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Plastic bottles terrify all environmentalists on our planet. The problem is that repeated use of this (seemingly) convenient device harms the body. How to be? The answer is simple - creativity. New Year's toys from old bottles will create incredible comfort. Making them will be as easy and pleasant as possible, and we will show and tell you how to make them with your own hands. Let's start with the video.

The easiest craft option

For this craft you will need:

  • bottle bottom;
  • paint/felt pens/markers;
  • needle, thread, fishing line;
  • paper;
  • ribbon.

It is necessary to cut off the bottom of the bottle (you can take any volume). And then conjure over it: paint or leave the original color, decorate with snowflakes, make a hole and thread a fishing line on which the toy will hang on the Christmas tree. You can make a single design using the same fishing line. All this can be seen in the photo below. We have selected several master classes.

Bottle balloons

In this case, we just need to cut our bottle into strips. These strips should be the same length and width. They must be glued from one end, and then from the other in such a way that a future Christmas tree ball is obtained. This ball can be decorated in any way you like: the symbol of the new year 2023 is the Water Rabbit, so you can build on this, and also refer to the traditional New Year symbols (sequins, ribbons, red / green / gold colors, rain, cones, etc. .).

Bottle bells

Bells in the form of a homemade New Year's toy will decorate the Christmas tree with their presence. How to make them - you need the top of the bottle, because it is similar in shape. You will need paper, foil, paints, tinsel, fishing line, ribbons, glue. Part of the bottle should be wrapped in foil, fixed with glue (preferably instant fixation) and decorated with snowflakes, tinsel, etc.

One-two-three! Christmas tree burn!

You will need several bottles for this Christmas decoration. Again, we take several upper parts, cut them into small strips, put them on top of each other. The lower part can serve as a base. They can be fixed with glue, but this is an optional item. Decorate with balls, beads or tinsel.

More ideas…

Toys from bottles - this is only your imagination, which can be literally realized with your own hands. Any colors can be used. The shape is up to preference. It is not necessary to take small bottles, for example, you can make Santa Claus from a five-liter bottle (you can make a beard from plastic spoons). Covers can also become a Christmas tree toy. We picked up a few ideas.

Snowman from caps. By the way, if a child is interested in snowmen, then the link has a lot of ideas on how to make a snowman.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and make some wonderful Christmas crafts with your baby :)

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