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There is no doubt that Santa Claus is the main character of the New Year celebrations. It is his miracles and gifts that children are waiting for, they send letters, postcards, and under the Christmas tree for a fairy-tale wizard, a return children's gift is often hidden - a New Year's craft. Santa Claus himself often becomes a character, embodied in various types of creativity.


  • Easy origami
  • Crafts from felt
  • Bottle Decoration
  • Crafts from cotton pads
  • Santa Claus from plasticine
  • Diy thread figurines
  • Santa Claus made of paper

DIY Origami

A person who is fond of origami will have no questions about how to make small paper figures in the form of Santa Claus. Having chosen the simplest and most understandable option among the proposed schemes, even an inexperienced person in this type of creativity can make a New Year's paper figurine. Santa Claus, made with his own hands from a small sheet of colored paper, will be a great addition to the main gift or postcard, and will also be a wonderful sign of attention.

Crafts from felt

Felt is a very practical and convenient material for creativity. Felt toys are not only colorful and pleasant to the touch: due to the fact that the details of the pattern can not only be sewn on, but also glued to each other using hot glue or a glue stick, creating felt crafts is also suitable for children.

In order to make felt Santa Claus with your own hands, you will need:

  • red felt:
  • nude felt;
  • white felt;
  • white floss;
  • needle;
  • synthetic winterizer or cotton wool;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

Progress of work (step by step):

  • Print or redraw the product pattern on paper, cut out the details.
  • Bend the red felt in half, use a pencil to transfer the largest detail of the pattern (in the form of a drop) onto it and cut it out. Sew both parts of the part together, leaving a centimeter segment unsewn. Through the resulting hole, fill the product with padding polyester or cotton wool (for convenience, you can use a pencil), and then sew up the hole.
  • From the flesh-colored felt, cut out 1 piece in the form of an oval. This is the face of the future figurine. After placing the part in the desired place, attach white felt parts on top of it: a beard and a cap frill. The frill should be stitched around the entire perimeter, and the beard should be sewn only in the place of its contact with the face of the figure.
  • Cut out the remaining details from white felt: mustache and pompom hats (2 pcs.). Mustache sew over the beard,sewing along the top edge only.
  • Cut out a small circle (nose) from body felt and sew it over the mustache.
  • Insert the end of the Santa Claus hat between two pom-pom parts and sew them together.
  • Embroider or draw eyes. Fasten the thread in the form of a loop.

Various decorative elements will decorate and diversify the craft. Santa Claus can be made not only in the traditional red and white colors, but also have a blue or green suit.

Bottle Decoration

It's no secret that the most versatile New Year's gift for people not close to you is champagne (or other alcohol) and chocolate (or sweets). The original Santa Claus, hand-sewn from colorful materials, will make the gift unusual and memorable.

Making crafts from bottles is also suitable for younger kindergarten groups: for this, it is enough to fill transparent bottles with red paper, glue a cotton beard and plastic eyes on top and complete the image of the main New Year's wizard with a red sock or paper cap imitating a hatcharacter.

Crafts from cotton pads

Wadded pads and cotton wool - the easiest material to work in kindergarten. Children can stick cotton pads (or balls) on templates prepared in advance by adults or make crafts exclusively with their own hands, first painting it and then decorating it with cotton wool details. These can be snowflakes cut out by a figured hole punch, Father Frost's cotton beard, as well as details of his costume.

The same patterns, decorated with details of cotton pads and cotton wool according to the tastes and skills of each child, will be wonderful and different gifts that children can take home and give to their loved ones.

For creativity in older groups of kindergarten, more painstaking and complex work is suitable - creating crafts from cotton pads and sticks. Glued sticks together make a good building material for creating fabulous winter landscapes.

Santa Claus from plasticine

For children of older kindergarten groups, as well as youngerplasticine modeling will become easy for schoolchildren. Depending on the skills of the child, you can choose step-by-step instructions for products of varying degrees of complexity: from the simplest to figures with a lot of small details.

Santa Claus made of plasticine will become the main character of fabulous winter scenes and New Year's stories.

Thread figurines

Creating a fairy-tale character from woolen threads is a laborious process that requires not so much special handicraft skills as it takes a lot of time and painstaking work. However, the resulting figurines have a very "homey" feel to them, evoking a sense of coziness and warmth.

Santa Claus made of paper

Paper crafts are extremely diverse not only in type, but also in the types of techniques used in the process of their creation. Paper of only two colors (green and red), twisted and fixed in the form of cones and supplemented with small details (a face with a beard, Christmas balls) will become the basis for creating a wonderful New Year's composition in the form of Christmas trees and Santa Claus. This idea is great for co-creating with lots of kids.

Printed on plain paper or redrawn and cut out of cardboard templates depicting the New Year's wizard, as well as his beautiful granddaughter, will give the child the opportunity to prepare small and different gifts for their loved ones.

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