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2022 is predicted by astrologers to be calm. The earthen Pig will be the symbol of this year, so there will be no ups and downs, because these animals lead such a measured lifestyle.


  • A little about the symbol of 2023;
  • What can be decorated with embroidery;
  • Required materials;
  • How to embroider a pig;
  • Embroidery care;
  • Large patterns for download.

A little about the symbol of 2023

It is believed that this symbol is distinguished by gullibility and kindness, pigs are always ready to help, looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Preparing for the new year, you need to decorate the apartment in pink, brown and green colors. It is these colors that will bring good luck in 2023. In addition, you can embroider a beautiful picture of a pig.

In order for 2023 to bring good luck, you need to try to make friends with the animal. Of course, pork dishes should be present on the New Year's table. You can buy figurines and a piggy bank. Pig embroidery is also a good solution. It is best to wear bright, positive colors throughout the year.

If a person lives incountry house, you can get a small decorative pig, it will bring material we alth, peace and peace of mind to the house. In 2023, you don’t need to strain, but rather you need to rest more.

What can be decorated with embroidery?

Traditionally, a cross-stitched picture is framed and placed on the wall, but embroidery can be used in other, less standard ways. For example, you can make an applique out of it and stick it on children's clothes. You can decorate a greeting card with appliqué.

If you wish, you can make a Christmas tree toy yourself, and stick an embroidered pig on it. In addition, small embroidered pigs can decorate a tablecloth, towels and napkins. If you combine all these elements, you get a nice gift set.

From embroidery fabric, you can sew a small pillow for needles, on which a cute pig will be depicted. You just need to have a few colors of floss, a small piece of fabric and a cross stitch pattern.

Required Materials

Small pig embroidery does not require a large set of tools and materials. You will need to prepare:

  • Fabric for embroidery. It is better to choose a white fabric, not a dark one, because in 2023 it is better to give preference to bright and light shades.
  • Needle or hook. It all depends on how the needlewoman is most comfortable.
  • The required number of threads. The cross stitch pattern will help you decide whichshades need to be prepared.
  • Scissors.
  • Matches.
  • Pencil.
  • Hoop.

How to embroider a Pig

First you need to prepare the fabric. Since the edges of the embroidery fabric are constantly falling apart, you need to take matches and burn the edges of the fabric, lightly touching them with a flame. This will help seal them in.

If the embroidery is continuous, you can draw a diagram on the canvas. The fabric must be divided into squares of 10 × 10 cells. This will help you navigate the diagram better. If necessary, the drawing can be carefully removed with a regular eraser. In this case, you do not need to press hard on the pencil, the diagram should be slightly noticeable.

If it is easier for a needlewoman to embroider a picture when the fabric is stretched, you need to use a hoop. The threads need to be sorted by color, and you can start embroidering. Following the pattern, you need to repeat the pattern cell by cell.

Product care

Caring for a painting is not difficult. Immediately after embroidery, you need to smooth it so that all the threads are light and even. To do this, the picture is gently washed in warm water with liquid detergent, you need to wash it with your hands. Then the embroidery is dried by gently rolling it into a roller from a dry towel.

After it needs to be ironed. To do this, put a thin fabric on it and iron it. At this point, the moisture will evaporate and the painting will dry completely, and the pattern will be perfectly even.

Then the pictureplaced in a frame, it is desirable that it be glazed. This will help protect the embroidery from fading. In the future, if the embroidery needs to be washed, in no case should you use aggressive detergents, powders for white linen, laundry soap. They can ruin the embroidery, the threads will fade.

Free big patterns

Embroidery a small pig is not difficult. Here are simple, but at the same time, original schemes for embroidery. You will need a minimal set of tools and some free time.

For your convenience, all schemes are presented in high resolution, so please wait a bit until they are loaded :) Click on the selected image to enlarge it. And if you want to embroider a Tiger, then click on the link.

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