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New Year, the most magical, fabulous holiday, always bright, cheerful, expected. The birth of the new year is closely connected with the feast of the Nativity, a sacrament to which various rituals and symbols are dedicated.

One of them is a kind of wreath-calendar that counts the days until the solemn date. The wooden wheel, decorated with spruce paws, ribbons and candles, was positioned so that it could be seen from afar. The beautiful tradition has taken root all over the world, has acquired a more secular character, the wreath has also become a symbol of the New Year.

Traditionally, Christmas decoration is made in the form of a ring of pine needles with 4 candles - a symbol of eternal life, the Earth with its four parts of the world.

In the New Year's Eve weeks, any decoration can be chosen in the store, not really thinking about the meaning and meaning. But in anticipation of a miracle, it is advisable to create this winter symbol that attracts happiness with your own hands, especially since you don’t have to look for what to make a wreath from - the material around is apparently invisible, all that remains is to turn on the fantasy.

Pine needles and cones - December sketch

Neat branches of spruce, pine, fir, gleaming with dark green, intertwined with red or whitesatin ribbon with cones whimsically scattered in a circle, interspersed with Christmas balls, tinsel.

Cones of different sizes look great, slightly sprinkled with sparkles, surrounded by bright rowan berries. Rowan, according to the druids, is full of worries about tomorrow - now it is fashionable to include representatives of different cultures in the composition, suitable for the theme.

In the tradition of decorating New Year's, Christmas symbols and bows. Priority - red, white, gold, in two rings and forked tails. And of course, an angel - where would it be without him on such a magical holiday! Cute angels can be present everywhere, there are no boundaries and prohibitions for them.

Candies and sweets - children's joy

Not only kids love candy! Chocolate balls in shiny foil go well with Scandinavian caramel sticks and real Christmas balls. Long striped caramels form a thoughtful mess to set the mood, while a formal bow brings order to their fun interlacing.

Christmas fruits - tangerine oranges

The bright color of citrus fruits, their spring joy and aluminum foil figurines will remind you of a wonderful winter holiday even in summer. Orange disks, conveniently located on a coniferous pillow, are a recognizable New Year's wreath.

Original ideas - no limit to holiday fantasy

Creating a New Year's wreath, such as no one else has, is not difficult. With a little skill and a great desire, guided by our master class - and the windows of your cafe will be decorated with a composition of wine corks or plastic cups.

Openwork snowflake wreaths skillfully made from napkins will be invited to the children's party.

Strict masculine character is visible in the work of carpentry, which attracts with clear lines and lively lines of wood.

How it's done or a little tutorial

Almost any wreath can be made with your own hands from improvised means. It is good to cut the base out of cardboard, plywood or dense foam - it is important that the parts are attached to the base material with glue, small cloves or pins.

We offer a schematic instruction for making original jewelry, step by step photos to help. The first two steps, as seen in the photo, are the same for any decor option.

Preparatory stage
  1. Basis. The size of the future product depends on where it will be located - on the front door from the outside, on the window, in the showcase, on the table or on the wall of the living room. Using a compass or ordinary plates, we draw 2 concentric circles at a distance of about 10 cm from each other. Cut out the ring.
  2. On the backside should attach a loop of twine or thin wire, to fasten on the door, window.

The warmth of textiles

Wrap the prepared base around the ring with satin or velvet ribbon, braid, rope or thread - the wreath is ready! Examples are in the photo. It remains to add Christmas touches - an impromptu candle, spruce paws, bows and other decorations.

Globes of multi-colored wool, fragments of knitting, defiantly pinned to the ring with knitting needles, look wonderful. A sort of symbol of the hearth.

gifts from a squirrel

Nuts are a wonderful material for making Christmas decorations. To attach them to the circle, use the glue gun.

Colored burlap
  1. Beautiful, textured supple material - burlap, cut into squares with a side of 15 - 20 cm.
  2. Fold each square in half with a triangle, then pull the long ends to the central corner (connect sharp corners with a straight one). It turns out a square with a recess.
  3. With small carnations or pins we fasten the free edge of the square to the base braided with straw or twine, the next overlap, gradually filling the surfacerings.

An unusual wreath with soft corners can be decorated with bows, small cones, sweets or Christmas balls, leaves cut from the same burlap, sprigs of spruce, placing them in any order.

Christmas wreath from carpentry shop

Having prepared identical wooden rectangles, fix them on the basis in an arbitrary or strict geometric order. Additional decor - coniferous paws, bows, berries. An example is in the photo.

Snow wreath of paper napkins
  1. Preparing the filling. We fold round napkins in four, we get triangles with a rounded lace edge.
  2. We attach each triangle with a pin to the foam template, as shown in the photo, then, as close as possible to the first second, third, and so on, until the entire surface of the base ring is covered under an impromptu snow layer.
  3. Decorate the snow circle with a bright red bow, one or four (imitating 4 candles).

By analogy, you can make decorations from paper cones.

Unusual stuff

Original material - exhaust pipe. shiny,it is enough to bend a neat exhaust pipe, the same along the entire length, with a ring, and mask the junction with a beautiful tape, a New Year's “rain”.

Christmas toys

As a base, you can use a wire trempel - a clothes hanger. Leave the hook intact to secure the masterpiece. Unbend the rest of the wire and bend again, now in the form of a ring, and then hook the very tip onto our hook.

It remains to string Christmas balls in any order, any size and color. Here, who is on what much! But the wreath turns out bright, original.

Alternatively, you can come up with cute products from tinsel, satin ribbons, even ordinary pasta!

A New Year's wreath, attached outside the front door, invites guests, lying on the table speaks of the hospitality of the hosts, greeting passers-by from a window or shop window pleases the eye and cheers up.

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