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Glamorous style is the best way to embody the New Year mood. The state of quiet joy, purity and prosperity is supported by interior details in delicate pastel colors.

Creating such an environment in your home or office is not difficult, it is enough to have the desire and know some essential style features.

Glamour is tenderness, we alth, pink, pastel colors, shades of blue, green, handmade lace, silver and gold tinsel, antiques. To meet the New Year in a beautiful, rich environment means to live the coming year in this way.

Decorate the Christmas tree, regardless of its size, well with large toys - white snowmen, Christmas deer, large crackers, gift boxes, paper snowflakes, garlands of silver stars. Large silver balls, figurines made of foil, painted cardboard look beautiful on a large Christmas tree.

And candles. Big and small, smooth and twisted, in elaborate candlesticks and on a small silver platter. Christmas candles in the shape of a Christmas tree, funny animals, ball candles.

By the way there will be lace doilies ona table with a family photo album, a mirror in an old frame, a small crystal vase-candy bowl, a cotton Santa Claus with gifts.

In winter, it's time to put an old vase with paper flowers on the table, pour Christmas balls on a copper tray, and make a New Year's Christmas wreath from them.

In a small room you can arrange a kind of New Year's corner in the style of glamor. A lace napkin, a stylized Christmas tree made from a dry tree branch decorated with beads, nylon and satin bows, a porcelain figurine, several Christmas decorations from our childhood - a cardboard hare, a carriage, fir cones.

As a decor, you can use a fruit bowl on a high leg, full of balls intertwined with beads, ribbons, snowflakes. Openwork paper snowflakes, on thin threads, descend from a chandelier, cornice, lie on bookshelves or a nightstand.

Style is created by small details: shine without blinding glow, bronze, lace, pearls. And do-it-yourself toys, napkins, houses, socks for surprises, dry twigs glued with foam plastic crumbs, small Christmas trees.

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