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Vintage style - a modern interpretation of antiquity - is always popular, especially before the New Year, when you really want to take all the most beautiful, festive, solemn from the past. Decorating the interior in a “vintage style” means creating the charm of the past years in the house - antique furniture, real porcelain dishes, vases, dishes, candy bowls, lace napkins.

If you can't find real vintage items, you can and should make your own on New Year's Eve - delicate pastel colors, framed photos, patchwork bedspreads, bright cushions and magical New Year details that set the mood.

Decorations and details

Jewellery is the most important part of style. Antique and not very, but always spectacular, shiny, with gilding or silver overflows, Christmas decorations, large, voluminous garlands, the thinnest snowflakes cut out of tissue paper, bugles and pearls.

To maintain a vintage feel, look for ornamental pieces - simple, rustic, or sophisticated, elegant items with ornamental elements. Old classics are in trend now.

Christmas tree decoration in stylevintage

This is a traditional tree adorned with sparkling toys - bells, balloons, brightly wrapped gifts, bows, cotton birds with real feathers, cardboard horses.

If there is no real tree, mirror balls make a beautiful Christmas tree, with a thin, swift top.

Several small furry Christmas trees under a glass jar or in a deep ceramic bowl, on a lace napkin - a vintage element. Christmas trees from music sheets, with beads, snowflakes and New Year's rain. A Christmas tree made of needles, mounted on almost real sledges - Santa Claus's high-speed transport.

Christmas tree made of silvery ruffy rain - decoration of the room, it is good to attach a thematic poster on the wall, you will get a New Year's corner.

Traditional Christmas cupcakes and pies with raisins, candied fruits and icing will find their place among the decorations. Here, silver cutlery, napkin rings and - Christmas trees, Christmas trees wrapped in shiny jewelry, glass beads, beads, balls, garlands are simply obligatory.

The most important part of the New Year holiday is the Christmas wreath. It can be one or several, making such a wreath is not difficult - look around, there are always a lot of Christmas decorations, balls, ribbons in the house.

It is enough to fasten Christmas balls in a circle, or, as greetings from the Snow Queen, to tie a few balls of fluffy whiteyarn. A traditional wreath should be with 4 candles - weave several spruce branches into a circle, decorate with a red satin ribbon, add bows, candles, sparkles. A wreath is the expectation of a miracle, magic, holiday.

Vintage-style home decorating is an opportunity to bring many ideas to life: from a small vintage car loaded with Christmas trees, to cups in warmer knitted blouses, and even a skate boot full of toys. In the bedroom - socks for gifts, a patchwork bedspread, candles in antique candlesticks. In a tall jar - dry twigs with foam snow and balls - imitation of a Christmas tree.

You can decorate the Christmas tree in different ways. Traditionally - specially made glass plastic, wooden toys, artificial snow, shiny rain. However, every year it introduces novelties both in decorations and in interior design. Fashion dictates its own rules, developing technologies too.

Today's New Year's, Christmas tree is more of a work of art, not a natural gift. Everyone tries to bring their own vision of a fairy tale to the holiday, the ability to create beautiful, original things, decor.

Traditions are not forgotten - a real Christmas tree, albeit a small one, is set in a conspicuous place and decorated. Remains in trend vintage style, vintage details, furniture, dishes, handicrafts. Antique elements, authentic or handmade, create a romantic mood, a sense of connection with the past, an expectation of magic.

Old, shabby wood, furniture covers, embroidered napkins, tablecloths, antique clocks, dishes. The main tone of the New Year's decor is light, pastel colors interspersed with blue and green. Bright scarlet ribbons on a Christmas wreath, swollen candles, all kinds of needlework look spectacular.

Everything can be decorated - a wreath is usually placed on the front door as an invitation to a hospitable home, on the walls - family photos in beautiful frames, on the table, bedside tables, shelves - family albums, Christmas tree decorations, handmade napkins, candlesticks.

Festive tree - not necessarily natural. It can be a plastic or wooden template, decorated with beads, ruffy rain, silver balls. An old jug will serve as a support for a stylized Christmas tree, it’s good to put a small composition on the windowsill - share the holiday with neighbors, let the sunlight leave glare on the setting.

There are a lot of options for creating a Christmas tree:

  • music sheets strung on a rod;
  • rolled newspapers, the same music sheets;
  • Christmas tree cookie mold with small lanterns;
  • wonderful Christmas trees are made from coarse burlap, it is convenient to attach any decorations to it;
  • sequins, rhinestones, beads - material for creating a New Year's masterpiece - pictures of Christmas trees in a rich metal frame;
  • same stylization, but simpler - from buttons;
  • right on the wall you can draw the outline of the Christmas tree anddecorate it with pearl beads.

Fantasy has no limits, as well as creativity. New Year gives birth to ideas, suggests solutions.

Christmas Vintage Ideas

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