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With the approach of the New Year, for some reason you always want to do something with your own hands. It's probably left over from childhood. Another question is that there is not always enough time to be creative … But this year we urge you to find a couple of hours in order to make wonderful New Year's bouquets for yourself and your family and friends. Such a stylish and beautiful gift may well replace the Christmas tree, which is especially important for small apartments. Do-it-yourself New Year's bouquet is not only easy, but also very exciting!

In this article:

  • Types of New Year's bouquets;
  • Materials that will be required for work;
  • Master class.

What could be a New Year's bouquet?

In fact, only fantasy limits us, everything that you consider beautiful and appropriate can enter the festive New Year's composition. But still, there are several main types:

  • Only from natural materials. These are branches of pine, spruce, fir, cones, dried branches of mountain ash, flowers, tangerines. The most environmentally friendly, fragrant, but, unfortunately, short-lived gift.
  • Christmas composition made of artificialmaterials. Artificial twigs, Christmas balls, bows, ribbons, candles, candies. Such a bouquet will stand not only all winter, but the next New Year will be like new. Well, except that the sweets will not stand for a long time, but they can be easily replaced!
  • Combined. Here you can complete artificial and natural materials. For example, add natural twigs with balls and sweets, or add tangerines and fresh flowers to artificial spruce branches. Combined compositions are the most creative, bright and original, but, unfortunately, they are also not durable, especially their natural component.

Where can I put such a craft? Lots of design options! The bouquet can be reminiscent of a classic floral and can be wrapped in kraft paper, heavy canvas, or holiday-themed paper. You can place the composition in a wicker basket or gift box, put compact bouquets in a decorated bottle of champagne or a beautiful mug.

Christmas bouquet instead of a Christmas tree can be quite large, decorate it with Christmas decorations and a garland with small bulbs.

What do you need to create a composition for the New Year?

When you decide on the components of the composition, and its placement, it's time to collect all the necessary components and auxiliary materials.

To keep the craft with living branches as long as possible, place them in a floral sponge, it can be found in specializedflower shops. Simply dampen the sponge with plenty of water. If you are using spruce or pine branches, you can soak a sponge in a solution of water, aspirin and a drop of sugar (1 tablet per 1 liter of water). So they will last longer. Or put the bouquet in a vase (glass, mug, …) with water or the solution described above.

Also for creativity you will need:

  • Wooden skewers (tangerines are strung on them, cones and sweets are glued);
  • Glue gun/glue;
  • Jute twine;
  • Ribbons, bows, corrugated paper;
  • Any decorative elements of your choice (artificial snow, sparkles, tinsel, garlands, etc.)

Let's get creative

How to make a Christmas composition? Check out these photo tutorials!

Start with a fruity, fragrant and delicious option


  • fruit;
  • pine;
  • cotton;
  • silly.

Vitamin-New Year's bouquet is ready!

Floral arrangement in the shape of a star


  • Corrugated cardboard;
  • Sprigs of spruce, pine, fir, etc.;
  • Real flowers;
  • Spruce or pine cones;
  • Glue/thermal gun;
  • Floral organza;
  • Crepe paper;
  • Decorative ribbon or rope;
  • Any decor items on yourdiscretion.

Use a breadboard knife or scissors to cut a star out of cardboard.

Now you should wrap it with organza and fix it carefully with a glue gun.

Glue cones.

Insert flowers and fir branches into the hole of the cardboard star and fix the stems with tape.

Make "sweets" out of cardboard and crepe paper.

Fix the edges of the “sweets” with tape.

Using a glue gun, attach the blanks to the bouquet.

Here's what happened.

Bouquet in a regular vase

It will not be possible to give it, but it will perfectly decorate your home. We will need:

  • Spruce twigs;
  • Transparent vase;
  • Tangerines;
  • Wooden skewers or drinking straws;
  • Candies with a golden wrapper;
  • Ribbon;
  • Several flowers (but you can get by with spruce branches only).

First fill the vase with water.

Put Christmas balls in the water.

Insert fir branches and flowers between the balls.

Tie candies to ribbons.

Paint your Christmas composition with them.

Put tangerines on tubules or skewers.

Put them in the vase.

A simple and very beautiful New Year's gift is ready!

Beautiful photo ideas

Fantasy, invent your own original New Year's bouquets and delight yourself and your loved ones with handmade gifts. Happy New Year everyone!

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