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The Epiphany is a beautiful, one of the main holidays of Christians around the world. It is celebrated on January 19 according to the Orthodox calendar. This day is filled with joy and love. It is distinguished by a special celebration, and they try to celebrate it magnificently, beautifully and richly. But no less important is the Christmas Eve before the Epiphany.

In this article:

  • The Epiphany Night Mystery
  • Rites and traditions
  • What is forbidden on this day
  • About the weather
  • On animals
  • Cheers
  • For girls
  • For pregnant women
  • For good luck and money
  • What icons should be in the house
  • How to cross another person

Epiphany Christmas Eve and its secrets

Evening of the Epiphany is celebrated on January 18th. This is a strict, solemn day. It is the last day of fasting, the observance of which is most important on this day. On this day, you need to repent with all your heart, strictly observe all the requirements of fasting and carefully prepare for the holiday. On the night of January 18-19, the first consecration of water takes place.

Preparing for the holiday was a must. On Christmas Eve they observedstrict fasting (here is the fasting nutrition calendar). On the table were necessarily present:

  • Kutia. Rice porridge with raisins.
  • Pancakes as a symbol of eternal life.
  • Oatmeal jelly as a symbol of a rich and well-fed life.

The brownie was treated to pancakes, leaving them in the barn so that he would save the cattle.

The church collected holy water. On this day, she acquired a special power, healing properties. Epiphany water is able to heal, cleanse the soul and body, heal the mind, cast out demons.

Rites and signs of Epiphany Christmas Eve

Signs on Christmas Eve have a special place. According to them, they tried to predict fate, correct important events, warn themselves and their relatives from trouble. All this knowledge is the result of many years of observation. That is why it is worth treating them with due attention and respect. Folk signs and rituals on Christmas Eve were strictly observed.

  1. Protection from evil spirits. To protect housing from demons and evil spirits, they painted crosses on doors and windows. The cross is a powerful sign. Even a tiny, barely noticeable cross is able to protect housing from "uninvited guests." The old people strictly ensured that baptismal crosses were painted everywhere. They entrusted this occupation to small children, whose souls and hearts have not yet been corrupted by the "unclean" ones.
  2. Cattle and barns were sprinkled with holy water. It was believed that if this ritual was not carried out, then the pets would get sick, and the devils would torment them all night from anger that they could not get into the house protected by crosses. This sign appeared due to the fact thatowners found their animals in soap and sweat in the morning.
  3. Collecting snow. It is believed that on this day it has healing properties, like holy water. They treated sick and weak family members. Washed he althy. The water from the melted snow collected on Christmas Eve was kept as well as the consecrated water brought from the church.

What is forbidden on this day?

Since Christmas Eve is a strict and solemn day, you can’t indulge.

  • Alcohol. January 18 is a day of strict fasting. There can be no talk of any libations.
  • Gluttony is one of the deadly sins. And even more so on Christmas Eve, you can’t overeat.
  • You can not revenge rubbish. It is believed that on this day the dead come to the living and stand in the corners so as not to interfere. Sweep the rubbish out of the corner, and even throw it over the threshold - it meant sweeping away the soul of the deceased.
  • This day did not work. On January 18, preparations are underway for the great holiday, therefore, if it is possible to refuse work, then this must be done. It is better to devote this day to rest and prayer.
  • Sewing, embroidering and knitting on Christmas Eve is allowed, provided that it is fun and not work.
  • Any cleanup and food preparation must be completed by lunchtime.

Signs for the weather

  1. What is the weather like on Christmas Eve, like on Maslenitsa.
  2. The snowstorm that took place on January 18 will repeat in three months, but the summer will be hot.
  3. Clear, clear skies - great pea harvest.
  4. Morning snow - warm springand a rich harvest of buckwheat and bread.
  5. Snow in the afternoon - warm summer.
  6. Snow falling in the evening predicted a warm autumn.
  7. It snows all day - a rich harvest of bread.
  8. Strong wind from the south - there will be a lot of rain and thunderstorms in summer.
  9. Cloudy day and cloudy sky - few mushrooms.
  10. No or little snow on the trees - no berries.
  11. Drying is a rich harvest.

Signs on animals

  • Bright stars - sheep will give a good offspring.
  • Dogs bark loudly - successful hunting and fishing all year, an abundance of game.
  • Feed the cattle, adding snow to the feed - to ease her Epiphany frosts.
  • Feeding chickens with snow means getting plenty of eggs.
  • The rooster sang at the wrong time - for warm days.

He alth signs

  1. The sick person was wiped with snow. It is believed that this procedure will heal the patient, improve his he alth.
  2. Take a bath on Christmas Eve - save yourself from illness for the whole year.
  3. Throwing snow into the well - protect the water from spoilage.
  4. Wash with melt water - preserve beauty and get rid of freckles.
  5. Cook food only with holy water from a natural source, so that diseases are bypassed.
  6. If a seriously ill person asked for water and sweet - to recovery, if bitter and s alty - to death.
  7. If a child is born, it will be strong and he althy.
  8. To get burned by a candle - to be sick, but quickly recovered.
  9. The child will overturn the water - willstrong and he althy all year round.

Signs for girls on Epiphany Christmas Eve

  • The thread is tangled when knitting - for a quick relationship.
  • The cat jumped on her knees - to the appearance of the groom.
  • The dog barked - an ambulance wedding.
  • Spilled water - there will be no wedding
  • Stumbled on the threshold of my home - will stay in this house for another year.
  • Stumbled over the threshold in the groom's house - you can get ready for the wedding.
  • Choked on water - to an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Girls guessed at baptism. Although this is not welcomed by the church, this tradition still exists.

Signs for pregnant women

  1. Snowstorm and blizzard - easy childbirth.
  2. Snowfall on this day - long hours of childbirth.
  3. Scattered cereal - the baby will be he althy.
  4. The wind howls in the pipe - an early birth.
  5. Handlework - the baby will get tangled in the umbilical cord.
  6. Burn - the baby will have a birthmark on his face.
  7. Step through a broom - difficult childbirth.

Those who cannot conceive for a long time were advised:

  • Defend the entire service in the church.
  • Take a swim in the hole.
  • Eat as many spoonfuls of kutia as the woman's age.
  • Welcome stray animals and feed them generously, and if the animal reaches the house, be sure to pick it up.

Epiphany Christmas Eve signs for good luck and money

Everyone wants to be successful in life. Luck is nimble, it just doesn’t come into your hands. Only the chosen ones cancount on the kiss of fate. Therefore, people turned to heaven with prayers for a successful year.

  • The house was sprinkled with holy water, and a little snow was brought on the threshold.
  • Meet a minister of the church - to the patrons.
  • Slip and fall into the Epiphany hole - the year will be lucky, and difficult things will be resolved quickly and successfully.
  • Sprinkling kutya from a spoon - financial problems.
  • Accidentally douse yourself with holy water - to we alth.

What icons should be in the house?

Every believer should have icons in the house. They should be located in the eastern part of the house. In a modern dwelling, the eastern corner may be inconvenient for prayer, so it is allowed to place icons in other places.

Every home should have icons with the image of Jesus Christ, with the face of the Mother of God and St. Nicholas.

  1. The icon of Jesus Christ should be in a place of honor. She heals the sick, calms and pacifies. Protects from troubles and misfortunes, admonishes the lost. Supports, points the right way.
  2. Virgin Mary, Mother of God, helps women. They ask her for peace and harmony in the house, he alth for relatives and children. She is the patroness of every woman. The Mother of God gives love and peace. She forgives and teaches patience and humility.
  3. Nikolay Ugodnik solves all problems and hardships. On special occasions, they turn to him for healing the seriously ill.

On Christmas Eve, the corner with the icons is thoroughly cleaned. All dust must be thoroughly cleaned. Remove wax from candlesticks, replace candles.Put a clean god: a napkin under the icons. The iconostasis must be carefully monitored, but it can be difficult for older people, so you need to come to such relatives or neighbors and put things in order. They, too, should meet the holiday in cleanliness and comfort.

How to cross another person?

In Baptism you want to protect your loved ones. The sign of the cross has the greatest protection. If you can easily cross yourself, then what about children or seriously ill people? How to baptize another person with your own hand?

It is important to follow the rule: the direction of the cross should be as if the person applies it himself. Simply look away. If a person baptizes himself from right to left, then another should be baptized in the opposite direction: from left to right. In this case, you need to be face to face with the person being baptized.

Before making the sign of the cross, you need to wipe a person with holy water, read a prayer, and perform baptism. The table and food prepared on the occasion of Epiphany are also hung with the banner of the Cross.

The signs on Christmas Eve are in many ways similar to the signs on Christmas days. Therefore, they are quite valid for January 18.

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