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“Tomorrow I need crafts for school” - the child says at nine in the evening. Familiar, isn't it? Needed, so needed. Let's figure out together what and how quickly you can make a cool craft and surprise classmates and teachers. It is not a shame to give such souvenirs to friends, bring them to an exhibition or decorate a school class with them.

In this article:

  • DIY paper crafts;
  • Toys from cones to school;
  • Cardboard and cardboard sleeves;
  • Crafts to school from disposable tableware;
  • Fabric decorations;
  • Christmas decorations and s alt dough
  • Handy materials as the basis for New Year's crafts.

DIY paper crafts

The most common craft material is paper. So why not use it along with paints to create the first children's masterpieces? Even a first-grade student can make a beautiful paper Christmas tree on their own or with the help of their parents. Mom or dad can cut out such a neat stencil from paper and explain to the young creator how to color and fold it correctly. If working with stencils does not attract the creator, you can resort to simply folding a paper sheet.



Another simple, but quite interesting option - green colored triangles on ice cream sticks or toothpicks. They can be set in candies or tangerines - standard New Year's treats.

Thin strips of paper folded in half, but not ironed along the fold or ribbons, can make up a voluminous non-standard Christmas tree. For greater brightness of work, you can use multi-colored stripes.


A rather interesting way of working for children is an application. White and red paper is all you need to get your Santa Claus appliqué. By making beard stripes, the child will learn how to twist them with scissors. If artistic talent is not the main advantage of a child, do not worry. An excellent way out of the situation would be a circled palm - the thumb will become a New Year's cap, and the rest - a beard. On the remaining free space, you will only need to finish the eyes and nose.

Paper circles of different sizes and cotton sponges will allow you to make an unpretentious snowman - if you wish and have orange paper, he can also get a nose - a carrot. By gluing several stencils, previously bent in half, you can get a three-dimensional version. Another voluminous option is tubes from strips of different widths.




Toys from cones to school

The process of creating from a cone will cause no less interest in a little schoolboy. Green paint and a few threads for a beautiful star - and the craft is already pleasing to the eye. If the goal is to impress everyone at the exhibition at school, Christmas wreaths will be a great solution - in countries where Catholic Christmas is celebrated, it is customary to hang these on the front door. Several cones, twigs or Christmas tree balls, collected in a circle, will eventually turn into a good option for decorating a house or an exhibition work that will definitely be appreciated. To give a greater effect of magic, the finished work can be sprinkled with a little colored varnish - a silver or gold tint will come in handy. This is veryeasy and, at the same time, very unusual crafts.



Cardboard and cardboard sleeves

Toilet paper sleeve will also benefit needlework. Unfolded and painted - why not a small Christmas tree? A few confetti or multi-colored dots with a small brush - and “toys” flaunt on it. From thick, dense cardboard, you can cut out the components of a large curly Christmas tree, and at the same time a stand for it. A whole, uncut sleeve will become the body for many animals - dogs, wolves, chanterelles, snowmen, deer or Santa Claus, it all depends on the paint colors available and the child's imagination. Cardboard is also suitable as the main material for cutting or appliqués - due to its thickness, crafts are more dense and less at risk of accidentally tearing.


Crafts for school from disposable tableware

Disposable tableware will be useful not only on the table, but also as a working material. Half of the plate, rolled into a cone, will be an excellent Christmas tree. Having folded such a part in half andironing along the fold, you can get the basis for the penguin.

Whole plates with small additional elements or drawings will turn into snowmen, Santa Claus, deer - the main thing is to choose the right color for coloring. Disposable cups will also be good Christmas trees. And from them you can easily make a symbol of the coming year. Such a simple craft can even be present on the home New Year's table, and not just as part of school events.



Fabric decorations

Such New Year's crafts at school can boast not only the first or second grade, but also older students. Armed with a needle and thread, in a short time you can create a real toy. Completely different things are suitable as a filler - traditional holofiber or synthetic winterizer, fleece, cotton pads, even cereals (rice or buckwheat). In the lastIn this case, we can talk about a New Year's toy - an anti-stress, it's enough just to stuff it incompletely. At the same time, in order to sew or assemble such a craft, it is not at all necessary to run to the store for fabric. Some old things are quite suitable, and a very cute snowman can be assembled from a white sock or a piece of knitted fabric.


Magic s alt dough toys

Surprisingly beautiful toys kids can make themselves from s alt dough. The recipe is simple:

  • 1 part flour,
  • 1 part fine table s alt;
  • water.

The dough can be dried in the oven at a low temperature or just in the air ( although it will take a little longer). You can paint the products on top with acrylic paint or add any water-based dye to the dough. Look how great it turns out!

Handy materials as the basis for New Year's crafts

New Year's Eve is almost always associated with hustle and bustle. If the child brought the task from school too unexpectedly and there are no special materials at home, absolutely anythings. For example, a good option for an exhibition is a lot of small toys made from egg cassettes. Miniature characters of the New Year's celebration will definitely please both the child and his classmates.

The combination of a transparent plastic bottle and cotton balls will give a beautiful snowman - draw eyes and stick paper or cardboard pens to the bottle, too, will not take much time. In the end, you can take plain Christmas tree balls and color them as your heart desires. Wrapping paper or bouquet wrappers can be easily remade into bright Christmas trees, and animals can be easily assembled from decorative pebbles or buttons.

Animals molded from plasticine or clay will look very nice - they can also be decorated with various improvised materials. A pack of cotton pads is enough for a whole army of snowmen - just take a larger piece of paper and stick two or three disks together there. Do not forget about the chess box in the far cabinet, which is missing several pieces. No one plays them anyway, so why not use the white pawns?

With so many different variations, make small souvenirsor toys will be quite easy. Therefore, the child will be able to bring his New Year's crafts to school and proudly say “I did it myself!”. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and give free rein to the imagination. Happy Holidays!

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