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New Year is the time to congratulate the dearest people. For parents, these are, of course, children. And it doesn't matter how old they are: five, twenty or forty. Perhaps your son is in the army? Then he will be warmed by sincere congratulations in verse. Or maybe your son is already married? Then congratulations for him and your daughter-in-law will come in handy. Perhaps your son is still a “free artist”, not burdened with obligations? And in this case, there is a congratulations on the New Year! We wrote poems on behalf of mom, dad and parents together. Choose what suits you best and delight your dear ones!


  • congratulations to son from dad;
  • New Year's poems to son from mom;
  • congratulations from both parents;
  • New Year's greetings to the army;
  • poems for son and daughter-in-law.

Happy New Year greetings to son from dad

I wish you a son
Conquer a lot of peaks!
Let emotions and intelligenceDo not spoil your suit!

So that you are at your best,
So that thoughts are pure,
So that you always have strength, They got everything for you.

Upcoming New Year,
Make it amazing for you!
But in a good way,Father's wishes.

I wish you a son,
Let good luck on the threshold,
Hope, happiness to shelter,And sincerely forgive everyone,

With an open mood,
With spiritual warming,
Accept my words,And just wait for happiness.

After all, the New Year's holiday,
Always brings love,
Let the door open for you,And build a new world!

Happy New Year, son,
I heartily saved
Many kind, warm words, Without barriers and shores,

I sincerely wish, son,
So that you are not alone,
And at any moment, There will be a place for comfort.

For luck, love,
Call on the power of thought,
The principle of festive miracles,To have real weight!

Happy New Year, good son,
Holiday adrenaline,
Let it invigorate and charm,And bestow luck!

Let it open the horizons,
Happiness holiday funds
So that they become available to you,
You got everything, everything.

Christmas poems for son from beloved mother

My dear son,
In this festive snowball
Happy New Year, With my mother's blessing!

I wish you, like a mother,
Only belong to myself!
Do not succumb to influence, Do not hesitate in decisions,

I wish you loyal friends,
With every minute to be stronger,
But not at your own cost, And not at the expense of the fate of the other.

Happy New Year to my son,
A worthy and noble man.
I wish you love and joy, like a mother,

Not because I don't trust you
I'm just fineI know you, sonny.
Your desire to help, understand, save,Always and everyone you meet on the way.

And that is why I ask you, son,
Do not expect a learning lesson from life.
I just sincerely wish you happiness. I love you, heartily congratulate you.

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Happy New Year, son,
Both a man and a boy,
But everything is the same, good, Yes, you can do everything in life.

I wish, like a mother,
Go straight on the road,
If you suddenly turn around, Let fate save!

Darling, not from trials,
From various atrocities,
The New Year will clear the way, Miraculously cheer up a little bit.

Happy New Year, son,
Let it tickle a little,
Festive mood, Joy of touch!

Let luck roll in,
Get you well,
Let hopes and dreams,
You realize everything!

From both parents

We wish as parents,
You will be the winner,
Always, our good son, Even among the peaks!

May this New Year
Your world turn upside down
Like a fresh hurricane Like a wise captain

Opens all roads,
And happiness to help
Your son will send to you, Magical New Year!

Son, we wish as parents,
So that happiness becomes a patron,
All trials in the New Year,Fate will send!

Only the chimes will sound,
Let success be introduced into your life,
He alth, peace, comfort, finance,Love is huge forbalance.

We sincerely wish our son
The golden mean,
To have a lot of trouble, Floated the New Year on vacation!

Visit happiness and he alth,
Let them look at the feast.
Let luck dance,The world of love will triumph!

From parents, son,
Take a wonderful pill,
From good wishes, And pleasant expectations.

Upcoming New Year,
Let your son come to you.
He will reward you with happiness,And make you rich with goodness!

Happy New Year greetings for son in the army

On behalf of a parent

Happy New Year to you son
There will be many reasons
To make dreams come trueTo achieve a lot.

To boldly defend,
To influence happiness,
Let you have an army year,Teaches competently.

Will not break the strength of the spirit,
And wrap it around your mustache!
Wisdom, strength and courage,Zeal for success, craving.

Achievements in success,
So that it is not a hindrance.
So that happiness wins, The path frees you.

Happy New Year, son,
New Year's Eve
Let it inspire steadily,And do not deprive of good!

The upcoming New Year,
He will come in good he alth,
He will give you happiness,And he will guide you on the right path.

To your army year.
It went easily and without worries.
It became a wish, To be a warm blanket!

A miracle in the New Year can not sleep,
Let it fuss,
Andyou, son, with care,Will reward you with thieves' work,

To make this New Year,
Provided many benefits.
To make friendship between colleagues, Became friendship, not service.

Son, man, you are a fighter,
Your creator of happiness,
May this New Year,Come to your army,

Very good he alth,
A very generous feast,
Let him take a miracle with him, And pour luck!

On behalf of both parents

Greetings from mother, father,
We send for a fighter,
Happy New Year, With a real miracle!

Because this year,
The service will return you to the house,
In the New Year, let the door Ice melt in your heart!

We sincerely wish,
Let there be a year of harvest,
From kindness, love and light, And a happy greeting!

Happy New Year, son,
This New Year's breakthrough,
You will do it very boldly,So that happiness is not timid.

To shoot fear,
To crash,
All sorrows and hardships,The mind will be free,

Let at any time of the day,
To this gap,
The year in which you serve, All dreams come true.

Congratulations from home,
Grandiose volume,
Son, accept with love,Meet the holiday merrily.

Pies, meatballs, pizza,
Don't dream about the New Year,
Not a barracks, let them be mansions, Will be your home for a year.

To make it even warmer,
Let him cover with a blanket,
What with the care of the New Year,To present for you!

Stepped into the barrackslights out
Don't sleep son, don't sleep hero

It will send sadness to disbat,
Your desires will lead!
Chic bed, feather bed, They will drive away the coldness,

And let this New Year,
A chic table will set, here!
Let it be fulfilled without a doubt, Parental congratulations!

New Year's greetings for son and daughter-in-law

On behalf of a parent

Dear son and wife,
Let him disturb your peace,
Happiness, joy and good luck,Let them hide you from trouble.

Upcoming New Year,
On the throne when he ascends!
Let him hide from adversity, Honor him!

Festive mood,
To continue,
To the brightness of the relationship. Became the joy of moments.

My dear children, you
Have a friend in the world,
May this New Year, Happiness will not bypass you!

Son! My wife is now my daughter,
I will drive sorrows away,
With my blessing, And let with a touch,

You will be rewarded with love,
Yes, the one that your blood,
Forced at the meeting, Hearts do not argue!

My dear son with a charming wife,
Let the coming year amaze you with newness,
May looking at each other, please smiles,Let serious mistakes bypass you,

Let the sun, dear ones, shine brightly on you,
Let the plans of evil deeds all burst at the seams,
Let the festive mood for the whole year, You have a lot of positive bring!

Son of you, yourmy beautiful half,
I send a congratulatory snowflake,
May my message bring happiness,And sincerely, wink with love!

And so that it doesn't melt at home,
You hide it in the fridge then!
Of course it's a joke. Just a mood
I want to raise my congratulations to you!
And on this wonderful, good New Year, May all good things happen to you!

From both parents

Our children: son and wife,
Let him run away with a fright,
Everything bad in the New Year,Let love protect you!

Only we send happiness,
Only we let joy into the house,
Peace, kindness, comfort in your home, We cordially send you children!

A son with his wife from his parents,
Happiness to your keepers,
Accept congratulations,Read wishes!

For happiness to peep in,
Turn everything upside down,
For good luck on the doorstep,Protect from anxiety,

So that your family hearth,
Feel the luxury of blessings,
To taste relationships,Your union warned!

Dear children, the upcoming New Year
May you succeed on the throne!
Dear son, your magnificent wife! May goodness be your best friend!

Let intuition protect, children, your threshold,
So that you can only enter with a good intention.
To filter from unnecessary people in the house, To have joy and love not half asleep,

May hopes and wishes come true,
Skills necessary are successfully practiced,
Let your financial situation grow,May the New Year please and surprise you!

New is comingyear,
The holiday is already coming to you!
Let him give you, children, All good things in the world!

Our son and his wife,
We are waiting to celebrate to our home,
Because the New Year, Waiting for everyone at the same table!

Our dear children,
Let you become a priority
Luck and happiness, And everything will dilute a lot of passion.

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