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In any company (be it a large corporation or a small office for several people), before the New Year, a pleasant fuss begins about congratulating partners. Of course, I would like to please those with whom we fruitfully cooperated throughout the past year. To make this task easy and simple, we wrote sincere New Year greetings for organizations. Your partners will definitely like ours! And here - New Year's greetings for customers.

Select a greeting:

  1. General congratulations;
  2. Poems for the head of the organization;
  3. New Year's greetings to subordinates;
  4. Warm words for colleagues.

General congratulations to the entire organization

Such an organization on New Year's Eve,
May the miracle wink by all means!
May joy and luck be very friendly, Helps you obediently all year round!

Achieve all the heights, and even higher,
Let the troubles behave a little quieter.
Let good luck run wild! And let not one task scare you !

Congratulate your organization from the bottom of our hearts,
We are sincerely in a hurry with all our hearts!
So that all your goals, Successfully succeed in everything everywhere!

We wish soyou get organized,
To have no doubts all year.
Let inspiration and positive come, To accompany you this New Year!

Wish your organization a Happy New Year!
Successful implementation of your business!
Sometimes spontaneous improvisation, Adversity of immediate disposal.

Always a stunning reputation for you,
And in the changes of instant adaptation.
Always a good, positive recommendation! With a victory to get out of any situation, of course!

Congratulations to the head of your company

Happy New Year, you, our boss!
We wish you to wipe everyone's nose!
Let all competitors roll, Under our, boss, applause.

We wish you to always be in the spirit,
So that a fly does not bite you.
Let the mood all year, Only sings about the award!

Happy New Year, boss,
Let there be festive success in business!
We wish you only stumble about luck, Do not doubt yourself in any way!

You will lead our ship to success,
A fair wind is easy to find!
He alth, of course, is impressive, And let nothing, no one upset.

Happy New Year, our boss!
And let it be like a stunning passage
Everything will be in the upcoming New Year! May you be sure to be lucky in everything!

Wish you don't have to scold
To all those who have to be late.
Or quietly close your eyes…
But we'll try to come early!

To subordinates and team

Dear my team, my team,
The composition of the invaluabletalent!
Happy New Year everyone, Let everything be always and without interference!

Let the alarm clock not be silent in the morning,
Let the traffic jam fly by!
I wish me not to forget about the award, And I get up more often from that foot!

My dear, brave team!
I wish you prospects in the New Year!
Enthusiasm, inspiration and strength, May your union overcome all adversity!

Let good luck please with its presence,
Let the bad things skillfully hide from you!
And let peace reign in the working atmosphere,And your intuition will keep your success!

Favorite team to you with a happy new year!
Let happiness and love be its basis!
Let there be no place for jambs in it! Long live! - successful bright days!

I wish you a sincere working atmosphere!
I wish you only faith in the worst moments!
Let the profit, the good bonus come! And ours will decorate the coming year!

Congratulations to colleagues in the organization

With all my heart, my colleagues,
So sincere, dear.
I hasten to congratulate you on the New Year, Happy transition!

Let it be a holiday salary,
Life will be sweeter than chocolate!
Let it wash away the negative down the pipe,There will be no place in life for evil!

Colleagues, dear, Happy New Year!
Let's release the shackles:
Let go of the negative, forget the quarrels,May this year be very fun!

Let us open new horizons.
Let happiness drive away sadness forever!
I wish you love, kindness and understanding!Let life appreciate all your efforts!

Happy New Year to you!
I am glad that I am up to my neck with you
In a calm and stable atmosphere. I really, really believe in you colleagues!

On this bright and cheerful note
I wish you to leave worries!
Let everything go easily and without problems! Let there be enough joy, good luck for everyone!

We hope you liked our poems! And if you suddenly do not know what to give your boss - ideas at the link! And here are ideas on how to celebrate the New Year in the office in a fun and bright way!

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