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Each school class is its own small but very big life. And this life has its own traditions, one of which is giving gifts for the New Year holidays. And since the holiday is beloved, long-awaited and connected with magic and miracles, it is worth taking care of the gifts. Of course, the age of the audience is also taken into account here, because the preferences of elementary school are different from those of high school students.

Premium School gifts (Grades 1-4)

What can be given to the class to be inexpensive and affordable? Here are some ideas:

  • collect sweet gifts: sweets, chocolates, tangerines, etc;
  • wristwatch;
  • night lamps projecting the starry sky;
  • flashlights, with different slides;
  • constructors;
  • creativity kits: soap making, pyrography, cosmetics, modeling, etc.
  • pictures that are drawn according to the numbering, pictures of sequins, stickers;
  • mugs, glasses with an interesting image;
  • lunch boxes with personal image;
  • various accessories: bows and ties,straps and belts, rings and pins, brooches and buckles, etc.
  • stationery that will never be superfluous in any family: beautiful notebooks, pens, notepads, pencils, paints, brushes, paper.
  • toys, soft souvenirs, books.
  • excursion to the “upside down house” or “ribbon maze”.

Another interesting option is to prepare a trip to the pizzeria for children, but from the “other side of the barricades”, where they will bake their own pizza. Of course, you should first agree with the institution itself. Many pizzerias provide children's cooking classes. You can also invite animators to your territory, with various show services: paper show, soap bubble show, games, fireworks, contests.

The most wonderful, unusual, magical (but also expensive!) gift to the class will be the organization of a trip to the residence of Father Frost in Veliky Ustyug. Primary school children still believe in fairy tales and New Year's miracles, so this trip will never be forgotten. Where else to go for the New Year holidays - see the link.

If we consider more budget options, then you can organize a trip to the theater or any cultural center for a winter fairy tale story, with games, prizes and a disco for children in grades 1,2 and 3. Organize a trip to a pizzeria, a movie, a trampoline center or a ropes course.

gifts for Middle School (5th-8th grade)

The situation is somewhat more complicated with the middle school level. At this time, the character begins to form in children, they go through the stages of adolescence, thereforehard to please them. But you still have to try.

Of course, no one has ever canceled sweets, souvenirs and various kinds of accessories:

  • watches, bracelets, rings;
  • handbags, wallets, housekeepers;
  • notebook, skate pads;

In grades 4-6, the organization of the quest will be no less interesting gift. You can prepare such a New Year's gift for the class yourself or seek help from professionals. Today's kids just love these "going out".

Also a great New Year's surprise will be:

  • cinema, theater tickets;
  • trip to the laser tag with the whole class;
  • hike to the water park, swimming pool with the organization of the foam show;
  • master class on making Christmas gifts;
  • chocolate, photo printed cookies;
  • bottles for drinking water, thermoses (interesting models can be offered in sports stores).
  • piggy bank, wall clock, picture, fan, table lamp, photo night light, clock-lantern, lunch box;
  • touch gloves, player, dance mat, airfootball,

For grades 6-8: acoustic projector, flash drive, electronic globe, electronic star chart, external battery, portable speaker (speaker);

gifts, as it turned out, you can come up with a huge amount, the main thing is the interests of the guys. It is advisable to conduct a survey of children before buying, in order to find out their personal "Wishlist".

gifts for high school students (9-11class)

gifts to a class in which children have already reached the age of obtaining a passport is a more than serious issue. It is difficult to please actually adults, technically sophisticated people. Difficult, but we will try.

First of all, young people of this age can also be offered a hike:

  • to the water park,
  • cinema,
  • theatre,
  • restaurant,
  • organization of the New Year's show,
  • laser tag hike;
  • visiting an action-packed quest. The quest, by the way, is easy to arrange on your own, while using the territory of the school. As entertainment, you can prepare a game of paintball (laser or with paint), arrange ski tests, skiing on winter slides at the recreation center, arrange bowling, dancing, and basketball competitions. If you order a mass trip somewhere, then usually event organizers make good discounts.

You can organize a snow party for them, use white paper as snow. Since the party is themed, everything should be tied to the New Year: a delicious menu, photo zones, contests, sweets. If you organize everything on your own, then you can make a holiday quite inexpensively.

In the event that your children are of graduating age (no matter 9th, 10th or 11th grade), then offer them an exciting trip to another city: to the sea, to the mountains to ski resorts, or on an excursion to interesting places in our country . To make your trip less expensive, look for attractions in your area.

Great for more modest ideassuch common items (souvenirs) as:

  • T-shirts, pillows, blankets;
  • electronic photo frames with photos of school life;
  • audio speakers, shower room radio, laptop lamp, headphones, emotional keyboard (with emoji set).

You can "work" with school and class prints and logos by placing them on:

  • trinkets, bracelets, medallions, pendants;
  • pens, pencil cases, covers;
  • badges, emblems, stickers;
  • mugs, dishes, personal bottles;
  • backpacks, bags for replacement shoes;
  • belts, suspenders, any accessories.

To please teenagers with interesting details of clothing, things such as:

  • winter scarves, hats, warm earmuffs, socks, gloves, mittens;
  • sweatshirts, t-shirts, baseball caps with or without school logo;
  • backpacks, bags, wallets.

As a creative gift, you can order an unusual photo session, take the children to a karaoke bar, a pottery studio or an art studio. It is possible to organize for them mass courses of cooks, pizza makers, guitarists, vocalists, etc.

Delicious gifts will also be interesting:

  • bouquets of fruits, sweets, food, chocolate medals;
  • parcels with Christmas sweets;
  • personal pizza, pie, personal New Year's cake with wishes;
  • cookies where New Year's, mysterious predictions are hidden;
  • a big box of chewing gum (recently it has become fashionable to buy chewing gum "Love is");
  • Christmas gingerbread, prefabricated gingerbread house (these are sold in Ikea).

Any gift for the celebration of the New Year should be, first of all, relevant, useful and interesting. If he does not, then most likely he will find a place for himself on the far shelf. To avoid this, connect your imagination, conduct a survey, analyze your last year's actions.

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