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If you suddenly get tired of the Christmas tree as a traditional New Year's symbol, or want to decorate your desk in the office, but the cleaning service does not approve of crumbling needles, then spend some of your time creating a topiary. Topiary is a European tree. In summer, it should resemble a green ball, and in winter it can be made from green balls, and even with your own hands. We have prepared several tutorials for you. All of them are very simple, so the balloon topiary will not seem impossible to you. Anyone can do this New Year's mission.

Let's start the master class

As you understand - Christmas balls topiary need Christmas balls :) It is desirable that they are combined with each other, the size and diameter may be different.

The basis of the New Year's topiary can be made from a foam ball. You can also take waste paper, crumple it, and then fill the bag with it. The package must be fixed with a stapler or elastic band. Christmas balls can be glued onto this base. Do not forget to tint the base to make the New Year's topiary harmonious.

If you take balls of different sizes and diameters, then they should be aligned in height. To do this, some of them can be cut. Don't forget to remove the mount. The crown of our topiary will look more proportional.

The base in the pot can be different: gypsum, gypsum with cement, polystyrene (in this case, you need to put something heavy on the bottom of the pot so that there is a counterweight). Then the topiary will not succumb to the force of gravity, and will remain in its place.

The soil of the New Year's topiary can and should be decorated. Paint, moss, cones, balls, sequins, tinsel, etc. are suitable for this. Paint is better to choose acrylic. If you are going to glue the moss, then the base for it must also be painted over. Don't forget about the stem of the topiary. It can be decorated with ribbons and beads.

So we got a wonderful decor. After all the holidays, you can hide it, and get it again the next year. The design is durable, if you stick everything on the glue-moment, and make a strong base. Next year, you can add artificial snow, cotton wool, new ribbons, sequins, change some details. Topiary made of Christmas balls will definitely become a part of your holiday.

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