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Soon, soon a magical holiday, the New Year, is approaching. How to decorate your house, many housewives will think about it. I want it to be original, fresh and, preferably, inexpensive.

So, we offer our master classes to make decorations with our own hands - a decorated Christmas ball made of threads. This is a fairly budget option for decor for the holiday.

  • In this article, balls from:
  • From bright threads, PVA glue and a balloon;
  • From foam-based threads.

1. Balls of bright threads, PVA glue and a balloon

Required materials:

  1. A skein of knitting threads. We recommend taking Iris yarn, which is thin in its structure, durable and has rich shades. You can use several shades for crafting threads at once. Threads can be used not only thin, but also thicker. Then the ball will turn out more embossed.
  2. Long needle with large eye.
  3. PVA glue. We advise you not to dilute it.
  4. A balloon. A large ball is more suitable, it is stronger than a small copy.

Detailed step by step instructions

To create a wonderful ball of thread you need this:

  • The first task is to inflate the balloon. And before that, imagine what diameter, size you want to get jewelry.
  • Then take the thread and thread it through the needle. Therefore, the eye should be wide.
  • PVA glue is poured into a small plastic container, preferably flat (kinder surprise, disposable cup, etc.).
  • Next, do as follows: pierce a vessel with glue with a needle and pull the thread out.
  • The needle is no longer needed, so it can simply be removed from the thread.
  • Another important step: wind the glued thread around the ball. Try to do it evenly. The more yarn you wind, the more voluminous the product will turn out.
  • The resulting wrapped cocoon must be left in an open, dry space. Can be closer to the battery to dry faster.
  • When the workpiece dries, you need to carefully separate the balloon from the thread. To do this, you need any blunt object
  • The last step, which is a lot of fun for many: take a sharp object and pierce the balloon.

Decoration options:

  • You can wrap a garland around the outside or put light bulbs inside the balls, you get a composition inside,
  • It will look beautiful with pasted rhinestones and beads,
  • Sectional staining will do. And if you add internal lighting, it will be especially mysterious.

Do-it-yourself ball of thread is ready! You can decorate anything with them: a New Year's interior or a Christmas tree.

By the way, in the same way, you can make not only a ball, but also a heart.

2. Styrofoam based thread balls

The production of such decoration is very similar to the previous version. Only the process does not use a balloon. It is replaced by a foam ball base. And how to make a ball of foam-based threads, we will tell in the next master class.

Product will require:

  1. Foam base ball.
  2. Threads are thick: wool or jute of the right size. You can use several colors, then you get a rainbow version of the ball.
  3. PVA glue, undiluted.
  4. Lace decoration. Its width depends on your idea. And prepare the length according to the diameter of the ball.

Sequence of actions:

  • Pour PVA glue into a small bowl. Take the foam base in your hands and start coating it with glue.
  • At the very beginning, prepare a small piece of thread, for which you will then hang the toy. And place the tips on the greased surface.
  • Lay the thread in a circle on the greased surface. Try to do itcarefully so that there are no gaps between the thread rows.
  • The ball is wrapped evenly with thread row by row. Do not forget to coat the base well with glue before laying.
  • Then take the lace and wrap it around the resulting ball. Secure the decoration with glue.

Ways to decorate the ball

Let your imagination run wild here. You can decorate with anything: large and small beads, bright or plain rhinestones. Suitable as a decor for any lace. You can also glue real cones with a spruce branch (here are cone craft ideas for inspiration).

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