with you. Even if there is frost or bad weather outside, the house is always warm from your care and love. May it always be so!
  • Dear Mommy, Merry Christmas! Together with the first star, hope for the best returns to people, a new cycle begins. Let it contain only the best and kindest, joyful and magical, new and exciting!

For dad:

  • Beloved dad, Merry Christmas! On this day, the Good News was revealed to the world, so let all the news in your life be good. I wish the Star to lead you to good luck and prosperity. He alth andhappiness, success to you in everything!
  • Daddy dear Merry Christmas! The Lord has rewarded you with boundless faith, heroic strength and good he alth. Keep and increase his gifts, be wise and patient. Your life advice is always important to me, they are like candles lit in the windows that day, leading me forward, not allowing me to go astray!
  • Dear dad, Happy Holidays! May this Christmas bring only peace and joy, may your soul be light and warm, despite frosts and snowstorms. May you always be supported and warmed by our love for you - the love of your children!

For both parents:

  • Dear dad and mom, Happy Holidays! You always warm us with your love and care. We always look forward to Christmas to plunge into the magical atmosphere of childhood, pure joy and carelessness. On this day we wish you he alth, energy, strength, patience and kindness!
  • Beloved daddy and mommy! Merry Christmas! May faith and hope never leave you. May the guiding star always shine for you. Wisdom, patience and strength to you, my dears!
  • Dear parents! Merry Christmas! This is a holiday of hope and faith, you always believed in us, helped and cared, and we always found love and support in you. On this bright night, we hope that you are supported by our love and gratitude. Let our family multiply, but the atmosphere of comfort and harmony will always reign in it!

Christmas words for your beloved

  • My dear,darling, Merry Christmas! On this bright day, I wish you a fairy tale and boundless happiness. May my love keep you warm just as your love always warms me. The light of your care and tenderness always burns in my soul, which, like a star, leads me to you. He alth to you and prosperity. I hope you always light up my life!
  • My beloved and dear, Merry Christmas to you! I rarely tell you tender words of love, I rarely say how much I appreciate you, how important and I need you. And on this wonderful day, I want to wish you to remain as sweet and kind, beautiful and charming, mysterious and understandable. Let the lights of fun and happiness always live in your eyes. And may your guardian angel protect you, and I will help him.
  • My beloved and desired, Happy Holidays to you! I wish that in your life there is more peace and regularity, so that you have enough strength and time for everything, so that more often we can enjoy each other's company. Faith and hope to you, and I will take care of love!

Congratulations for your beloved

  • My love, Merry Christmas! We often get bogged down in routine, fuss, so today I want to wish you to find yourself again, harmony with the world. May failures not weaken your fighting spirit, may your relatives and family support, may my love give strength and determination to accomplish feats.
  • My beloved, dear, Merry Christmas! You are my hope and support, you are my light in the darkness. And on this bright day, I wish you not to get sick, not to fight, not to lose heart and not be sad. May the Lord bless your path with good luck and success, with love andhappiness is here in earthly life. And let my love warm you in difficult times.
  • My most beloved and dear! Let life test us all the time with routine, stress, failures, evil and petty people, then we always turn out to be stronger, because we have each other.Miracles come true that night, may your cherished desires come true, and I will always be there to share sorrow or joy. Merry Christmas!

Soulful words for children

For daughter:

  • My dear girl, Merry Christmas! He alth to you, my little angel, be happy and cheerful, he althy and playful, obedient and mischievous. May the guardian angel protect you, and the starry sky help your dreams come true!
  • Merry Christmas, daughter! On a bright night, a great miracle happened - the Savior was born. May your life be full of big and small miracles. Let them bypass grief and there will be no tears in vain in your young life. Be kind and generous, and everything will return to you a hundredfold. But the main thing is to grow up he althy and happy!
  • Daughter, darling, Merry Christmas! This is a magical and bright holiday, because it was on this day that humanity once got a chance for salvation, which, in my opinion, was not used. I hope you will be wiser and use all the chances that life gives!

For son:

  • My son, Merry Christmas! Magic is poured into this wonderful night. I want it to light up your whole life. May your wishes come true, cherished dreams come true. My love protects you, and God's wisdom in lifesend!
  • Beloved son, Happy Holidays! I wish God's grace descend on you and your family. I wish you good and prosperity, prosperity in business and harmony in your soul. May motherly love and guardian angel protect and guide you!
  • My dear son! You are already quite an adult, and I still remember how you lay in the cradle. Thanks to you, I celebrate Christmas with my grandchildren, whose laughter fills the house, brings meaning to decorating the Christmas tree and a special joy in preparing gifts. Thank you for this. God bless you and your family!

Merry Christmas wishes for a friend

  • My friend, Merry Christmas! On this bright night, I wish you light in life. Use your abilities to the fullest, enjoy big events and especially small things. Do good deeds, but don't forget about yourself. Strive for success and win, love and be loved. The main thing is to believe in a miracle!
  • Merry Christmas, mate! With God's help, we can move mountains for the sake of our loved ones and relatives. I wish we had to spend energy on something more peaceful and creative!
  • Dear friend! Merry Christmas! God gave us the strength to work miracles for our loved ones, so do not be discouraged and create a fairy tale for them, and let them answer you the same!

Congratulations for girlfriend

  • My dear friend, Merry Christmas! May your life be filled with magic and the mysterious light of candles, may your wishes come true, and may your heart be full of love!
  • Girlfriend, Merry Christmas! I wish you to feel valued at work, desired in a circle of friends and warmlybeloved at home!
  • Dear friend, Merry Christmas! We have known each other for a very long time and together we went through many trials: jealousy, success, money - but we did not lose each other. So let this Bright holiday bring you only magic, happiness and fulfillment of your cherished desires!

Christmas prose for colleagues

  • Dear colleagues! Merry Christmas! Let there be prosperity in your house, everyone will be he althy and happy, and on this night, let at least a small, but a miracle happen!
  • Dear colleagues! Merry Christmas! Peace and harmony to your families, prosperity and comfort in your home, laughter and joy in your life!
  • Dear colleagues! Merry Christmas! First of all, this is a spiritual holiday, so I want to wish you peace of mind, strength, patience. Let people surround you who understand and appreciate you. And may the whole year until next Christmas, a piece of light and warmth help you overcome all bad weather and enjoy all the good things that will definitely happen!

Let these Merry Christmas greetings in prose help you please your loved ones on this Bright holiday!

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