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We are all accustomed to Christmas decorations from early childhood. The combination of "Christmas tree balls" has long been an integral attribute of the celebration of the new year. At the same time, you can decorate an apartment or a Christmas tree not only with standard shiny balls, but also with beautiful paper crafts made by yourself. The master classes presented here will help you create your own Christmas paper balls for home decor.


  • Paper balls made from small curly pieces
  • Long paper balls
  • Christmas balls from paper circles
  • Balloons made from folded and twisted paper
  • Christmas paper balls - kusudama

Paper balls made from small curly pieces

To create these toys you will need:

  • paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • thread and needle.

The photo below shows several variations of crafts. For example, a New Year's craft can be made from several semicircles.

No less beautiful balls are obtained from paper accordions.

Flowers with five petals can be excellent initial details - the ball will turn out to be more diverse in volume.

For a big ball:

For the middle ball:

For a small ball:

Toys made of circles folded into triangles will also look quite bright, especially if you choose paper of an unusual color for them.

For a big ball:

For a small ball:

New Year's toys made of rectangles glued together at the corners look very nice and stylish. The photographs show the oriental version, but no one bothers to use another color in the same way, a different theme.

Triangles in a circle, with curved sides glued together - this is a kind of classic. It is not difficult to make such a ball, but it will please with its appearance no worse than factory toys.

For a big ball:

For a small ball:

Balls fromlong paper strips

Two-color balls of stripes with a drop-shaped pattern - a great solution for a New Year's interior, decorated for the holiday in two colors. Small toys can be hung on the Christmas tree, and large ones on the walls, or you can arrange them without hanging them. In such a craft, the color of the symbol of the coming year can become the main color.

Balls made of stripes with a pattern of circles of different sizes, look a little twisted towards the bases and with small gaps in the body itself. Handmade, they can even become a decoration for the New Year's table setting.

By increasing the distance between the circles in the strip, you can get a ball with perfect circles as a pattern. Perfectionists will be happy to see this decoration!

You can also make a handmade Christmas ball from straight, even strips of paper. In this case, templates are not even required - it is easy and easy to cut even strips yourself, and their length will determine the dimensions of the finished product, which also depends on the creator.

Smooth strips can be glued by themselves; make circles out of them and glue them; fix the composition with stitching; attach on topbows made from the same stripes; sew the details by putting a bead on top of them.

Straight stripes can be both perfectly even and patterned - just draw the pattern you like, enclosing it in an oval, combine several of these ovals, cut out this paper “line”, and then round it a little with a pen or pencil and fasten at the edge and at the top. If you use special stencils, this is one of the easiest ways to create a Christmas ball.


Fans of more “magical” figures will surely appreciate the beauty of the ball, assembled from paper with curved stripes. Such a ball will turn out with small gaps, but only three wide strips will be needed to make it.

Paper circle balls

New Year's crafts are often very logical in their manufacture. Also here - the ball is assembled from circles. Small circles cut out of paper can be folded in half, cut, glued, folded, sewn, secured with or without strings. In gluing, you can combine two or three circles to give the finished product a different shape.

Balloons made from folded and twisted paper

With such balls, everything is simple at first glance. However, various difficulties may arise during operation, therefore, in the photographs below, the whole process is described step by step. For folding in certain places, you need a ruler, for twisting paper - a pencil or pen. The beauty of these balls is their advantageous difference from other models.

The balls with twisted edges made ofgift wrap or scrap paper.

By gluing Christmas balls from cone-shaped parts, you can put one inside the other, thereby obtaining additional volume.

Kusudama paper balls

Christmas paper balls can be made using the Kusudama technique. Schemes of such work are provided below. The kusudama technique is wonderful because it does not require any additional tools other than paper, however, decorations for a finished toy can also be created from improvised materials - the same beads, threads and much more. The resulting ball will look great on the Christmas tree with its volume both outside and inside.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of ideas! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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