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Appearing in the 90s of the last century, the boho style quickly won the hearts and minds of almost all segments of the population. Young and old enjoyed wearing jackets with pom-poms and tassels, colorful bracelets, gypsy skirts and colorful shawls.

The New Year's decor did not stand aside either, always combining incompatible things, moods, national motifs and ultra-modern details. Freedom of expression, the implementation of the most incredible projects, the use of rich colors and delicate shades, needlework and industry achievements - these are the main features of New Year's boho chic.

A large, lush natural tree or a stylized spruce paw, a custom-made Christmas tree decoration template, or using a houseplant, it doesn't matter. It is important that it is chic, bright, impressive. Huge mirror balls, toys from a grandmother's chest, ultra-modern iridescent flashing lights and candles in antique clothespins. Garlands should encircle the room, the rain should flow down the Christmas tree in a sparkling mass, sweets and confetti, crackers and streamers, paper chains and shiny glass beads. Large fluffy bows and bows, paper and textile flowers, knitted lace imitating snow.

And definitely a noticeable shining top.

Under the Christmas tree can be a handmade carpet, a self-knitted rug or a real patchwork quilt. gifts in a shiny package. Even a New Year's deer can be homemade, with a blanket embroidered with a national pattern. Creativity and creativity are welcome.

Space for creativity - free walls. Garlands of paper, pompoms or flowers, bows scattered here and there, Christmas decorations hanging on long threads, frame pictures and shelving, just attach a white lace napkin to a smooth wall as a reminder of winter.

Handmade dreamcatchers and suncatchers with crystals and feathers swing under lamps and doorways.

You can hang and arrange pleasant New Year's little things anywhere in the apartment. There is a dry branch in a vase on the table, decorated with homemade products - knitted flowers, pompoms, carved snowflakes or homemade Christmas decorations.

Colorful Christmas balls look good in a transparent tall vase.

Hanging a handmade and ornamented gift boot in a secluded spot on a carnation.

It is also not superfluous to hang sparkling balls, toys, a garland on the windows. By the way, there will be bears with gifts in their paws, small stylized Christmas trees, elegant dolls.

Christmas wreath

No New Year is complete without it. Traditionally round, coniferous, with candles, it can be square, triangular, made of balls or ribbons, toys or a knitted scarf, wild flowers or kitchen brushes. A symbolic wreath can be anything, the main thing is that it speaks of your hospitality, the joy of communication and goodwill.

Boho style is perfect for a bright, joyful New Year's holiday.

Boho ideas

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