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  • Happy New Year greetings from dad;
  • Christmas poems for daughter from mom;
  • New Year wishes for daughter and son-in-law;
  • Short congratulations for daughter.

Touching congratulations from dad

Happy New Year, my daughter,
Let dances give miracles,
From good and good deeds, Happiness was not so fragile!

So that peace, love, understanding,
Pay a lot of attention,
To make obstacles in front of dreams,We were happy not to get in the way,

Let luck open its arms,
Carry out negative withdrawal,
Let luck be hectares,Money crazy fees!

From the thirty-first to the first,
The time is very, very true,
To renew life a little, And let innovations in!

Daughter, dear, Happy New Year!
May success in any bad weather
Supports, dear, in everything, Step by step, dear, day after day!

I wish you, dear, I'm like a dad:
Let there be grief for the unlucky and muddler!
Let happiness be a strong support, And only you should be a life director!

New Year to you daughter,
Rides like SivkaBurka,
To make everything come true, And let good luck into the house!

To send an invitation,
New Year's blessing!
To a festive outcome,Give any turn!

Let it not be a prince, but the king himself,
An important role will play!
In your personal life, a daughter, That's it, away with marriage postponement!

Congratulations for daughter from beloved mother

Happy New Year, my daughter,
This year has put an end,
The sun, in all matters.
Miracles in every right
Fun and entertain ,
Positive charge,
Pain, despondency and weakness, To replace joy.

Upcoming New Year,
Let him still take the risk,
Happiness portion increase,To raise your status!

Happy New Year, daughter,
New Year's walk
Through the portal of two years, Let him not know the shores!

To make this transition,
Happiness holiday income,
100% provided, And sent me on the right path!

I wish as a mother,
Daughter, you will be successful!
Fateful turn, May good things await you!

Happy New Year daughter, dear,
May you be kindly protected
Don't forget to reward generously,For the fact that you know how to love like that!

For warmth, for generosity and affection,
Let the chances of fate be shaken up
You will be satisfied, it will not hurt. Let the smile on your face shine!

I wish you happiness, like a mother,
I will patiently wait for this by fate,
And let it be with you on the path of life, There will always be good luck to go side by side !

My dear daughter,finally a daughter,
We will drive all hardships away,
Happy New Year, I congratulate you with love, I wish you prosperity, he alth!

Daughter of love I wish you,
I send my blessing,
On the chosen path - do not stumble, Successfully reveal all abilities!

New Year greetings for daughter and son-in-law

On behalf of the father

Dear daughter and husband,
Let the cold not bother you,
In the upcoming New Year!
Your financial income
Let it pleasantly surprise you,Goals fulfill everything!
May the sun shine on you, my children
Always shine brightly!

I wish you, like a father,
Keep the love of your hearts!
Families are your quivering hearth, May many blessings await!

My dear daughter and son-in-law,
May this year make you shine!
May it fill your relationships With more respect!

May miracles be brought to you,
Peace, mutual understanding, comfort,
Let all father's wishes,
Do not burden you with expectation!
May you the upcoming New Year , He will send a lot of joy!

Beloved daughter, dear husband,
Let there be warmth, mutual understanding around,
Let hopes and dreams come true soon, Also many, many creative ideas!

Let adversity and sadness go away in retirement,
Let miracles make a festival out of goodness!
Let good luck and luck at the turn of two years, Promise a fairy tale without throwing wind of words!

All these good wishes from dad,
Let happiness fall into its paws!
And let my words be allwill fulfill, And you, my family, will be rewarded!

From Mom

With trembling in my soul, I remember that moment
When love rewarded you with a touch
And in the end it was marriage, I wish you, my dears, mutual understanding !

Let the coming year please my heart,
Put in a good word for prosperity for you!
Give you financial stability and light, And many, many in the relationship of warmth and summer !

Let you not be bothered by the problems of the entire planet,
As your mother, I sincerely wish you this!
Let children's laughter fill this house, Kindness, love, sincerity and warmth!

My dear children,
Happy New Year
May this new year Be inspiring!

Let him inspire you,
Afterwards, he will raise you up, Achievements!

Daughter, conqueror of your heart!
I wish adversity fly far away!
So that your sensitive world for the New Year I received a beautiful souvenir from a miracle!

So that marriage becomes under guardianship of success,
So that grief and sadness become crippled! forgot!

And I sincerely wish you, as a mother,
Have more rest in the New Year!
To make the mood go off scale, And the holiday pleased with a touch!

From both parents

Dear daughter with a faithful husband!
We will make friends with prosperity!
May the coming year be for you,make miracles more often!

Let luck dance for an encore!
Let happiness dictate the conditions.
Let success shake its rights,Let all this life only improve!

We wish you, we are like parents,
Let adversity be stolen by robbers.
Let love protect the house,You, and that, relatives, that is stored in it!

Our kind princess and her husband,
We send you, relatives, a New Year's knock!
At the door, or maybe even a window, Let the festive miracle play a little naughty!

Let the upcoming New Year,
Something good and bright happen!
Let luck roll with the breeze,And let success invite it to your home!

Let the ease of your communication strengthen!
Let it feed with confidence,
Let love cover with the top layer,Let happiness honor it with its honor!

Dear our daughter, the thief of her heart,
Let the New Year open the door to success,
Let happiness become your guide,Let comfort and intuition protect your home!

Let love, well-being protect you,
So that the fire of relationships does not go out!
So that kind, sympathetic people are nearby, Become your support and reward for your kindness!

We wish you with love, as parents,
So that grief and sadness are stolen from you!
Let hopes and dreams not get tired of working, longing and sadness!

Short New Year's greetings for daughter

From dad

Daughter, beloved and dear,
May love protect you,
Bright thoughts in your eyes, May successyou are promised!

Let the New Year inspire,
Suddenly turn everything into joy,
From crazy miracles to a denouement, Your dad wants a fairy tale!

My dear daughter,
I send with love,
A bouquet of good words,
Holiday greetings to you!
Dear New Year,May goodness come to you!

Happy New Year to you, daughter,
Daughter sped away,
You are now an adult, And you will find answers to everything.

I wish you tenderness,
I hug you tightly.
Because I love you so much! I send you good he alth!

Happy New Year, my daughter,
Let the solemn night,
Miracles will open the door,
So that happiness cannot be measured,
The one that enters,This wonderful New Year!

From Mom

Happy New Year, my donya,
Let the bells ring,
Happiness, joy and success, And love a cheerful laugh.

Let you be their goal
So that dreams come true
It's me as a mother wish And I bless you.

With the upcoming daughter,
Let your dear blind man's blind man be with you,
Happiness, joy do not play, All barriers open!

Let the open world of love,
A feast will be arranged for you,
From cheerful discoveries, Amazing events!

My dear daughter,
Let the bumps disappear in the world,
So that you don't stumble,Don't be distracted by anything!

To make this New Year,
From miracles arranged a rally.
To sparkle with generosity,To make the world open to you!

Daughter accept from mom,
Festive panorama!
Let the magic New Year
Happiness will bring you!
And the most beautiful discoveries, And solemn events!

From both parents

Our daughter from dad and mom,
Accept New Year's hippo,
From warm wishes and good words,
We send you a letter of our love!
May the New Year provide coziness,And all bad things will quickly heal!

Our dear daughter,
We wish to drink the cup,
Full of happiness, to the bottom, To be surrounded,

You care and warmth,
To joy ahead,
Invaded your border, Where luck can not sleep!

Our dear daughter,
Let luck inspire,
Let the festive enthusiasm -
Miracle will and space
100%-but provide,May luck incite,
This wonderful New Year,
May love find you!

Daughter, we are like your parents,
Real lovers of your success,
We wish you the coming year,
May you always be lucky, dear!
Let joy follow you,Let the holiday give free rein to dreams!

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