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Many people know that on New Year's Eve you can guess about love, career, business, he alth and prospects. The night when the year changes is a special time when all rituals have a special power. It is New Year's fortune-telling that will open the curtain of secrets and help the girl find out what the former young man thinks, whether he wants to return to her, who is waiting for her in the new year, or how her real chosen one treats her.


  1. Relationship of the former lover: a ritual on the cards
  2. Current lover's attitude
  3. Ritual for the future
  4. Rite on the thought of your companion

How the former chosen one treats a woman: a rite on the cards

This fortune-telling can be done not only on New Year's Eve, but also at any convenient time, it is better that it be in the evening. But, every girl should know that it is on the New Year that you can learn the most accurate answer. You can carry out fortune telling on a man with the help of cards.

In order for the higher powers to be able to give the most reliable answer, shuffling the deck, you should think about your loved one, remember his facial features, pleasant moments from relationships. Thus, the cards are charged with positive energy. Only after that he plays solitaire.

Six cards are placed on the table face up, under them there should be 6 more such cards, under which there is a similar row. This must be done until the deck runs out. If there are cards of the same value nearby, you need to remove one card and move it.

The remaining cards are shuffled again and laid out so that 5 rows are obtained, it is necessary to act as before, removing the same positions until only 2 rows remain. If there are cards of the same value that are nearby, they are again removed. According to the remaining number of cards, we can conclude what attitude the former lover has:

  • 1 - wants the girl to become his wife;
  • 2 - he feels true love;
  • 3 - normal liking;
  • 4 - bored;
  • 5 - constantly thinks about his companion;
  • 6 - his thoughts are occupied by another charmer;
  • 7 and more - fortune-telling must be rescheduled for another day.

Important information! If the last option fell out, most likely, otherworldly forces now do not want to give an answer to a specific question. Perhaps, for some reason, it is not yet necessary to have such information. Spirits often try to protect people in this way. It is better to wait a few days and repeat fortune telling on the cards.

A little tip: you can tell fortunes on the same evening, but use a different New Year's ritual. Then the results will be true.

How does a man treat a woman with whomrelations

Sometimes, even strong relationships can be unreliable. At first glance, everything is fine, the guy loves, the relationship of the couple is excellent, but all this can be just an illusion. The guy is just playing for time. In fact, he is not going to continue to connect his fate with a specific person, to build relationships. To debunk all your fears and find out the thoughts of a man, on New Year's Eve, or on any other day, you can conduct fortune-telling on rice grains and a ring.

Professional or regular tarot cards are not always available. Some girls do not want to have anything to do with them, and prefer to carry out fortune-telling with simple and proven methods. To know the true attitude of a man, you need to prepare ordinary uncooked rice.

In order to correctly conduct fortune-telling and find out about the true attitude of the chosen one, you need to stay alone in the room, turn off the lights, turn off all household electrical appliances and electronics. It is desirable that the house be quiet, no one talks loudly, the washing machine does not make noise in other rooms, the music center does not play, and so on. The mobile phone is turned off.

A girl sits down at the table, focuses all her thoughts on her beloved man, imagines his image, dips her hand in rice and takes a little rice in her palm, as much as possible. Rice is scattered on the table and the grains are carefully sorted out, choosing defective grains, and counting them. If the number is even, then the young man really loves the girl, relations with her bring him pleasure. Odd - in his soul he is cold with her,and no bright future awaits the couple.

To conduct fortune-telling by the ring, you need to prepare:

  • silver ring;
  • red thread;
  • glass cup;
  • water.

It doesn't matter what time of day the New Year's ceremony will be held. The most important thing is to follow one rule - first the girl must wash herself, remove all jewelry (jewelry and ordinary), let her hair down.

Pour water into a glass, and thread a thread through the ring. The girl closes her eyes and lowers the jewelry into a container of water. If the ring touched the walls of the glass without sinking to the bottom of the glass, then the young man really truly loves the girl. If the ring lies neatly and evenly on the bottom of the glass, it means that the man’s feelings are cold, he is indifferent to the girl.

Fortune-telling with a man

Relationship with a man sooner or later can come to a standstill. A woman starts to worry and think: how does he feel about me, does he really want to build a family with me, what does he think about me? Of course, you can turn to a professional fortune teller for help, but she will not conduct a free prediction. It's better to do everything yourself on New Year's Eve, or any other day.

You need to prepare for divination, this method is suitable for patient people. The day before the ceremony, the girl should sew a small bag of natural fabric with her own hands and fill it with fresh or dried beans, put it in a secluded place. It is desirable that next to the bag lay a thing that is somehow connected with a man, on whom a woman andwill guess.

On the day of the ritual, you need to stay in the room alone, it is advisable to guess in the evening, when the rest of the family has been resting for a long time, all the equipment is turned off. It is first recommended to turn off the mobile phone so that it does not accidentally disturb the woman, otherwise the ritual will be interrupted and no further answers will be received.

  • At night, a girl lights a candle, puts a bag of beans next to her.
  • First you need to close your eyes, relax and imagine your spouse, or just a loved one with whom the girl is in a relationship.
  • After that, the girl mentally asks a question that can only be answered with "yes" or "no".
  • Then she puts her hand into the bag and takes a random number of beans.
  • If a woman has an even number of beans in her hand, then the answer to the question is yes, and vice versa.

Thus, you can quickly conduct a fortune-telling, answer a few questions, and slightly clarify the situation regarding a particular person. No need to sit at the bean bag for a long time, sorting through dozens of questions. Each time, their accuracy will be reduced to a minimum. It is enough to learn the answer to 3-4 questions. After a few days, the ritual can be repeated.

Fortune telling on the thoughts of a particular man

This method of divination is carried out with the help of cards. Thus, you can find out what a man thinks about a woman, he wants to create a family with her, whether he wants to change. To do this, you need to distribute the code into several parts. If the full name of a man has 5 letters,for example, Pavel, but the deck is divided, respectively, into 5 parts.

Then the last deck, meaning the last letter of the name, is placed on top of the previous one. These two piles, combined into one, are placed on the next. So you need to continue until only two piles remain. Then the cards are revealed one by one. The task of the girl is to turn them over until two identical values appear, and this is where you should stop.

Divination values will be as follows:

  • If two sixes rolled, he wants to go on the road, he wants to take a break from the woman.
  • With two sevens - the partner has long wanted to talk with his chosen one, but cannot find the right moment for this.
  • Two eights speak of a man's desire to meet a girl faster, he often thinks about his other half, his thoughts are full of kindness and tenderness.
  • Nines talk about love, he always thinks about how to please his dear.
  • With dozens, something strongly oppresses a man, he suffers, relationships with a particular woman will make him experience many conflicting feelings.
  • Jacks talk about fuss and troubles, now he thinks more about work.
  • Ladies imply what a man thinks of another woman.
  • Kings are considered a sign that the gentleman respects and appreciates his companion.
  • Aces are a sign that a man wants to be alone with a woman.

All the given fortune-telling can be done not only on New Year's Eve, but also on Christmas Eve or Christmas time. It is desirable thatrituals were performed in the evening or at night, in peace and quiet. Nothing should distract from the process. It is important not only to fulfill all the conditions of divination, but also to tune in to it, throwing extraneous negative thoughts out of your head. This is the only way to know what kind of relationship with a loved one a woman expects in the future.

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