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Who said that the combination of black and white looks too strict and not at all suitable for New Year's decor? Check out these ideas: the right accents in white or black will make the room look not only stylish and elegant, but also truly festive, especially for the New Year!

White color is always associated with fluffy snow, cold icicles and falling snowflakes outside the window. And black - with branches of frozen trees and the earth asleep for the winter.

Flooded with light, sparkling white snowflakes on spruce branches, icicles, comfortable chairs that look like soft drifts in the forest - a real corner of the winter forest.

Small white Christmas tree wrapped in snow. How strict and elegant she looks with such a simple exquisite decoration, designed in one color!

Scandinavian style lovers who prefer restraint and refined simplicity of the interior will really appreciate this combination.

Replace the usual decorations with letters or numbers. Turn the Christmas tree into a real alphabet and help your child learn the alphabet with interest and joy. Glue to the letter cOn the reverse side, a tasty treat or a small original gift and an exciting game on New Year's Eve are guaranteed for you!

If you still want something more, just add a couple of gold ribbons to the Christmas tree or magic lanterns. You can make such a Christmas tree with your own hands by connecting black cones to each other and gluing stars cut out of white paper on them.

The Christmas tree doesn't have to be big. While your little one is sleeping, put up a small Christmas tree in his room and invite him to play letters when he wakes up.

Adding gold and silver elements to the New Year's black and white decor will make it luxurious and fabulously rich, the main thing is to keep a sense of proportion.

Look how realistic the Christmas tree turned out! From above it was wrapped in white snow, from below it was showered by Grandfather Frost. He came to leave gifts and touched a sprig of a smart beauty with his staff.

Original Christmas decorations are easy enough to make yourself or with your children. Purchase ball blanks from a craft store, pick up a brush and use black watercolor to turn white balls into unusual Christmas snowballs.

You can just put small black dots, use stencils or draw abstract lines to create more complex patterns. Fantasize and get weird!

Black and white packaging will look very elegantfor gifts.

Probably, this is how a parcel from Santa Claus should look like. How she was covered with snow while he was carrying her on his sleigh.

Black and white looks original not only on the Christmas tree, balls, gift wrapping, but also in all other elements of the New Year's decor. See how black and white can be used in table setting, textiles or a simple Christmas wreath on the door.

Black balloons wrapped in a white mesh ribbon with snowflakes attached to them look very elegant and sophisticated on the front door. A snow-white wreath that looks like a big fluffy snowflake will decorate any place in the house.

This advent calendar with a little surprise inside is very easy to make and looks like real messages from Santa Claus. Crispy white tablecloths, candles, transparent crystal glasses, miniature Christmas trees on the table - this table setting, using black and white decor, brings an element of solemnity and importance to the upcoming feast.

Now you are convinced that the black and white decoration of the New Year's interior can be beautiful and original. Create a festive and cozy atmosphere in your home with these ideas.

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