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The Baptism of the Lord is a good and joyful day for all believers. Of course, I want to share my joy with loved ones. Send them beautiful greeting verses or baptism cards and let grace fill your hearts and homes.

Today, on the night of January 19th,
All the sources of the planet have become holy.
Epiphany on the wonderful day of the calendar,

I wish you to be reborn,
I wish you to let go of all the heaviness from your heart,
Let everything bad turn into joy,So that nothing prevents you from sincerely loving!

Any source of water becomes holy
Only the day of the Baptism of the Lord is coming!
May harmony, comfort visit your home, May happiness and goodness guard the shelter in it!

There are many who have gone astray,
I wish everyone to find love and peace!
Let people not forget spiritual values, And the holiness of the holiday in the hearts of people will wake up !

To feel that the harsh world has corrected,
For many, he just crushed to smithereens!
Love, hope, mercy, warmth - To have a stable soul place found!

On a joyful holiday today,
May the Baptism of the Lord,
Every corner of the planet,Illuminate with magiclight!

Let the frost, so crackling,
Will for well-being
Provide in every home, And send love, goodness!

To live and live,
To not worry!
To burn and sorrow,You didn't leave a place!

Let the holy water in Baptism,
Cleanse from any grief!
May the joy of the holiday bring you All that the heart is quietly waiting for!

I wish you life without fear,
I wish you only a joyful mood!
In communication I wish only warmth, May all bright dreams come true!

On the night of January 19,
We do not go to bed with you for good reason.
The Baptism of the Lord is coming, And the holiness of the holiday inspires the soul!

I wish to live only surrounded by goodness
May faith in miracles be so brave!
And may nothing lead her astray, I wish you happiness and good luck.

I sincerely congratulate you on Baptism,
Let it become an acquisition on this day:
Love, dreams, spiritual deeds,Let everything bad become just fragile!

Let faith in good deeds grow stronger.
For love to find the way to you!
Open the heart, give the world,For goodness to make you a feast!

Of all miracles, exquisite, simple
To be lucky in everything, in any business!
Happiness accompanied you everywhere May it certainly be with your faith!

The soul is light today,
After all, the Baptism of the Lord.
Meeting with a miracle will provide,

Go for holy water,
Peace, love to let home!
Joy and mood, Sharewith you in Epiphany!

Light great feeling,
This is a holiday art!
May it always be with you, Protecting your peace!

I congratulate you on Baptism!
Will delight you with a touch,
Let a miracle on this holiday, And drive away sadness forever!

Sacred water at Baptism,
Let it cleanse the soul from grief,
From insults and quarrels that bother you, Open space for mercy!

The dove will flap its wings!
Baptism will come to us!
Doors to happiness will open, All bad things will forgive us!

I sincerely wish you happiness,
Be in your power
Good, love, luck,
Festive mood! Let it be in harmony, with goodness!

Your will soon leave home Sadness, separation and sadness!

Let them arrange a festival
Joyful moments only,
To be in a good mood
To meet every morning! To rejoice and dream!

We will not hide joy in our souls!
We will wash away all sorrow, illnesses
With pure, holy water, On such a joyful holiday!

I send in Baptism with love,
Only good he alth!
Bright and good days, Good, devoted people!

Open the door to happiness,
And let the Baptism in!
Sincerely open your heart, Find peace in your soul.

To make the holiday at this moment,
The world of your soul overtook!
Settled happiness in the house, Protected from sorrows!

Faith in the best will come,
Grief will steal!
Joy and luck so that Save you from human anger.

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