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Lucky those grandchildren who have a grandfather! This is fishing, and a workshop, and crafts and many, many good childhood memories! Make your grandfather happy by writing or saying a few kind words to him! We have prepared for you New Year's greetings poems for your grandson, granddaughter and the whole family. And if you also have a grandmother, then you are here, for congratulations for your grandmother! :) Choose!


  • New Year wishes from grandson;
  • Warm words from granddaughter;
  • Happy New Year greetings from the whole family.

New Year greetings for grandfather from grandson

I send my grandfather with love,
For the New Year, everything that he dreams of!
Good stable pressure,
And from miracles, a great performance!
Relations with neighbors
No discomfort this year!
Let all crooks and thieves become
Attention of prosecutors!
Three times a month and double,
Let the pension knock on your door!
I sincerely wish you, as your grandson,
From happiness to receive a large set of services!

I sincerely wish grandfather,
Live and live without troubles,
To this New Year,
Give good deedsmove!
Let the heart not be naughty,
Everyday fun!
Let luck persist,
Cheer up!
Congratulations from the grandson,
Let boredom be completely driven away.
Let Grandpa this year,
Only happiness awaits you!

For as long as I can remember, I've always looked up,
Grandpa, only for you, and this is not a secret!
I united with your principles with life,
Your morality - this is the light at the end of the tunnel! light snow,
Grandpa, any bad weather will replace you!Let the miracles of sadness and pain in the basement
Lock up, and tightly fill up!

Happy New Year greetings from granddaughter

Happy New Year,
I love you, grandfather!
May dreams come true,
New Year Committee!
From wonders , goodness and light,
From great news!
A grandiose budget,
Very devoted people!
May he alth allow,
Grandfather, live to the fullest!
Let happiness provide,
A good chance to let in!

Congratulations, grandfather,
May victory in all matters,
In the upcoming New Year,
Definitely waiting for you!
I wish, as a granddaughter,
Grandfather, to bring to the handle
Pain, separation and sadness,
So that adversity is silenced!
To your immunity,
Proudlyafter illnesses
Shouted and perked up,
The fighting spirit cheered up!
In general, grandfather, do not be bored,
Tail with a pipe and do not yawn!
Let the miracle into the New Year, And, grandpa, don't be sad!

What I say is not nonsense
Grandpa, start the engine
Accelerate as you should
Let the miracle haunt
Because the New Year,
Whatever sends sometimes!
Let it open for you,
Fantastic season!
From good impressions,
From cheerful clashes!
From cheerful, bright days,
From simple, dear people!

My dear grandfather, I congratulate you
Happy New Year with all my heart!
I wish you good he alth.
Let happiness cherish you!
Grandfather, darling, let the pressure,
With pain stop all attacks!
And neighbors, people, everyone you meet,
Let only the best be noted in them.
I wish you not to notice the negative,
Expect everything good from everything!
Let the New Year pleasantly surprise you,
The miracle of the holiday all year invigorates you!

Christmas poems for grandpa from the whole family

Grandfather, accept congratulations from everyone at home,
Spit on all insults from the bell tower!
Sit down at the table, take a glass of champagne and smile!
And with everything bad what happened, sincerely say goodbye!
We wish you happiness, grandfather, from the whole family,
We give a lot of positive emotions and love!
Let him announce all the hardships coming year,
100% and decisive boycott!
May success and strength knock on your door, Miracle, grandfather, yoube sure to believe!

Grandfather from our whole family,
We wish you a sea of bright days!
There is a lot of strength and perseverance to,
Climb skyscrapers on a bike!
Play football, climb a tree,
Grandpa about six times like this!
Let the power of childhood days break in,
Everything will change your life!
To make this New Year with all my heart,
To surprise you, grandpa, sincerely in a hurry. spinning!

Happy New Year, grandfather,
We wish you a sincere conversation,
With joy, happiness and comfort,Let, grandfather, be cool in life!

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