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Do you want to change the interior of your house for the New Year holidays and turn it into a corner of fabulous Lapland? Then take note of the Scandinavian style ideas. To do this, give up the abundance of New Year's decor in the room, the usual tinsel, glass toys on the Christmas tree.

Replace all this with simple elegant compositions made from natural materials: tree branches, spruce legs, cones, pieces of bark, red viburnum berries. Add some candles, warm home textiles decorated with a winter theme, and your home will turn into a real fairy-tale place where magical gnomes, elves and Scandinavian Santa Claus - Joulupukki will definitely want to look.

To truly make your home look like a corner of snowy Lapland, it is important to follow three basic rules:

  1. The main interior color is white and its shades.
  2. Real beauty is in the prostate, naturalness and minimalism.
  3. The material used must be natural, or very similar to it. “No” - artificial tinsel, synthetic Christmas tree, chemical smells. “Yes” to simple branches, pieces of bark, their compositions, a real Christmas tree and the amazing aroma of natural needles.

White candles, reminiscent of cold glass icicles in the forest, the image of a reindeer, a small real Christmas tree, lights on a white background. Such a simple, beautiful design, you can easily do it yourself.

The predominance of white in the interior is a prerequisite for the Scandinavian style. This color allows you to make the room bright and festive. And the use of bright decor elements (red, yellow, orange) adds color and uplifts the mood.

Colorful balls on the window are calling outside to play snowballs.

Soft pillows, beautifully laid on the sofa, will emphasize the coziness and comfort of your home, and their New Year theme will remind you of the upcoming holidays.

The Christmas tree doesn't have to be thorny. It can be made from ordinary branches and decorated with simple toys, cones and lanterns.

Spruce cones are great for creating various compositions.

When decorating your home in the Scandinavian style, you should not forget about things made from ordinary fabric. It can be textile toys and decorations. Even ordinary socks, as if accidentally left on the closet, are great for this.

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