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On Christmas I want to give my loved ones a bright holiday with hope for the future. Therefore, in order to prolong the feeling of magic and joy, it is important to say sincere and kind congratulations to your loved ones. For such a moment, beautiful congratulations on Christmas are suitable. They do not need to be memorized, you just have to feel the meaning and mood.

Whom will we congratulate?

  • Everyone at once and anyone;
  • Colleagues;
  • Parents;
  • Friend;
  • Girlfriend;
  • Beloved;
  • Favourite;
  • Children.

Universal Christmas Greetings 2023

Such warm words can be said in any situation, if nothing more original comes to mind. The main thing is that you say congratulations in your own words and from the bottom of your heart.

  • I wish you a Merry Christmas! I wish your guiding star to help point the right path in any even difficult situation. And the miraculous itself will knock on your door. A Christmas fairy tale will surely bring happiness, mutual love and warm comfort to the house.
  • On this wonderful holiday, I want to wish you beautiful happiness and kindness, comfort in your home andwell-being, closeness and mutual understanding of loved ones, warmth of the soul. Launch your peace, love and happiness into your life.
  • Congratulations to you all on the magic! At such a special moment, I wish you not to notice the bad in the people around you, but to look out only for the positive. Give your family hope, do not forget to make your personal dreams come true. And also believe your loved ones, remember the simple human happiness in the family. Appreciate everything that is already in life and enjoy every minute without postponing anything for later.
  • Snowflakes fly past the window, and the frost decorates the windows with its crystal drawings. On the street, winter reigns, but in the heart it is joyful, comfortable, warm and cozy. Christmas came to visit us - perhaps the sweetest and most reverent holiday. And it's great when you have someone to share it with. Happy holiday to you, my dearest and most beloved!
  • I wish that on a special night in heaven, a bright Bethlehem asterisk, a guide to life's path, flared up. I wish you to have more warm, sincere and joyful days in your life. And let the winter Christmas night fill life with magic, let the snow blizzard sweep away failures and sweep great love, constant luck and prosperity. Have a magical Christmas!

Beautiful congratulations to colleagues

  • On the winter Christmas day, let me congratulate you and wish you faith in miracles and magic, healing of the soul and body. I also wish the Star of Bethlehem to constantly show you the way and protect you from any troubles in life andadversity!
  • Dear friends, in addition to congratulations, let me wish you a spiritual meeting with little Jesus. Let him live in the heart of each of you! And a spiritual transformation will begin within you. I wish you an environment of incredible kindness and sincerity, may good miracles happen to you.
  • Dear colleagues! Merry Christmas to all of you! Since this holiday personifies spiritual balance, I wish you patience and strength. I wish you to be surrounded only by those people who appreciate and understand you perfectly.
  • When this holiday comes, we expect magic from it, as if we are still small children! I wish that a miracle happens to each of us at least once in a lifetime, giving us the long-awaited and well-deserved happiness surrounded by like-minded people. I wish you not to have disappointments in dear people and in life in general!
  • Congratulations on the holiday and with all my heart I wish to meet him in a close and friendly family circle. Let fun and bursting laughter sound in your house, there is only a good mood. Good he alth, good and sincere happiness to you!

Beautiful words for parents

  • With all my heart I congratulate you, my dears, on Merry Christmas! May this holiday full of magic fill your life with joy and light, warmth and care from us, your children. I also want to wish mutual love and kindness, and family comfort to your home. Let the guardian angel protect you from any adversity that appears in life.
  • Parents, we wish you strong and mutual love for Christmas.Live together happily ever after. I want you to invite us to the golden wedding. Let the sun illuminate your joint path, and the moon from heaven shows the road itself. I wish that the guardian angel and the Lord protect you on the way home, so that they drive away all hardships from you!
  • Dear, our dear parents! Let me congratulate you on Christmas and wish you incredible happiness and warmth of soul on this day. And we also wish you a strong family and mutual love sent down from heaven. So that an unprecedented little miracle happens on Christmas night for your strong family. Happy Holidays!
  • My relatives, I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful holiday! On this day, in January, Jesus Christ, our Savior, was born. Let him protect your home from bad weather and ill-wishers. And he will send peace and happiness, peace in the soul. I wish your strongest wishes come true, Happy Holidays!
  • On Christmas Eve before the holiday, a lot of lights light up in the house, it is tempting to smell fresh pastries. The heart becomes joyful and light! I want to hug the whole world at this moment! There are not many such moments in life. So accept my congratulations on this blessed holiday, Merry Christmas!

Congratulations friend

  • On the feast of the Nativity of Christ, let the Star of Bethlehem show you the right path in life, and your heart will be filled with peace. I wish the love and care of the Virgin Mary fill your home with incredible happiness, understanding and comfort.
  • When the holiday lights up with bright stars, I wish you the fulfillment of your cherished desires.And let this holiday convey to you an understanding of the meaning of life, as well as a vision of the kindness and body surrounding you. I wish that past moments come to mind only good memories. But the present will be successful in all endeavors and would not bring any disappointments! Congratulations!
  • I hasten to wish you a Merry Christmas! Let the power of a magical holiday help you find what is lost, get what is especially lacking. And also to discard resentment against friends and learn to respect them, no matter what they are. May the soul find peace and tranquility.
  • Many generations ago the Lord came to our land and blessed it with the birth of his son - Jesus. May God's grace appear in your house on that holiday. Let the guests laugh loudly and cheerfully in your house, and happiness does not leave your doorstep and drives away grief and adversity into a snow blizzard.

Congratulations girlfriend

  • My dear friend, today is Christmas, a magical holiday! He is the most blessed in our world. Therefore, let me wish that faith warms your heart, and hope protects your soul. Family warmth to you, spiritual and domestic happiness, as well as grace to your loved ones, happy holiday!
  • From heaven a clear star fell! And I would wish you for Christmas, so that not one, but all your desires come true. May the Lord give you a cloudless and long life filled with interesting events. And next to you, happy parents and your soulmate would go through life.
  • Merry Christmas my deargirlfriend, good luck to you! The same Star of Bethlehem lit up again in the sky, which brought common grace to our planet. I wish you to keep in your heart the intentions of goodness, sincere thoughts, peace in the house and a strong family. And may you have mutual love, full he alth and creative achievements, happy holiday, dear!

Beautiful Christmas words for your loved one

  • Let me congratulate you, dear, on a bright and magical Christmas! And you can wish that you are surrounded only by sincere people who will help to keep the kingdom of peace and peace around you. I wish that fate was favorable to you, and gave you he alth, happiness with me and earthly grace.
  • My dear, I wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish you not to lose faith in your strength, not to let the fire of courage and courage in your heart die out. And I also wish you to always be on the protection of people close and dear to you, to change the world around you only for the better. And, of course, always remain a real and wise person. Happy Holidays to you!
  • I congratulate my wonderful man on a bright holiday. I wish you sincere pride and blessed joy, selfless love and inexhaustible hope, constant good luck and prosperity. Let your optimism and masculine strength help you confidently walk along the path of life, achieving your goals.

Congratulations to your beloved woman, girl

  • My dear and unique girl! The most wonderful and desirable woman for me! With all my heart I congratulate you on the brightholiday Merry Christmas. Accept from me the happy moments of life together and the unquenchable guiding light of our love. Let the constellations of good luck and luck light up in heaven on this holiday. And Christmas itself will give you a meeting with the dearest and closest people to you.
  • My love, my dear, I love you so much! On Christmas night, I made the most important wish: to always be with you. I really hope that it will come true, because all the cherished wishes come true on Christmas night.
  • My dear and desired, the most wonderful and beloved, I sincerely congratulate you on a bright holiday, Merry Christmas! I wish you this day to experience moments of happiness, grace and good hopes next to me. Let this holiday light a bright star of success in heaven and gather around you only people dear and beloved by you!
  • Merry Christmas to my beloved and precious woman! I want to wish you on this day a feeling of incredible warmth in your soul, so that your big heart is filled with grace. So that the bright heavenly light sends us both strong and inexhaustible love!

Congratulations to our kids

  • My dear baby! After all, at any age you will be small for me. Let the light of the Star of Bethlehem warm you in the frosty cold, and let the winter dawn give you faith and hope for tomorrow. Smile sincerely to everyone in the world and you will be answered with a smile. Peace and goodness to you, dear!
  • The blessed world will rejoice! Heaven will rejoice! Today is Christmas, meet, kids! Greet this day with songscarols and wide fun with rollercoaster rides. Let your soul be reborn like a baby. May grace overshadow your home and your parents, and not leave you all until the next Christmas celebration!
  • My sun! Today, on Christmas Day, even snowflakes swirl through the air with unusual majesty. I wish you to believe in a small miracle on such a magical day. Let the feeling and confidence come to you how much we love you, how much we appreciate your kind and selfless heart. I wish you to find bags of joy, happiness and love under the Christmas tree. Happy Holidays!

On such a bright and magical holiday as Christmas, it is customary to get together with the family and go to church, meet friends. When not only family members, but also close friends are seated at a huge festive table, it is appropriate to give everyone present a beautiful Merry Christmas 2023 greeting and a small Christmas present. A creative thinker can come up with beautiful and touching words on the go. Otherwise, you can use our recommendations and give your loved ones some of your warmth.

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