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In anticipation of the New Year, I want to create an unusual, slightly fabulous atmosphere in the house. Shabby chic - a style that imitates a not so distant past with all its romance, elegance, attention to detail, fits best. In this style, you can decorate a room, an apartment, or just a corner with a Christmas tree - in any case, we will plunge into the era of beautiful things, passion for silver, unique exquisite trinkets, everything that creates comfort and tranquility, the expectation of a wonderful family holiday.

Ideas for the design of the New Year's interior are presented in the photo. An old lantern, cleaned and painted with ordinary silver, was chosen by a small snowman for the house.

Elements of plaster moldings or carved details of old furniture, decorated with silver balls, rain - as if a piece of antiquity quietly entered the house.

Modern shabby chic allows you to create old times using pastel, pink, ash, silver shades. One or two strings of beads from a grandmother's jewelry box on a chandelier, sockets made of nylon ribbons - that's an old lamp.

Restrainedly and elegantly decorate the Christmas tree:

  • bows made from old satin ribbons and lace;
  • glass beads and pendants;
  • braid chains;
  • paper candles with a painted light;
  • knitted napkins as a Christmas tree canopy.

No need to bring live spruce from the forest - a pretty vintage tree is easy to create by wrapping a hanger with the right fabric. We fix folds, gathers, fizhma with large pins, thick knitting needles, shaggy yarn and decorate with beads, rain, balls, stars, snowmen.

The brilliance and radiance of the Christmas tree will provide the sparkle of glass, silver jewelry, pearls and precious stones that have been stored in grandmother's chests for years. By the way, vases, candy bowls, old porcelain plates. Grace, chic and elegance, antiquity, avoidance of bright, blinding details, tenderness - these are the main features of the cozy shabby chic style.

In a small room, the Christmas tree is also small - a cone of coarse burlap, wrapped in handmade lace, a dimly shimmering (albeit artificial) pearl necklace.

A small Christmas tree made entirely of lace bows and rosettes.

Let the shabby chic Christmas decor surprise your friends and bring you the atmosphere of an old fairy tale.

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