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Why do we love the New Year the most? Not for gifts and not for holidays, but for the feeling of an upcoming miracle that even the most cynical adults have. But the mood will not make itself :) To create magic around you need quite a bit - decorate a Christmas tree, cook goodies and decorate electronic devices (where without them) with symbols of the holiday.

To create such a festive atmosphere, you can download Christmas backgrounds for free. All of them are in high quality, you can download them absolutely free of charge, without SMS and registration. They can be useful for an electronic diary, blog or for creating a New Year's card. If you are into digital scrapbooking, these backgrounds will be an indispensable tool for creating beautiful compositions. They will also be useful for teachers to create children's presentations on the theme of the New Year. If the article is not loading, please wait a moment :)

Backgrounds and templates for postcards

Using these beautiful templates you can easily make a digital Christmas card. You just need to add a beautiful congratulation using photoshop or other digitaleditor. And here you can choose New Year's styles for photoshop.

Christmas card templates for kids

Love for the New Year holidays and creativity is instilled from childhood. Of course, children are looking forward to the most important holiday of the year, and are happy to join in the preparations for it. For the smallest fidgets, we have collected templates for New Year's cards. They can be printed, pasted on cardboard, and then painted. We are sure they will come in handy during the winter holidays. And the collection also has a symbol of 2023 - a cute Rabbit.

For Christmas scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is a very exciting and creative activity. to please the scrap-workers, we have collected backgrounds with snowmen, sweets and othercute :) The same backgrounds can be downloaded and printed on a color printer. It will turn out no worse than on real scrap paper, but much cheaper.

For presentation

Educators often make presentations on the theme of the New Year for children. These pictures may be useful to you.

For photoshop

Fans of making collages and taking unusual photos will surely like these backgrounds. And on this link you can find a free set of Christmas frames.

Templates and backgrounds for 2023

To make a postcard or congratulation 2023, you will need these beautiful templates on a transparent background.

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