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Get scissors, glue, a ruler, a pencil, a needle and thread, and whatever materials you have around the house. Everything is used - old newspapers and magazines, colored paper, cardboard, pieces of felt, knitting yarn, ordinary pasta. You may not be able to decide on the material right away, or the process will capture you so much that you will make several Christmas trees.

Easy craft: skewers and paper

Base: sushi sticks or wooden skewers. For the crown: fold a sheet of green paper like an accordion, punch it in the middle with a hole punch, cut it out in the shape of a triangle. It remains to string improvised needles on the trunk, fix, decorate as desired. The final touch is a loop of thread at the top or a stump of cardboard for stability.

Warm Christmas tree made of felt

You will need pieces of felt or fluffy drape of green, light green, brown colors. However, any shades will do - this is your Christmas tree. Additionally - a little padding polyester, buttons or old jewelry for decoration.

Work: draw and cut two Christmas treesof arbitrary shape, place a filler between the blanks, sew with straight stitches or over the edge, decorate - the craft is ready.

Beautiful paper Christmas tree

Fold a sheet of green paper, as shown in the photo, remove the excess - you get the right triangle. Cut into equal strips, leaving 1-2 cm to the fold. Gently wrap the "coniferous paws" inside and glue. Make a brown stump, decorate with ready-made small pompoms, funny figurines, beads.

Delicate cardboard craft

It is ideal to use a double-layer packing carton. Cut a triangular blank, carefully thread the skewer inside. Cut strips of colored paper, glue randomly in the transverse direction, fix the excess on the wrong side. Stick the barrel into a foam or cork stand, synthetic winterizer or cotton wool will imitate snow.

From magazines and newspapers - 2 options

Old magazines (children's, advertising, glossy) cut into squares of different sizes. Thread onto the skewer in order from largest to smallest. Using a minimal amount of glue, sprinkle "thick branches" with artificial snow, decorate the top.

Thick glossy magazine with paper clips - almost ready craft for school. It is enough to fold each page several times diagonally, wrap the excess at the bottom inside, fix with glue if necessary, straighten the crown, decorate.

Crepe paper

Cut strips of various lengths, smear one edge with glue, make arbitrary folds. Collect sequentially - from large to small. It is better to attach to the base or a sheet of contrasting paper in the form of an applique. Decorate with confetti, snowflakes, stars.

From a plastic bottle

There is a green plastic bottle in the house - a handmade Christmas tree will last more than one season. Separate the neck and fix a paper cone in it. Divide the plastic into pieces and cut into a comb. Secure each element to the base with thin tape.

From toilet paper rolls

We offer two options: to make a big Christmas tree for school, and a small Christmas tree for kindergarten. The first is suitable if there is time or opportunity to collect a sufficient amount of material. Paint the bushings green, 2-4 brown for the base. Assemble the Christmas tree shape with glue or double-sided tape, decorate with balls and beads.

For the second option, you only need one bushing. It should be shortened slightly.accent the stump with paints or shiny braid. Draw and cut out 4 semicircles, roll up with a cone, arrange the bottom in the form of a fringe. Consistently assemble and decorate.

From threads

And how to make a Christmas tree, if there is no desire to mess with glue and time is running out? Craft from threads, even without needlework skills. You just need to wrap the cardboard blank with green yarn in random order. Sew on a loop with a couple of stitches and ready-made pompoms - that's it, you can celebrate the New Year.

For the second option, you still have to glue the cone, but the effort will be minimal. Then wind the threads in a circle, sew on buttons, decorate with beads, snowflakes. You can use a different color of yarn or twine.

Aerial Christmas trees

You will get an unusual Christmas tree for the New Year if you use an interesting technique. All the same paper cone is wrapped with threads pre-lubricated with PVA glue. Chaotic arrangement is welcome. After the structure dries, the base is removed, the tree is decorated.

Green pom pom fluffies

You will need a template for making pom-poms or ready-made fluffy balls - sold in needlework stores. You can also buy other elements of the future spruce there. It is easy to assemble it with your own hands. The pom poms are tied together.or attached to a coiled wire. A soft craft without a frame is put on a plastic glass or bottle.

From lace

If you want a really original craft, a vintage style Christmas tree is for you. If you are not strong in needlework, limit yourself to simple crafts. Strips of lace, ribbons, ready-made appliqués are glued onto a paper cone. But you can create a real masterpiece. Difficulty depends on skill level and imagination.

From pasta

New Year 2023 brings with it a Rabbit who never minds a bite to eat. So, pasta is suitable as a building material. Row after row, individual elements are glued onto the cone-base, painted from a spray can, decorated, sprinkled with artificial snow. You can make a high-tech silver Christmas tree, pompous gold, standard green. More ideas like this here.

Modular paper

How to make a Christmas tree out of paper and at the same time show off your skill - remember or learn the basics of the ancient art of origami. Fold the sheet as shown in the photo, remove the excess, cut strips along the contours, fold inward to add volume, straighten the craft and admire your creation.

Based on a paper cone

Easy crafts can be just as spectacular. It is quite easy to paste over a paper cone with colored circles in the form of needles or individual elements, make it perforated and supplement with lighting, build a multi-tiered structure from large strips or narrow ribbons. And here you will find more ideas for cone Christmas trees.

Unusual ideas from improvised materials

Wadding is an excellent material for a DIY Christmas tree. Wrap around any stick, decorate and place in a miniature bucket. Replacement for paper sleeves - rolled cardboard. Use bottle caps, colorful or beaded. Suitable natural branches, a spiral of copper wire, dried orange slices.

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