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At the end of the outgoing year, it is very important to congratulate those with whom we worked hand in hand all year: we cooperated, achieved new achievements together, or, on the contrary, experienced hard times. We wrote official greetings for the New Year 2023 for various occasions. These verses will remind your partners, superiors or colleagues how much you appreciate them and are glad to work with them in the coming year.


  • for the work team;
  • for partner firm;
  • for beloved colleagues;
  • for guidance;
  • congratulations from the governor (did you think their secretaries don't look for poetry on the Internet? :)
  • from the head of the district (same case);
  • from the administration of something.

To the team

Forgetting about everyday work,
Congratulations, team!
Self-confident, invincible! Let this year be unique!

Wishing you a Happy New Year
Drive with good luck and good luck!
Leave all misunderstandings in the past
Go forward confidently, but carefully!
To win together in everything! To never lose heart anywhere!

May the upcoming New Year,
Your collectivefriendly platoon,
Success accompanies everywhere!

Let all working moments
Pass to applause
Good luck, joy, aspirations! And your future achievements!

Dear, beloved team!
May your asset be full of power!
May the strength of your strong relationship Do not find resistance along the way!

And good he alth in the New Year,
In no case, let it not let you down!
And let there be no obstacles on the way,And let success accompany everything !

Partner firm or company

May the upcoming New Year
Bring us stability!
Success, strong partnership! Victory, aspirations and perseverance!

To reach heights together,
To raise a smart bank account,
To have time to relax,Well friends, good luck, on the road!

Happy New Year, dear partners!
We are the directors of our life!
I wish you and us to arrange everything in this way, To build a mutually beneficial framework!

Successful, strong, lasting relationships!
Good, profitable decisions for us!
Working for the benefit of our pocket, Let success become our chieftain!

We are in a hurry to partners with the New Year,
Congratulate, wish with all my heart!

Everything, just like before, just like now!
Show everyone the highest class again!
May this upcoming New Year Bring you all to success again!

Official congratulations to colleagues

Colleagues,Happy New Year!
Let everything always be in full swing!
Work is in full swing, the salary is happy! And life will be rich in success!

I want to leave everything bad in the past!
I hope it won't be difficult for us.
Only go forward on the right course, And always be able to find the right way out!

In the New Year, I want to congratulate my colleagues,
I wish you to escape into the world of success!
Take everything good with you! And get on the path of good luck together!

I wish you to protect our comfort together!
We also achieve new successes together!
We are a good and faithful team! We need a friend for future victories!

Dear colleagues, Happy New Year,
Well? Let's break all the bad weather plans!
I wish to conquer the peaks again,
Break all the webs with failure! Confidently go forward again! Always help each other together!

New Year greeting verses for management

We hasten to congratulate the leadership on the New Year!
Let all the decisions you make influence the production as positively!
We will achieve success in the future without a doubt!

We sincerely wish you good he alth!
We send you creative success!
We wish you to bring all your ideas to life, To invite us the thirteenth salary!

We wish the leadership a Happy New Year
A lot of pleasant, money troubles!
And may every decision be successful! Do not bother you in vain!

Let your intuition lead you correctly!
To success in the upcoming New Year!
He alth is not afraid of bad weather! And let happiness strive to meet you!

We wish our leadership patience!
A great impression from the holiday!
Good, interesting proposals
And joyful fun impressions! Let this upcoming New Year You will bring a lot of laughter!

Congratulations from the Governor

As a governor, I want to wish you
Protect your loved ones.
Stay away from negative thoughts! Say goodbye to adversity forever!

I wish you good he alth and love,
Peace of mind, hope to find!
May this upcoming New Year, Save warmth and kindness for you!

I want to congratulate all the people from the bottom of my heart,
May the New Year bring you happiness.
Good, joyful and festive news,And there are many devoted people on your way!

Let life be happy with luck all year,
Let joy often call you!
As a governor, I want to say, That I will help you in this!

Accept wishes from the governor!
Let the New Year be the organizer
Ideas for a successful life, prosperity, And strong mutual understanding!

Mutual assistance, mutual respect!
Have a good and festive mood!
Let's boycott failures to everyone!Let's work together in the coming year!

From the head of the district

Accept congratulations from the head of the district!
Let there be joy in the daily diet!
And let nothing overshadow the positive!
Let's send all the bad things together to the archive! I wish the difficulties easy overcome!

Laugh boldly, do not be sad and do not get sick!
Do not surrender to the slavery of annoying sadness!
May the strength of the spirit be made of steel!
And may the upcoming New Year, Warmth, hope faithfully find!

I, as the head of the district, congratulate all the people!
May it be a joyful, successful New Year!
Let's gather strength together! To find all the blessings for us together!

To move forward successfully!
May a better change await you!
Do not give in to us at all costs! Do not doubt yourself in any case !

Happy New Year to the population!
Let common sense show us the direction!
Let the heart show us the right path!Let difficulties not grieve at all!

We can easily overcome everything!
I wish you to achieve everything and do everything in time!
Raise all your creative potential! And walk confidently into the New Year!

Happy New Year from Administration

Congratulations from the administration!
May happiness arrange demonstrations for you!
May generously inspire you in the New Year! May every day inspire confidence!

Let success organize stability!
Let the holiday generously, generously indulge!
Nobility will melt the ice in the hearts,Let humanity in people not go away!

Receive greetings from the administration for the New Year!
We wish you to live happily for many years!
May the economy not damage the budget!
May every moment be filled with bright light! Do not succumb to negative persuasion,Burst into the New Year with happiness!
In the New Year, the administration
Sends a standing ovation out of joy,
Out of luck, a big bouquet,
And fiery out of happinesshello! In order not to hide from the holiday, Success is rushing at full steam towards you!

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