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With the onset of November, Christmas trees take their places on window sills, desks and in shop windows, forest beauties proudly demonstrate festive illumination and Christmas decorations to others in city squares. Making a small semblance of a New Year's tree is not at all difficult. We have collected some interesting ideas for you.

When it's not a pipe. And the Christmas tree!

Creating paper tube Christmas trees is a pretty fun activity that kids will love. The main thing is to pre-prepare tubes of colored paper. The tubes should be of different lengths, but the same thickness. Pasted on a flat surface in the form of a Christmas tree, they will be a cute and unusual gift.

Christmas trees from the forest? No, from a cone!

The easiest way to create a DIY Christmas craft is to make a Christmas tree from a paper cone. The materials and procedure are so simple that they are accessible to both children in kindergartens and office workers with busy work schedules.

It doesn't matter what will serve as the basis for making cones: white, colored, craft or crepe paper. It doesn't matter what will serve as a decor:rhinestones, beads, pushpins or circles of colored paper. The main thing is that the result will always be the same: cute hand-made gizmos that will easily become the basis of the most stylish New Year's composition.

Making tutorial:

  1. Cut out a circle from paper, cut it in half.
  2. Roll the paper semi-circle into a cone and fasten with glue, stapler, tape or paper clip.
  3. Fix decorative elements on the surface of the cone. Glue rhinestones; in rows, starting from the bottom, stick white or colored paper mugs; stick curly push pins.

Using circles of different sizes or from colored paper of different shades, you can create several crafts in the same style.

Curvy is beautiful!

Volume Christmas trees made of paper will help to decorate the workplace or present a small souvenir to colleagues. Schemes for creating New Year's origami offer several options for the paper embodiment of an evergreen beauty. Such a voluminous Christmas tree, complemented by decorative stars, will certainly look not like a modest souvenir from colleagues, but rather like an unusual designer item.

New Year's quilling

Masters of creating paper masterpieces using the quilling technique will also be able to please others with festive crafts. Evencreating gifts for a large family, you can be smart and give everyone an original surprise, never repeating. Using the quilling technique, you can create a variety of crafts:

  • large three-dimensional panels of many elements;
  • small decorative figurines that will perfectly complement gift wrapping or become a serving element;
  • fancy Christmas pendants;
  • tabletop 3d figurines;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • greeting cards.

Christmas trees, dense forest…

New Year 2023 will be remembered by both adults and children if you complement the festive table setting with original cards with the names of guests.

To make these simple paper Christmas trees you will need:

  1. From thick paper of suitable colors, cut an even number of triangles - future Christmas trees.
  2. Secure a wooden toothpick or skewer on the wrong side of the triangle with adhesive tape. If you use double-sided tape and stick a small strip of it on the wrong side of the triangle, the Christmas tree will turn out to be double-sided. In this case, it will look beautiful not only for its owner, but also for his table neighbors.
  3. Stick a stick with a paper triangle into a chocolate candy in foil of a suitable color.
  4. Write a name on the Christmas tree (or on a white strip glued on top)guest and set the figurine in the middle of the plate.


For a simple and interesting craft, you will need several circles of different sizes and colors. Each circle must be folded in the same way as paper for cutting out a snowflake is folded. After the circles can be slightly straightened and strung on a vertically installed skewer (bamboo stick), fixed at the base for stability.

From cardboard - does not mean ugly

It's not always rare and special materials that are required to create a beautiful craft. Packaging cardboard will be a wonderful basis for bright creations. A simple Christmas tree made of cardboard with glued sweets can pleasantly surprise you with its beauty!

Cardboard crafts decorated by children to their taste will be a wonderful New Year's gift that can be prepared together in kindergarten.

The symbol of the New Year 2023, made of ordinary packaging cardboard, will look very stylish if you make holes in it with the help of New Year's figured hole punches.

Corrugated Paper Trees

Christmas tree made of special paper for scrapbooking looks original. If it was not possible to purchase such material, ordinary thick colored paper will successfully replace it.

To create a three-dimensional figurefrom paper you will need:

  1. Connect two adjacent corners of a square of corrugated paper and glue the sides of the square that touched in this way. The result should be a corrugated semicircle. If there is no special paper, you can use plain paper (optionally colored) and fold the square of paper with an accordion yourself.
  2. Two paper semicircles fasten together with glue.
  3. Make circles of different sizes in the same or different colors.
  4. String the circles on a reinforced skewer.
  5. Decorate the top with a large bead or star.

A lesson for letter-eaters

Even in the era of electronic "readers" and audiobooks, most people are in awe of paper books. However, not all books are worthy of taking a place in family libraries. And, if not everyone raises their hand to throw them away, then everyone can have a hand in transforming into a festive craft.

Vytynanka Christmas trees

Perhaps there is nothing more elegant than a neatly cut paper Christmas tree. It is as if woven from thin lace, filled with air and fragility. It is easy to make a stencil. Such a Christmas tree will certainly become a subject of admiration and pride.

Here are some of the patterns. Download other stencils here.

Crafts from templates

Prepare a lot of New Year's beauties as mini-gifts, without spending a lot of time, ready-made templates will help. It is enough to print the appropriate material on paper, and then cut and glue the figures according to the instructions on the diagrams.

Big wall tree

Often, people prefer to decorate not only the living room, but also the rest of the house, including the hallway. This decoration option is perfect for a hallway (or a room with a wall free of furniture).

Fixed on the wall with tape or safety pins, paper rings will allow you to create a panel in the form of a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree can be decorated with garlands, beads and a star fixed on its top (see making circles from corrugated paper).

Paper New Year 2023

Can't put up a tree of any kind, but still need to create a place for presents? This unusual option will suit you.

Ideas as the basis for creativity

Christmas tree craft ideas can be implemented in completely different ways: make an application, create a Christmas tree from crepe paper, come up with an unusual garland … Try it, and you will definitely succeed!

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