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What is Old New Year? Trying to replicate a particularly successful New Year's Eve celebration? A way to shock and drive into a linguistic stupor a foreigner who is trying to learn the Russian language and culture? A tribute to tradition in the best sense of the word, or an empty echo of the past when we used a different calendar?

Just in case, we remind you that the Old New Year is a holiday that we could not refuse after the transition to the Gregorian calendar. According to the previous, Julian, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers celebrated the New Year on the night of January 13-14, and not from December 31 to January 1. At the beginning of the last century, this change took place, but the people did not stop observing traditions. Today, sowing is still widespread - where it is remembered, it passes according to all signs. It is the boys who go to neighbors and acquaintances and generously scatter “kutya“. The sign says that it is the man who should be the first to enter the house at the beginning of the year according to the old style. “I sow, sow, sow, Happy New Year!” - cherished words that are joyful to hear on January 14th. It is believed that with sowing, happiness and prosperity come to the house for the coming year.

In some families, even now on the Old New Year there are old signs: do not pronounce the number “13”, avoid counting change in every way, otherwise there will be no money. Also, you can’t lend money for the Old New Year, otherwise you can spend the whole year in debt.

The most entertaining action in honor of this holiday is Old New Year's divination. Girls who are familiar with this tradition do not miss the opportunity to tell fortunes on the water, on playing cards, on mirrors. In a cheerful company of girlfriends, special enthusiasm and courage wake up. Perhaps mirrors and card kings will tell you who will be narrowed …

Where is the Old New Year without an exchange of congratulations? In the family circle, they sound at a festive dinner, but for the exchange between friends and distant relatives, cool pictures for the Old New Year will come just right. We have prepared for you a selection of beautiful pictures that you can download to your phone for free and send to everyone who could not be congratulated in person. Among all, you can choose those that you like the most according to the plot - with friendly New Year's inscriptions, funny photographs, funny rhymes. Imagine how much more pleasant and interesting it is to see a wish not in the form of dry phrases, but in the form of a cute postcard. Take the chance to fill the holidays with positivity!

Cool picture with New Year's statistics.

Cool picture for the Old New Year with a cat

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