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New Year is the time when you want everyone to take part in preparing for the holiday, to feel the magic of the approaching fairy tale. Having decided to decorate the windows for the New Year, you will not only prepare your house for the holiday, but also share your festive mood with others who will see the result of your work. We have prepared some simple and bright decor ideas.

Choose: what do you like more?

  • LED fireflies;
  • homemade garlands;
  • gouache - well forgotten old;
  • decoration with balloons;
  • 3D paper compositions;
  • Christmas vytynanki;
  • how to decorate a windowsill;
  • outdoor window decor.

LED garlands and candles

Every year, the tradition of decorating windows with luminous garlands embraces more and more people. On the eve of the New Year, the gray high-rise buildings of the sleeping areas are transformed: here and there multi-colored windows are lit, sparkling with lights.

Modern Christmas garland is more than just a string of multi-colored LED lights. Even being one-color, the garland can become the main elementNew Year's decor: light bulbs can cast whimsical shadows through openwork paper snowflakes, fixed next to or covered with ordinary paper cups, reminiscent of small home lampshades.

Not only to decorate windows for the New Year, but also to give the interior a touch of romance or even mystery, you can use lighted candles. Candles can be the same in color and size, or, on the contrary, differ in shape, but make up a single composition in the overall style of the interior.

DIY garlands

Great room for fantasies to come true - creating homemade garlands for windows.

Original hanging jewelry can be created from everything that is at hand. Garlands made with:will look beautiful and unusual

  • fixed at different heights of snowflakes cut out of paper;
  • colorful pom-poms or white cotton balls resembling snowballs;
  • spruce branches attached to the main ribbon and hung to it on thin ribbons or threads with cones;
  • candy or traditional Christmas gingerbread, spreading the aromas of New Year's spices around them;
  • paper or cotton pads of different diameters, glued together with a thread previously passed through the middle of the disks;
  • New Year's figurines made of cardboard or thick kraft paper, attached on a satin ribbon or braid, whose color should match the color scheme of the interior.

Guache painting

You can decorate windows for the New Year with paints. The wide surface of the window panes makes it possible to depict whole scenes with several characters against the backdrop of New Year's landscapes. It is better to use gouache for drawing - compared to other paints, it lays down on the glass in a dense layer and is easily washed off afterwards.

Even small children can paint windows for the holiday. They themselves can draw the whole picture or color what adults have outlined on the glass. If you plan to draw a small drawing, you can print a suitable image, temporarily fix the sheet on the outside of the window and trace the outlines of the image, so that later you can color them yourself or with the children.

New Year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Children will appreciate the unusual idea if the cute Tiger cub can become one of the many New Year's characters painted on the windows on the eve of the holiday.

Window decoration with balloons

It is impossible to imagine a New Year's interior without traditional Christmas decorations - Christmas balls. Multi-colored or plain balls attached to the cornice at different heights, induring the daytime they will look like they are floating in the air, and after dark they will become an original festive accent in the interior.

3D paper decorations

You can decorate windows for the New Year using plain white paper. Hand-drawn stencils or printed paper silhouette templates just need to be cut out and stuck to a window (or placed on a windowsill). It can be the outline of a snowy fairy forest or a cozy tiny village with caps of snow on top of small houses.

Windows can be decorated with paper folded in the form of three-dimensional figures. To do this, just use one of the many schemes for creating New Year's origami.

Window cutters

Amazingly beautiful New Year's vytynanki glued to the glass will give the impression that nature itself tried to decorate the windows for the New Year - filigree openwork nets of figures cut out of paper really resemble patterns frosted in frost.

Numerous photos of paper decorations will help you decide how to decorate your window and choose the appropriate scheme among New Year's stencils.

How to decorate a windowsill?

Beforehow to decorate the window sill space, traditional pots with indoor plants should be moved from the window sill. This will not only have a beneficial effect on the plants themselves (as it will save them from the dry air of the batteries), but will also help create New Year's compositions without green foliage in the background.

Anything can serve as a material for creating a composition:

  • figurines of animals or New Year's characters;
  • small artificial Christmas trees lined up in a row or one medium-sized Christmas tree;
  • decorative gifts;
  • red apples, oranges, spices (cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves and cardamom);
  • dry branches and fir cones;
  • fresh branches of coniferous trees;
  • Christmas decorations, garlands, colorful ribbons.

Even the most ordinary glass jars with artificial snow poured inside or a twisted included garland will become an original New Year decoration for windows.

Ready-to-purchase stickers

You can decorate windows for the New Year not only by creating something with your own hands. For those who do not like to wash off drawings or traces of glued decorations from glasses after the holiday, using purchased stickers will be a good idea. It does not take time to create these decorative elements, just choose and purchase the option you like. Most stickers are disposable, however, they can be saved and used onnext year. To do this, after the end of the holidays, you need to carefully remove the sticker and stick it back to the sheet in which it was sold.

How to decorate a window outside?

Owners of individual houses often decorate windows not only inside, but also outside. A festive look to the building in the New Year 2023 will be given by compositions of fir branches, toys, street candles or special garlands. It is important that the decor options on the outside and inside do not interrupt, but complement each other.

We hope you like our ideas! Create, make this world festive! May this New Year bring only pleasant surprises.

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