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Unlike personal or religious holidays, the New Year is celebrated by most people. Everything is filled with pre-holiday fuss, gifts are packed, salad recipes are selected, and the feeling of an approaching fairy tale is in the air. You want to see magic everywhere: someone is looking for ways to decorate a workplace, someone is thinking about how to decorate a house for the New Year.

In this article:

  • How to decorate the New Year?
  • Outfit for a green beauty
  • Beautiful feast
  • Window to a winter fairy tale
  • Socks with a surprise
  • Miraculous Staircase
  • Door decoration
  • Exterior Home Decor

Small details of a big holiday

House decoration for the New Year is the only case when there cannot be too many decorative details. Even if every piece of furniture in every room of the house will remind you of the upcoming holiday, this will only increase the feeling of an impending miracle. The main condition is that all decorative elements must be designed in the same style or at least in the same color scheme. Only then will the house resemble a fabulous gingerbread house, and not show bad taste.

You can prepare the room for the holiday in various ways:

  • Decorate the entire perimeter of the room by decorating windows, doors, as well as placing garlands on the walls and, possibly, fixing decorative elements on the ceiling.
  • Use multiple "points" by placing large Christmas compositions of several elements.

As garlands, not only traditional Christmas decorations can be used, but also dried oranges strung on ribbons, cinnamon, and even gingerbread. At the same time, the house will literally be filled with a special New Year's aroma in just a few moments.

To create large compositions, it is customary to use natural materials or artificial products that imitate them: cones, fir branches, holly. In addition, candles are actively used. Considering fire safety requirements, preference should be given to modern LED candles that can be left on even at night.

If the interior of the room being decorated is already overloaded with small details, adding additional, even festive, elements can create a feeling of chaos and disorder. In this case, the following decorating techniques are recommended:

  • Decorate window glass only, and use only translucent or white elements.
  • Include one composition in the interior that is in harmony with the rest of the items. You can even place a similar decor in the hallway, having appropriately decorated part of the wall and the territory adjacent to it.
  • Do not use other elements of the holiday, except for a decorated Christmas tree. Due to the large number of toys and lighting, the Christmas tree will become the central element of the New Year's interior.

How to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year?

There are many traditions associated with a decorated Christmas tree - one of the symbols of New Year's celebrations. The very process of buying (or assembling) a tree and then decorating it for many families has become a ritual that evokes fond memories throughout life. Nevertheless, with the general inviolability of tradition, many design options are possible: not only a Christmas tree, but also pine, fir, and even any, not necessarily coniferous, plant can be used as a decorated tree. You can dress up a tree not only by using decorations that are suitable in style or, on the contrary, contrastingly eye-catching decorations.

If "home"It is customary to decorate a Christmas tree not only with purchased Christmas toys, but also with various crafts, or hand-made gingerbread, then Christmas trees installed in offices or other working premises can be decorated with a great deal of imagination. A clothing store will be decorated with a composition in the form of a women's outfit, the Christmas tree in the lobby of the resort hotel will look organic, it would seem, not New Year's shells and marine paraphernalia, and in the flower shop, a spruce with fresh flowers will look interesting instead of traditional balls and rain.

Beautiful feast

When decorating the table at which the main New Year's dinner will be held, you should use items that are in harmony not only with dishes, but also suitable for decorating food.

It is known that the traditional New Year's red stimulates the appetite, while the cold blue, on the contrary, suppresses it.

At the same time, a table decorated in silver-blue tones will perfectly fit into the interior in a cold, winter style, however, the choice of dishes for a festive feast should be made taking into account their compatibility with the overall interior design concept.

Festive table can be decorated in several ways:

  • place a decorative composition in the center of the table;
  • decorate the table with textile paths (along or across) on which to place Christmas decorations;
  • use individual decorative elements by placing them on each guest's cutlery or crockery.

Food products are actively used as components of table compositions: citrus fruits, fruits, spices. Preference should be given to natural materials: decorations made of wood, fresh fir branches and cones.

Window to a winter fairy tale

Traditionally, it is customary to decorate windows with filigree snowflakes cut out of paper or, using one of the printed diagrams, other silhouettes of Christmas scenes cut on paper.

Decoration attached to a cornice or window frame will produce a different effect. Hanging Christmas decorations from a spruce garland or pictures, fixed in the form of New Year's flags, will create a feeling of weightless decorations, easily floating in the air, like real snowflakes.

Fireplace and surprise socks

A fireplace with Christmas socks (or boots) hanging on it for sweets is another recognizable symbol of the New Year. It should be remembered that socks filled with sweets are quite heavy, so the mantel should be equipped with hooks for attaching them. In the case when it is impossible to fix sweet decorations, you can decorate a shelf with a garland woven from natural or artificial spruce branches with New Year decorations attached to it.

Contrary to popular belief, not only owners of private houses can admire a beautifully decorated Christmas fireplace. A fake fireplace, in the hearth of which real or LED candles will burn, is easy to make on your own. To do this, just use one of the instructions in the article New Year's fireplace with your ownhands.

How to decorate stairs?

New Year 2023 many families will celebrate in country cottages and country houses. According to the Western tradition of decorating the New Year's interior, decorating the stairs is not the last place. You can decorate the stairs not only with the help of fir branches and snowflakes, but also in accordance with the general style of decorating the house. Using LED lighting or garlands in decoration will make the stairs look solemn at any time of the day.

Door decoration

Contrary to popular belief, doors for the Christmas holidays can be decorated not only with wreaths. Skillfully composed compositions, fixed in a wooden frame, on a foam base or a wire frame, will bring a sense of celebration even at the entrance to a house or apartment. It is important to consider options for attaching decorations to the door leaf. Depending on the material of which the door is made, decorations can be attached to brackets, hooks, adhesive tape or other special devices.

Exterior Home Decor

Often, home owners pay attention only to decorating the interior, completely forgetting about the surrounding space. In order for every guest and household to feel the approach of magic, it is important not only to decorate the house for the New Year, but also to festively decorate the courtyard of the house. You can use various ideas for decorating the site, apply different decorating techniques and fun ideas. However, if the outside of the house is covered with snow, the decorations may not be visible. In this case, only luminous garlands should be used in the exterior design.

No matter what are the fashion trends and trends in decorating New Year's interiors in 2023. Memories of the holiday, which brought a feeling of warmth, kindness and comfort to everyone in the house, will remain for many years.

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