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New Year is a time of miracles and new hopes. This is a special feeling of comfort. His. Native and real.

It's time for hot cocoa and a warm blanket with a children's book that brings back lightness and carelessness. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Magic Frogs and Quidditch. And the taste of December is sweet and sour, like a Moroccan mandarin. It is bright and juicy - a month that adults and children are waiting for. Breathlessly and anxiously.

Slowly, in the city, a kind wizard lights up the lights, so mischievous and playful. Celebration is in the air. Premonition of magic surrounds, involuntarily makes you believe in the best.

In the new year, family ties become stronger. Home heat warms Fahrenheit without burning. But what to do, how to place holiday lights in the house? Here are ideas for decorating a New Year's apartment.

Christmas wreaths

It takes very little to bring home a miracle. Beautiful fir branches, balls and garlands. There are many variations of holiday wreaths. For example, a frame wreath made of thick wire will be an original addition to the house. Or from New Year's toys entwined with a playful garland.

Frame stars

An original and simple decoration. The star has long been considered a symbol of Christmas and good luck. What prevents you from bringing fiery happiness home? Can be attached above the bed or on the wardrobe. The star will shine and create magic at home.


An interesting solution for those who do not want to put up a Christmas tree at home. You can put the backlight on the edge of a shelf or table. Also, if there is transparent furniture, then this is a good coincidence. It will allow you to manifest the full magical power of the glass.

Fire Bowls

Family hearth begins at the threshold. And a home fireplace is the best setting. But what to do when it's not there? A simple solution that does not take up much space and time. She is magical and mysterious. The decoration is soulful and warm.

Decoration of transparent balloons

Adding a little spark to a soulless balloon is easy! A small miracle in the house. You can touch and make a wish that will definitely come true. Everything is possible in the New Year.

Decoration of branches

Great alternative for people who don't like live Christmas trees. An unusual decision that will promise a little miracle throughout the year.

Holiday pictures

An event that changes the image of the house once and for all. Settles with brilliance, and consistently brings a sense of wonder.One has only to turn it on, and the apartment is illuminated by a ghostly light. Like a promise of something wonderful. New.

On the eve of the new year, you will not meet children who glue leaves on trees. Trying to bring back autumn. That time has passed. And winter gets legal rights to a blizzard, magical sparkling snow and changeable character. More and more children enthusiastically run to skate and down the hill. And adults, meanwhile, buy gifts for loved ones, trying to convey a piece of warmth with them.

But the most important magic happens at home. Behind a tightly closed door. Noise, din, New Year's flair. And faith in a kind white-bearded old man who will appreciate the success of the year and not pay attention to bad behavior. The miracle crept up. It's inside.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!