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To decorate your home in the New Year's version of the chic modern style means to create an extraordinary space, amazing in its simplicity and beauty. In this case, the key word will be "modern" - new, unusual, very beautiful.

If you want to take a break from the flickering of red, white, green, tired of tradition and lush decor, change everything. Modern Christmas decorations will make the house light, festive, calm. Modern chic is not minimalism, it is comfort and prosperity. Usually the interior is kept in light colors interspersed with some bright details, silvery, metallic shades are welcome.

Unlike traditional Christmas wreaths, lush, bright, with scarlet ribbons, the modern New Year's symbol is laconic. A clear shape, and not always a circle, a neat interlacing of eucalyptus branches, spruce or pine cones, geometrically correct snowflakes. A gentle nylon bow softens all this simplicity.

Interlacing of golden threads stretched over an ordinary hula hoop and a triumphant inscription - joy, success.

Form is not an end in itself, it doesn't matter if it's a round wreath or star-shaped. It is important that it causes a smile, reminds of joyful andlong-awaited holidays - Christmas and New Year, waiting for a miracle and fulfillment of desires. By the way, gifts can be placed right in the middle of a stylized eucalyptus wreath.

A bright accent will be a traditional red bow among silver bells, a huge openwork snowflake on the wall.

New, original ideas are born in the New Year's Eve weeks. How to decorate a house without overloading it with extra tinsel and colorful toys, garlands. Which Christmas tree to choose - a real one or build a symbolic tree, bloom it in a modern style. How to decorate windows, walls.

Forest beauty in chic modern style is a noble shine of balls, matte whiteness of artificial snow, bows, serpentine. Restrained, stylish, noble.

Create a Christmas corner - bright tangerine balls on a small Christmas tree, a mountain of colorful gifts and a shining reindeer.

Fresh idea - gold and silver stars from the Christmas tree flow smoothly onto the wall.

Let's keep the tree alive by executing its outline with LED strip. A group of artificial trees in the fires by the burning fireplace, it seems that the forest guests have come to warm themselves by the hearth.

The creative Christmas tree in the lights on the corner of the room will attract attention not only with originality - it is beautiful, restrained, very modern.

Christmas tree can be made of wire, sticks,metal rods. It can be flat or voluminous with toys hanging inside, glow brightly with iridescent lights or serve as a background for stars, candles, balls. Next to it may be gifts or artfully crafted jewelry, vases with balls, small bags, a pile of sparkling glass beads. In any case, the New Year tree serves as a center that attracts the views of those present, preserves and maintains centuries-old traditions, and brings relatives and friends together.

You should decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also the mantelpiece, if there is one - a small garland of needles, reindeer and snowmen, Christmas bells, a tray with candles, a slide of fragrant oranges - everything that creates a mood, makes you smile.

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