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New Year is a special holiday, it seems that in anticipation of it, everything around is imbued with special magic and magic. Elegant Christmas trees appear on the streets, garlands light up in the windows of shops and houses, children in kindergartens begin to learn poems and prepare for matinees. And at school, this time, students are enjoying the upcoming New Year holidays and are thinking with their parents about what to give the teacher for the New Year. After all, of course, I want to make an unusual and memorable present. We have collected some gift ideas

Christmas gifts from class

The most significant gift is usually for the class teacher. He spends the most time with the students, he knows the state of affairs in the class better. It is to him that parents of students turn in case of illness of the child, missing a lesson and other problems that arise.

It is easier to choose a gift from the class, because the larger the budget provided for the present, the more options you can consider.

For example, such as:

  • inexpensive household appliances: electric kettle, thermo pot (especially useful in the classroom), coffee maker, blender, mixer,multicooker, etc.;
  • ebook;

  • fancy wall clock;
  • bookstore gift certificate;
  • gift certificate to cosmetic stores (for women);
  • certificates for a spa salon for women or for a photo shoot;

  • portable battery for recharging;
  • creative table lamp;
  • good wireless mouse;
  • computer keyboard;

  • Stylish weather station. It is made in the form of a transparent crystal, which changes outwardly depending on the weather expected the next day. The appearance of threads in the crystal will predict the wind, flakes - snow, droplets - rain. This is a very effective and useful piece of furniture.
  • musical flower pot with Bluetooth. Stylish, streamlined container in which you can grow a regular plant. The whole secret is that via Bluetooth, the magic pot plays music transmitted to it from a smartphone or computer. Such an original sound column will especially appeal to a young teacher.

  • an everlasting pencil that never needs to be sharpened, never runs out, and writes well on any surface. Refilling is very simple: just rub its tip on sandpaper. Plus, it has a stylish design in gold or silver.
  • express - sculptor. Its surface reproduces in great detailany object attached to it. Used as a stylish interior decoration and a great relaxing tool after a busy day.

What to give from myself?

In every class, every student has their favorite teacher, and it's not always the class teacher. As a rule, the student or his parents give such a teacher a gift from themselves.

As ideas for a presentation, you can consider:

  • decorative live Christmas tree in a pot. Its size is 30 cm. It does not require special care, but it can hardly endure the hot season. In an apartment, it is better to put a Christmas tree on a window located on the north side of the room. You can make an original gift by placing the plant in a beautiful flower pot, adding tinsel and New Year's greetings from the bottom of your heart;
  • Christmas tree of sweets or a bouquet of flowers from sweets. Such a gift will surely please the teacher;

  • stationery packaged in an interesting way, like a cake. The great thing is that it is not necessary to buy such a gift, you can make it yourself by looking at ideas on the Internet.
  • an anti-stress soft toy in the form of a symbol of the year (in 2023 - a cute Bunny);
  • original flash card;
  • mug-calendar;
  • beautiful perpetual calendar;

  • a very unusual and useful face mug that has two compartments. The top one is for liquid, the bottom one is for baking. It is made in the formhuman face;
  • a stirrer mug that stirs sugar and coffee by itself;
  • nominal diary, notepad;
  • prediction sweets;

  • talking alarm clock. Music is recorded on it, words for the morning awakening, which it then plays as a signal;
  • Japanese anti-stress Caomaru. A small cute face, it can be crushed, squeezed, stretched;
  • tea, coffee of rare varieties, decorated accordingly;
  • anti-stress pillow filled with granules inside and made in an unusual shape (log, book, animal);
  • levitating photo frame that weighs in the air without fastening and at the same time rotates in different directions.

DIY gift

Even the most ordinary thing, such as stationery or a delicious chocolate bar, can be turned into an exclusive gift with your own hands.

For a chocolate bar, it is very easy to make a beautiful New Year's box with wishes and decorations, inspired by scrapbooking ideas.

Stationery can be beautifully packaged in an original case or a small basket, adding tinsel, soft toys and a New Year's wish.

Today, needlework stores offer a very large selection of kits for embroidery with beads, diamond mosaic, soap making, felting, scrapbooking, candle making. All kits contain material and instructions for making.

A little fantasy, desire, time andAn unusual handmade gift will surely please your favorite teacher.

Presents for teachers in various subjects

Students often notice that each teacher considers his subject the most needed in school and try to choose a gift for him that would emphasize the importance of the knowledge he is passing on.

  • Therefore, a music teacher is given a flash card in the form of a musical instrument or a recording of rare pieces of music.
  • The Russian language teacher receives an explanatory dictionary or an interesting book that he once told about in class.
  • Math - chocolate number set, Japanese Hanayama puzzle, polygon set.

  • Physical education teacher - fitness bracelet, stylish sports stopwatch.
  • Chemistry teacher -annual subscription to a specialized publication.
  • Physicists - neocube, a book about great physicists.
  • Stories - figurines of prominent historical figures, coin collections, collection of historical films
  • Geography - map to take over the world, laser pointer, travel book.

What to give a male teacher

A special approach when choosing will be needed if the teacher is a man. Of course, much depends on the personal preferences of the person, but it is unlikely that a male teacher will be very pleased with a flower in a pot or fortune cookies.

Here's a good quality personalized wallet, car thermo mug, double drink dispenser, mini golf set, key lock defroster, clipfor money, a folding barbecue and skewers will please you very much.

Women - teachers are more suitable for useful things in everyday life, interior items.

Does teacher age play a role?

When deciding what to give a teacher, you need to take into account the age of the teacher. A young teacher is more likely to appreciate a cool or playful present. He will like everything related to computers and modern gadgets.

For a more experienced teacher, a discreet, classic gift is a good idea.

Inexpensive gifts

Every person whose profession is related to clerical activities will enjoy a beautiful office. You can collect a whole basket of cool stationery inexpensively if you order these items from China.

Now there are plenty of sites where you can do this with free shipping. Among them are AliExpress, DealeXtreme,, BuyInCoins, etc. True, this will have to be taken care of in advance - 2-1.5 months before the New Year. There are quite unusual and very beautiful things that you want to add to the basket in batches.

The range of listed stores, of course, is not limited to this. You can buy everything there. From gadgets to household items. Naturally, it will be cheaper than in Russian stores. Assess the tastes and passions of your teacher and carefully read seller reviews to order a quality product.

Ideas to reject

There are a number of things that should not be given:

  1. Money from myself personally. Such a gift can put the teacher in an awkward position, especially if the amount, according to his concepts, is very large. Money is sometimes possible to give from the whole class. But not on my own, as such a gift can be regarded as a bribe.
  2. gift related to cosmetics and perfumes. In order for such a gift to really please the teacher, you need to know his tastes and personal preferences, and this is very subjective information.
  3. Pets. You can not give an animal without the consent of the teacher. Perhaps the teacher already has a four-legged or some other pet, and there simply will not be room for a new one.
  4. Alcohol. Tobacco products. The exception is a bottle of champagne from parents, but in no case from students, even from high school students.
  5. It is customary to receive underwear or bed linen and hygiene items from very close people, such a present can be bewildering.
  6. Sets of utensils for cooking (frying pans, pots, etc.). Firstly, you don’t know what stove the teacher has, and whether this dish will fit the existing set, and secondly, such gifts are given by friends or well-known people. The exception is a set of crystal wine glasses.

Teaching children, teachers put a piece of their soul into each of them. In a gift, for many of them, it is not so much originality or its practicality that is important, but the attention that it receives from students and their parents.

New Year's gift to the teacher, even the most expensive and luxuriously decorated, but made for show, withoutthe soul will not cause positive emotions in the teacher. You need to remember this, and then the answer to the question of what to give the teacher will be very easy to find in your heart.

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